Anonymous’s suspicions related to Chester Bennington’s death

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“Chester Bennington didn’t take his own life, the powerful men did.” Four years have passed since the death of Linkin Park’s singer; however, his death...

Posted 2 months ago in Music & Audio

Ryan Prescott 2 months ago

He got killed not taking his life

Deb Ann 2 months ago

What an absolutely amazing artist. I miss him as do many others. Gone way too soon.

Soraya Kay 2 months ago

I don’t know it is true or not but I doubt it also why do you hate Donald Trump so much even in this post , you mentioned him and that is unbelievably wrong

Brin Fleury 2 months ago

So sad . I loved his music

Kim Eastham 2 months ago

Would not surprise me.
I believe it

Rana Parramore 2 months ago

Just like Kurt Cobain...people are sinister.

Monica Te Awa 2 months ago

It Was Him and Chris Cornell that were working together on a doco about all those ugly child pedos..I heard Avicii was also working with them.

Daniel Birch 2 months ago

disgraceful to use this his families tragedy to forward your own agenda. if you have proof post that NOT drag this mans family through the mud to forward your own truth. if you have proof of the things you claim then stand by that and post it. leave this man and his family out of it.

Silvia Vanacker 2 months ago

I have piked up thise story about 2 years ago ...if thise is true ?? Come forward thise infect the hole world ...proof IT ...but please respect my idools R.I.P 🤘🏼

Berni Delahunty 2 months ago

He was killed cause apparently him and Chris Cornell were making a documentary about terrible stuff going on in this paedo world and before you know it they were taking out. Ffs 🤦‍♀️