Big Cat Rescue - Brunch with the Big Cats!

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Brunch with the Big Cats!

Deb Quimby
Deb Quimby4 months ago

Cats are the best antidepressant ever!

Melissa Span
Melissa Span4 months ago

I’m sooo glad to see a live to watch since I’m on quarantine

Helena Ippolito
Helena Ippolito4 months ago

Glad to see my sweet Kimba enjoyed his waffles and Mr. goofball Jinx never disappoints to cute seeing him stick his head through it.

Liz Green
Liz Green4 months ago

Kimba is sooooooo gorgeous. I'm glad he likes his waffles.

Liz Green
Liz Green4 months ago

Brittany, I am so glad to hear your black olive story. That happened in our family too.!

Betty Winter
Betty Winter4 months ago

Thank you so much Brittany this was awesome

Mary G Nall
Mary G Nall4 months ago

So here’s a question, Brittany and Lauren , regarding Jinx especially. Is the enrichment really for the cats? Or is it really for you guys and us fans???!!!

Cathy Ryan
Cathy Ryan4 months ago

I keep waiting for him to sit up with the “glass” on his head!🤣

Nancy Duren
Nancy Duren4 months ago

I’ll need to rewatch it. He’s doing so much fun stuff!

Chris Perera
Chris Perera4 months ago

He loves the scent.. wonder what’s been sprayed on it 💖