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AMEN! In this new video a southern liberal man explains why he loves MAGA hats.

Every single white Trump supporter who wears their MAGA hat out in...
So we gotta talk about Maga hats tonight I had one conversation and it changed my entire view of them If you don't know there's an app out now so the Maga hat crowd can find harassment free places that they can go and eat or drink or shop or whatever I found this funny haven't gotten message me tell me that he was disappointed in me I don't know what it's like to wear one of those hats Nothing like okay do tell so he tells me five little things completely change my completely I mean instantly he puts his hand goes into town. People will share it Don't say anything they don't do anything but they just look at him like he's trash and I'm like I know I'm one of them then he comes in this story that come out of the target and he's in the car While pushing his buggy somebody roll by and he didn't know if he's gonna be able to make it to his car before they made it to him if they decided to stop and get out it's a little scary He was in a bar talking about Trump in a positive light and I guess, he said a couple of times and the manager of the establishment came over to him I told him to speak in a way that was friendlier to the rest of the guests He went into the little Mexican store down in Panama City and they serve him but they made sure to tell them not to wear it in there again he said that so many things like that happened to him over the last year so he didn't even wanna wear it anymore Those stairs those seniors those are the micro aggressions you've been saying don't exist They are very real and now you've experienced being on a parking lot that whole story I would imagine that's a whole lot like the people that roll by Home Depot and Y'all I'm calling immigration Yeah papers It's just a joke You're not hurting. Anybody didn't mean to scare anyone that little incident Marcano you just dressed up right You're not hurting anybody Are you pull your pants up boy and now so many things like that have happened and you're worried about your treatment at the hands of society. So you wanna hide who you are Well I will allow LGBTQ community to give you tips. I'm leading a closet. His wife Oh yeah I love the Maga hat Now I love it It is a fantastic teaching tool used to illustrate so many things about society Of course the difference is you can take that stupid hat off any time you want to really was gonna buy one tonight but I only buy American by the way those harassment free zones you're looking for those are safe spaces Y'all have a good night

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