Did We Just Underestimate The POWER of WATER?馃く

The Action Lab • 8 months ago   50.5K     2.6K  •  12.7M Views
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Did We Just Underestimate The POWER of WATER?馃く

Posted 8 months ago in Science & Tech
The Action Lab
The Action Lab8 months ago

Phew! Good thing I placed this shield just in time! That was pretty close! Have you ever questioned water's power?

Rozei Na'im
Rozei Na'im8 months ago

Water is energy of universe. It can be something you cant imagine. Thats why alien always visiting us. To reseach & collect the water itself.

Alexandria Hart
Alexandria Hart8 months ago

People that don't know water expands when it freezes are going to be very confused by this video.

Neil Dewara
Neil Dewara8 months ago

Because water expands when becomes ice. That's why it is a common practice onboard ships to drain all deck water pipelines before arriving to ports with freezing temperatures to avoid pipe ruptures on deck.

Ifeanyichukwu8 months ago

Serial killer:... Interesting. [Takes down notes attentively]

Dominic Sanchez
Dominic Sanchez8 months ago

This is a video about brittle fracture/brittle failure of metal at lower temperature. A lot was lost due to trying to explain this as a phenomenon of water.

Travis Dieffenbach
Travis Dieffenbach8 months ago

So let me explain the safety behind the pipe bomb I just made. It鈥檚 just water you know one of the most formidable destructive forces of nature.... so it鈥檚 safe.

Caleb Oliver
Caleb Oliver8 months ago

those caps are actually cast iron and that鈥檚 why they are more brittle

Michael Allison
Michael Allison8 months ago

I suspect what actually happened was the pipe was not well sealed, and the liquid N2 got into the pipe and then expanded rapidly when it contacted the water.

Alfred Omwenga
Alfred Omwenga8 months ago

If you trapped a bubble of carbon in the freezing water, would it turn into diamond with that much pressure?