God's Word Can Save Us In Every Situation

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If there’s one battle you need to win, it’s the battle over sin-consciousness. In this must-hear message by Joseph Prince, uncover the enemy’s main...

Posted 1 year ago in Religion & Spirituality

Anthony Grero 1 year ago

Excellent preaching.God Bless you. My wife is listening to these sermons daily and is able to receive God’ abundant blessings on my family. My wife has been ill with a bad right knee injury. We were getting very depressed cos no doctor was able to ease her of her pain. We have hope in God and look up to Him to heal her completely in Jesus name I pray.Thank you.

Sapphire Blue 1 year ago

Judy Ann. Isn’t it funny, cigarette companies, liquor companies, beer companies, senator, congresspeople, casinos ect... make billions off of people, live in extreme homes, travel in private planes, vacation in most expensive homes ect...but a minister or pastor is supposed to be what ? Poor? Aren’t they supposed to take care of their families? A lot of these ministries travel all over the world seven days a week doing Gods work. I didn’t see that once in the Bible. What is your or any soul worth? The Bible in Luke 10:7 says the laborer is worthy of his hire. God doesn’t mind any of us having a good life, the problem is when these comforts of life have us. I don’t care what a minister has, I care if the minister is teaching the word of God and I can pick up my bible and verify that from the word. Our concern should be to help other come to God, and pray that God lives big on the inside of these ministers.

Patricia Paderanga 1 year ago

I believe in your sermon that forgiveness of sins be a daily basis. If your mind and heart is
"in" and "with God" you rarely get a chance to sin. Comission of sins may be is the through the eyes, words or deeds or simply .. ommission!
Thank you Pastor Joseph Prince for having this sermon. And thank you Lord Jesus for making me shun from one who pulls you down or gets mad at you for no reason at all. As it is her nature to be a perfectionist. I do not add fire to her anger. To let them feel it hurts....i'll just leave in silence!

Susan Horby 1 year ago

Thanks be to God for Pastors Prince’s sermon. I receive with meekness the engrafted word of God to save my soul. Lord make this my prayer for all my nearest and dearest. This has been the cry of my heart ❣ lately. Hallelujah. Amen 🙏

Cherylin Perkins 1 year ago


Hiedeliza Mercado 8 months ago

Thank you Lord im full.of good expectation..i expect God's protection, healing, good health, provision, blessings and favor all the days of my life in Jesus name!amen!

Winnie Lee 11 months ago


Musa Booysen 8 months ago

Amen 🙌🏿

Rita Brown 11 months ago


Julia Gat 11 months ago