Dr. Fauci Answers Top COVID-19 Questions with Matthew McConaughey

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Matthew McConaughey asked Dr. Fauci the top 5 questions people have about COVID-19 — here’s how he responded

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Posted 1 year ago in Health & Medical

Holly Orlando 1 year ago

Trump won’t let him speak so it’s good to hear from him no matter who the interviewer is

Twila Ramos 1 year ago

Shut up Matthew McConaughey... Again Matthew McConaughey already went through all these questions we know the answers to these we want to know why Doctor started it all... Ask him some real questions not something we already know why did he kill all the people with the virus it’s not a pandemic it’s just a damn virus that he has sent over here Matthew McConaughey you should be ashamed of yourself playing a game on the people

Alison Jackle 1 year ago

Nice show with good information but the annoying background music was super distracting and I don’t think I will watch it more than once and I can totally see some people turning it off before they finish watching it

Fern Hawley 1 year ago

I am hard of hearing and too many movies and TV programs have too loud background noise so I don’t enjoy trying to watch them as I miss a lot of the story

Diane Quimby 1 year ago

The information was needed, the background noise was horrible.

Arychuk Gord 1 year ago

How about why are doctors saving lives with drugs that are available and why isn’t there a push to use these drugs? they are pushing a vaccine through without knowing the drawbacks like that’s fine. Something smells rotten.

Onby Leaver 1 year ago

Love the video but for gods sake lose the music. It’s so annoying.

Jeson Mar 1 year ago

Very informative. Answers many lingering questions! However, the tense background music is drowning the words. No bg music please.

Debbie A. Parke 1 year ago

He's the ONLY voice of reason for Science. That knucklehead Trump is in his own zone called Crazy Land!

Chris Travers 1 year ago

What's with the annoying music in the background - it's taking the attention away from the important points Dr Fauci is making.