Ben Shapiro - Recently released police body camera footage...

Ben Shapiro • 4 months ago   41.6K     13.1K  •  3.8M Views

Recently released police body camera footage captures a crying Gabrielle Petito days before her mysterious disappearance.

Wesley Nickle
Wesley Nickle4 months ago

The cops all said in this particular incident she seemed to be the aggressor as it was the boyfriend who had signs of injury, not her. She admitted she hit him in the face with her phone. Seems clear she had some issues. That being said, the boyfriend coming home early without her, immediately hiring a lawyer before she was even reported missing, and then running away without cooperating with the police screams guilty as hell.

Alexis Thompson Lee
Alexis Thompson Lee4 months ago

She responds as an abused partner, apologizing for him, taking blame. She states that he didn’t think she could do the blog. I don’t know, but I would guess he has a narcissistic personality & she was the victim long before her death. Gaslighting is real and having lived through it, it makes you feel crazy. Very sad all around, I hope they get answers from him & his parents need to be held accountable for not cooperating from the beginning.

Charline Lanier
Charline Lanier4 months ago

The cops should have taken her away from that situation.
He had attack marks from her on him. They should have arrested her. They could have saved both of them by removing her and getting her a bus ticket home.

Jane Jannke Haven
Jane Jannke Haven4 months ago

The speculations and assumptions on this thread are crazy! Y’all act like you were in the van with them, yet you know absolutely nothing about what was going on. Just stop! The investigation is just beginning. All will come out.

Ryan Collins
Ryan Collins4 months ago

I cannot believe the amount of people putting blame on her or defending him. Dude gives off Maddd Chris Watts vibes from the jump. She’s acting like her world is falling apart & he’s chill as can be. He came home IN HER Car FFS 🤦‍♂️. If he had just left her and left then why wouldn’t he arrange some other way home why would he take her transportation… he knew she didn’t need a ride home . Lawyered up before she was reported missing!? Won’t cooperate with police to FIND someone he supposedly cared about AT all yet alone a significant other of a itm break up. If there wasn’t something to hide this is textbook to me tbh.

Claire Bertone
Claire Bertone4 months ago

He killed this beautiful baby girl, I can't wait until he will pay for what he did. Gone to soon, RIP beautiful soul. 🙏😥😪

Mike Schiele
Mike Schiele4 months ago

If they had treated her like any man who admitted they had struck their girlfriend, then she would still be alive. Instead the Moab Police Department coached her on how to wriggle out of it blatantly on camera. And now she is dead

Suzanne Bjornn White
Suzanne Bjornn White4 months ago

You know, this whole thing is just so sad. One life gone, another completely destroyed. It makes me wonder if they got in another argument, she was coming at him again, he fought back, either killed her on purpose or on accident, then completely freaked out. I have no idea, I can't pretend to know what was going through his mind. In any case, it's a tragedy that two very young lives are forever destroyed, that that cute girl will never get to go back home to her family, but he got to go back home to his. I pray they catch him and get answers, for her family!!

Morgan Walker
Morgan Walker4 months ago

If you watch the full hour+ clip, she was the abuser, she struck him multiple times during multiple altercations which witnesses and they both attested to. He displays some typical behavior patterns of victims of domestic abuse: he took the blame for her hitting him, saying that his shoes were dirty and it was his fault, he refused to press charges, and he kept apologizing to the officer for everything, including when she hit him in the arm while he was driving and caused him to swerve into a curb. This isn’t a cut and dry case… let the police investigate and stop the ridiculous speculation. If he’s innocent, I could completely understand why he’s hiding, there is a freaking lynch mob after him.

Kirk Dormody
Kirk Dormody4 months ago

This poor young lady deserved a lot more from law enforcement. You can see she is very distraught. So sad, she deserved better from everyone involved.