CBS 12 News - School bus with children on board collides...

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School bus with children on board collides with truck in Sebastian Lena Salzbank CBS12

Posted 4 months ago in Crime & Tragedy

Jess Lourenco-Milstead 4 months ago

Actually it wasn’t a collision, a large truck clipped the rear end and it flipped. Get your facts right. No one was air lifted at all.

Tyhesia Taylor 4 months ago

What is going on in Palm Beach?

Carolyn Diane Parker 4 months ago


Justin Earl Wagner 4 months ago

Hi good evening from Michigan i hope and pray no one was hurt

Icee Jadednlforlife Robinson 4 months ago

Thank God know fatalities

Stephanie Hall 4 months ago

No one was airlifted

Joseph Stodola 4 months ago

Sysco Foods. Oh boy!

Debbie Lucci Camp 4 months ago


Janavius Z Richardson 4 months ago


Patricia Hughes 4 months ago