A look back on Errol Spence Jr bringing out a marching band for his fight

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A year ago today, Errol Spence Jr. brought out a local high school marching band and artist for his walkout, in front of a hometown crowd, before his...

Posted 2 years ago

PBC on FOX 2 years ago

Who should Errol Spence Jr. fight this year?

Mertus Strong 2 years ago


Jon Baez 2 years ago

Luis Barriga 2 years ago

That's dallas all in one video triple d stand up

Addison Keeley 2 years ago

Tom Wales 🎺

Claude Junior Gordon 2 years ago

Errol Toomey Namesake!✊🏾🖤

Sabino Rodea 2 years ago

That fight had some good fight ring walks! AT&T stadium fights are the best

Andre Barrera 2 years ago

I was there live it was badass

Fred Newcomb 2 years ago

James Garrison 2 years ago

Thats was too dope. You can never go wrong with a HBCU band jammin' and dancin'. But Wilder's last costume topped them all. Reminded me of what the late great Hector Camacho would wear into the ring.