Is it safe to go back to school?

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The White House says “science should not stand in the way” of US children going back to school.

But critics warn that with Covid-19 cases on the rise,...

Posted 1 year ago

Diana Angulo 1 year ago

There are so many ways of reopening the schools and still keep soical distance in some states the Covid19 numbers are real low and down and with the weather still nice they can do out door classes you can put up tents and do short day classes and for some parents that still don't feel safe then yes do online classes this is not healthy to keep the all theses kids out of schools for so long you guys can also put desk inside the GYMS the kids really can do sports right now so use your GYMS SPREAD THE DESK APART FOR. SOCIAL DISTANCE AGIAN TENTS OUT SIDE AND YOUR GYMS AND CAFETERIAS THERE ALL LOTS THEY CAN DO

Chandler Alexis 1 year ago

The US has no leadership. Everyone is putting their hands in the pie and disrupting everything constantly leaving nothing but confusion and frustration.

Hipp Donal 1 year ago

We are a ship adrift in a storm, without a Captain that accepts responsibility......there’s no plan......Trump doesn’t care.....never cared.....we’re all going to die!!!!

Emilia Lanier 1 year ago

You know what else shouldn't stand in the way of kids going back to school?

Death or permanent damage to health.

Nunyo Biness 1 year ago

The handling of coronavirus in America is an utterly baffling disgrace.

Michael Polak 1 year ago

I read the whole transcript, BBC, so I know how wildly out of context this is. Is your research/reporting truly this worthless, or are you knowingly distributing false propaganda?

Mary Lou Ruttan 1 year ago

How is your kid going to feel if they test positive, aren't very sick and then their teacher gets it and dies?

Richard Mckelvey 1 year ago

So someone with a complete lack of knowledge of the virus wants to risk spreading it even more? How are these idiots in charge?

Alison Kovách 1 year ago

Because the current occupants of the White House are corrupt and only care about the economy. If they don’t push the schools to be in-person, how else can adults “get back to work”. It’s all about the almighty economy, regardless how many die.

Andrew Mitchell 1 year ago

Yeah because screw science 🤦‍♂️