Trying LA's Juiciest Tacos

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These are the juiciest tacos in LA.

Posted 3 years ago in Food & Drink

Food Insider 3 years ago

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Nick AZ 4 months ago

No wonder so many people become so “cute” . The food itself..

Amy Megan Amy 1 year ago

Looks amazing but omg my stomach would suffer so badly if I ate that

Fabian Benavides 4 months ago

You guys can get those here in Chicago as well. They are tacos de Birria or Barbacoa.

Marisol Mendoza 3 years ago

Those look so unhealthy. .

LET ME GET 6 lol

Robert Martinez 3 years ago

Teddy’s red tacos are a must have. Beef Birria. They have a truck in South LA. Just opened a restaurant in Pico Rivera and I believe the one in Venice has already opened up as well.

Alexander Villarcal 3 years ago

In Texas we don’t have to poor juice on our tacos for them to come out juicy. They’re already juicy.

Levi Ouellette 3 years ago

Has anyone tried making tacos from Elk or Deer meat?

Jendo L Christensen 3 years ago

Where is this Food Truck located now. These Tacos look absolutely Amazing 🌮 👌 They way he makes them is very unique and impressive

Ishaq Nasser AL-Mahrouqi 1 year ago

Eating incredibly delicious meal with your best male friend on the boot of the car while your wife is filming!

Isn’t that forbidden by international convention of human rights?!