Vegan Burger with Mushroom

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The best vegan burger period! Sponsored by @GUSTA
Recipe here:

Posted 1 year ago in Food & Drink

Patricia Stratulak 1 year ago

I have had some of their products, they are good in a pinch and you can modify them for different recipes, sometimes it’s ok to compromise, life is short, let’s not judge🤗

Patricia Sabin 1 year ago

Looks interesting and convenient. But I'm still a fan of the seitan recipe from your cookbook. Made it last week, yum!

Vince P. Szigeti 1 year ago

I just tried these, they are AM.AZING

Angélica Hernández 1 year ago

Looks interesting. Can't get much of this products here in Mexico, just found Beyond meat burguers at the supermarket, but they are expensive! But really convenient though.

Zuzanna Rosińska 1 year ago

Very sad without salad onion and tomato and mayonnaise and ketchup.

Carla Shaw 10 months ago

Not when you have celiac disease, like myself. Lol

Valerie Gutchen Arnade 1 year ago

Very sad to see this is just a product placement and not a real recipe. The burger also just looks ultra processed and pasty.

Marty VerShaw 1 year ago

Not a huge fan of product pitches here. However, if this helps make the “real” content possible, I’m all in.

Karen Chaplin Kruse Andersen 1 year ago

Other than its free of animal products would never be something I would be interested in. Way too dense, tiniest burger and cutting it from what looks more like a liverwurst roll (yuck). No thanks. I’ll stick to lentil or black bean burgers. 🌿🌱

Emma Jane 1 year ago

Not sure I want a vegan burger period