ROAD SHOW 24-08-2021

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ROAD SHOW w/ Rolake bello

Posted 2 months ago

Michael Famuyiwa 2 months ago

Mr yusuf with due respect you don't have right to tell her or complain about the cloth rolake wore. You are meant to contribute to the program and not judging her by the cloth she wore...

Mordecai Saint Prince 2 months ago

how happy i am whenever i know that two of you are in the studio, byc I think you can do better than that lady promise do brought every Friday morning show, my comments on the matter is that if care is not taking the arms rubbers can used this code to rum people at night, claiming to be any of the security agent hmmm Oh Africa Why

Ajagbe Abeeb 2 months ago

Our current focus is on the doctors. You will be amazed at the number of people in academics leaving the country. Our universities are left with old professors that can't keep up with advance research methods in the world. The brain drain is in every sector

Omosehin Kayode 2 months ago

My country nauja is the best in the world. Where NEPA rents generator to power their office, where water corporation put out their bowl when it's about to rain, where police recruit opc, to secure them. I think the soldiers need amatekun and agbekoya to secure them. Humm what a country.

Mordecai Saint Prince 2 months ago

again the general, I think it is the right time for the masses go out to protest for the doctors, because is only the masses suffered it most, some of those doctors have a private hospitals and the government head are traving out for treatment so who suffered this masses, again i can believed that plateau state jos are now another Taliban where every country trip in to save they country home

Fagbenjo Ayomide Steven 2 months ago

The situation in this country needs divine intervention... If NDA could be attacked what is the hope of the outside world?Now, the hunter has been hunted.

Abey Lincoln 2 months ago

The only way to stop this rising insecurity is for us to enforce state police 馃殦
Each state should be in charge of there security, why would an IGP who is thousand of kilometers away from me be responsible for my security?
We need state police so the youth energy of each state could be chanelled to tackle insecurity in each state
We can't tackle insecurity centrally it is very obvious.

Adetunji Akorede 2 months ago

Adetunji Akorede In 2015, we were all rejoicing and happy... We were happy because we thought we have been delivered from Pharaoh ( Jonathan) and Moses ( Buhari) has come... We thought Moses will be leading us to a promise Land... The Israelites ( Nigerians) are so expectant thinking Moses will perform better than Pharaoh but here we are today still in Egypt... In this current era of Moses, U dare not say or anything to him unless you praise him... His Aaron and Joshua are so swift to respond and defend him when they are all affected with his style of governance... Who will be our next Moses in 2023? If the Moses must be the saviour, It must not be from broom or umbrella... They are from old testament that migrated to the new testament...

Ayobami Eniola Adeosun 2 months ago

Great job 馃憤

Asolo Asolo 2 months ago

God save Nigeria from all this bandits