Exploring The Aokigahara Suicide Forest

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These explorers went to the Aokigahara suicide forest.

Posted 4 years ago in Crime & Tragedy

UNILAD 4 years ago

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Susie Friend 4 years ago

If you were contemplating suicide and in despair as low as you'd ever felt and he found you what would you do next?

Dorota Bryzik 4 years ago

Geez, if You want to help, then just help, don't make so dramma and stuff and respect that people are dying there, there could be their bodies, this is place where many people take their last breath. Please, have some respect for those people and don't be dramaic d*ck :/

Jason Neilson 4 years ago

You know this makes you wonder...with the highest suicide rates in the world, why isn鈥檛 japan doing anything about their ridiculous working culture. Not only is it the root problem of suicide but also their reclining reproduction rate (which isn鈥檛 a bad thing...like we need even more people 馃槅)

Ryo Shinohara 4 years ago

They give the number for help except for the country where it has the highest recorded rate of suicide

Dante T Nieves 4 years ago

I get the feeling he is on drugs and did this on a whim...basically showing he is a lawbreakers because it clearly says no entry. Dumb Americans always trying to be somewhere their not supposed to be. And when something happens everybody freaking flips out about it.

Rakesh Bhattacharjya 4 years ago

Okay we know about this forest but please can someone tell me the exact reason why people die here?
Do they get lost or commit suicide?
Or is their any kind of Ghost or Witch or Monsters dwelling in the forest?

Alicia Lee 4 years ago

Im so annoyed because i heard of this forrest many times but all captured on camera are the remains of the people not like actual bodies. I mean ,,, pics or it didnt happen 馃

Lilou Augier 4 years ago

Lisa Koski ugh.
We could do an entire segment with more class than this. Something that is actually shot properly and not disrespectful to the victims through that area.

Javier Lim 4 years ago

Lol hotline for people who have suicidal thoughts, people won't just go in the forest with a tent and an umbrella just to bloody kill themselves