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Five Star (Comedy Show)
Check out You do know a dad who knows how to get you okay. I came up with somebody. I don't know Know that this is not a battle. Rapper and I'll be up so we have an hour to like you look at my number one allowed to not do about it and I didn't wanna teach you to you got it bro yeah. I knew that I was here. I My mom, when my mom who's that again come on daddy know about the news I got a job that you know you can get don't know yeah. I fucked up you will never run yeah, give me about it. The body that's about it. Oh yeah Lot of two thousand down come on down oh no, I didn't know you come up When doing safe, no, no, okay, you name it on it. Let me know yesterday here we beat them in the hot don't give up don't nobody yeah not gonna do shit okay. I don't want you doing that. God gave you go okay she'll, be on your damn. I don't know about hand size only mckinney minute the body did not game on okay. She my sister my name shadowy okay yeah she's use online. no Yeah yeah yeah oh oh oh yeah what yeah let me go to their mini. I shoot my God yeah the one able to you know about me. I didn't know shit yo yeah. You know what my idea yeah. Let's get. It yeah. How about Yeah no yeah do you come out about it. You leave Wait oh no, I mean it. Uh oh dude. What up my name on them. I put in the area okay Get it up, get your limited don't want to get in that kitchen. Look a negotiation that little day out. The no, what is something that you know there's so many that yeah lovely lady I'm sorry Debbie, I think alicia hello kentucky it No, no, no No way why women, mandy kruse Ohm my God go cross. It doesn't matter that right now oh right now, let's move out hey no mama, she left sassy I'm yeah keeping uh yeah. I didn't have a damn much easier go. There. You knee going on it's gentlemen, okay I got the guy that I don't know man, colorado's okay. Let those who put it on their name to download the iphone about it get them adopted. The last two days. I got you man Yeah yeah okay this is a New York are yeah okay yeah okay, my corner that might me come on okay say, no man. My man, nigga your mama, okay. I think I've ever go yeah it's hot dog. Thank you. Okay that's you baby come on come on. You know, come on. I told you my nigga showed out okay yeah he's got it uh I'm a dime I check this shit out. I put you up here at the new. Another one. My family, Ali What I love about it, that allow many A simple how dad how do you don't want it. No, God, mostly got like never leave the moving like I know that God, I mean I need to get out of it. What I do. I have faith that you didn't ignore me we're gonna leave with me when ever you come and party with no like she know that she'll be laid on me, I never laid out another like move. It momma No, yeah baby come on there. Alright, monaco hold on alright. Y'all okay so that, like I don't know what you are looking here now. My little man I will teach you no problem How you Nick, you know Okay get up you, hey Me Oh no go look at it oh. Well out here at the song that saga, let's go down in the gym medina oh, hey no hello Know that when you set up your up you know your hobby to know the median now yeah okay look at that belly dance. Whoa hello, dad hit up yeah little bit oh she is something like I know, shock. He did not have you and looking at us to be here soon. Don't get me anything on happy Make no Okay oh my God, I can't believe me, yeah whoa live with the heart of your you. Gonna. Do now. I don't know what I gonna eat, that I know you didn't need your name and Oh he got you already know what percent we gotta get it man. Yeah. We don't either the make a wish. You, oh, I love the okay. Maybe that's a lot of motorcycle general. You know my whole sorry okay when I like, when I like, when I like it when I got home and my eating I don't know, man to know my Then I got a little bit you get to know he called me and I know that what I do, I can't get any other level that I got that oh man. Oh, hello handsome and hey listen up in my car lemme see night God anonymously night. You gonna see that me either, not that I know that lady I'm mommy sweat it whoo No jelly mad at me send me out here and you know I think, with it down the end of the tunnel get him. We got hey. We go tell you Look at that. Oh me. Yeah when it gets here waiting when you're about to buy That didn't end up people, shit don't come on the go. I don't know what it is. Yeah did you look at your unit out. My name is the blue dog way. Look at it. I let you know that I love you. Let go. You let go oh deep. Well, he came by about here so that don't that's it that's. It you're, not on Toronto, stop by the pool, doing this. Let me go No, okay, I have definitely pass on come on look a new mothers and that's why no wanna give me yeah absolutely got to be damn near I got you like you know he wasn't about to return again. Nigga remember measure Oh that The La La La Does a bad luck. you Why are you here. You go down y'all. Don't even touching me. He got. I love me me walk would you want me my gym hold my womb Mama you God all about who you with me, my mom, who All dating a part of me down I don't think you, wanna go diploma, Eddie negro here look at that girl yoga one job Oh Oh, yeah shut up hello, I wanna go down go down on you don't do nothing. I guess I really happy when coming in No matter when I better than I thought I would immediate man the deal in it. Hey you, what we doing ice. I never look ever bit Get it done that No cover no Halloween is anyone Hey got him do that need well look at the big O What you really learn is something that sounds a whole new challenger. You do Make it let's go, go Oh my goodness, yeah Yeah see you here come on you don't need that Need better looking she's out You know we go that way to do that and I'm telling you that on him and Oh man boom A little magic at the Hey bro you britt, nicole Yeah they going somewhere, nice go yeah. Let me yo come in with You do that how do you go to what's happening. These are no normal name so Oh what you like, tell me down I'm always rebelling shipping you buy Oh no, he's the man I She got you The Thank you again Medina dot in nobody out there Got me Come down to it don't have got it hold up, but don't let it come to some of the shit over there. Jamie yummy udon. It be all of you back on Sending online easy there, fella. I didn't see you there. I know, without better call 19 eighty to 90 Hey mama she know that some of you don't need no nigga oh no, he might even hit you that baby gonna be bad now we want to do that for you think about people to know. We came and left the building. I took that he doesn't like Copy your single what Got it yes, dishonesty media, whatever a new dj dot He said you know, send alive yeah you know my plate on okay. You know, come out there that my duty is let them out okay. Jackie and she is happy. You better feeling that I could not buy now. Jetting machines did know about him out check the Michigan damn machine as you know, I'm a machine do I don't know man. I got no no, no, what a jet on my job with Go with the regular with you got my young with no you know that's not what oh yeah good good. Yeah. Whenever you time now no Here we go Salsa The Might be part of me What does it yeah. Let me, after I got the cleanest oh yes, I will be in the curry not to be no. You know when I do club Mobile number they can talk with a clear that I am going to show you exactly what I didn't know. What I didn't know. You know nobody who no matter where you are hey that's all me now so now okay clean out that come true. Okay party okay La creme Time man he'll try to attack you when you have yeah. I do one more hold Okay, but she loves me not jody man. What the girls my tanya nine oh let me know, but she didn't don't be on my shit that's gonna be no bitch. I'm not saying no, how to pick what it took a little about me, but she know that my daughter, she know that now he Go This is Tell me Oh oh, yeah got in Maryland um yeah I'm gonna load up yeah. I do alot of Nothing is a who I feel good yeah looking good night out I don't know what to do that Go down the hang it Let the man know Go bro man I'm wearing this all we are man. My nigga yeah that's. How you know what I do. It ain't no, no more babies that I bought you can you'll be buried in dirt. Yeah. My New York, okay, I know him I don't think about it. They just say I know I'm not gonna know how are you. You know down no yeah. It that Go no my name is no. No, nobody know let she keep on hating on me. Okay so let's go that's. What the Web site you name Tom Yeah God said, shot you guys. You all say Hey That's gonna beat up by the block them out here we got the general idea. Oh you got the go down the champions like the. Don't dot us, a game God trap on it to you ready She's running it oh no, did I do that. Oh no, I need to get my yeah. I want to get it no matter where we know you know number 20 on it No, we don't live no man, no, what me and that nigga funny. Maybe popular mango Don't let Look at my new baby yeah yeah nigga Okay Oh come on baby come on Oh, hello say I need help them out to buy Download the zillow dot net look at my friend's halloween. What this on here the money. What we got here Nobody's levels on there's something for all of you, like, I don't know my name jesus. You will get your food. You like how do you guys see you, Sunday don't miss her shut it. Buddy to try one mother India, jesus, something so we can talk about maybe you got it don't have any idea how do that go down to 20 bucks here. You go let's go got it. I did it. I did it. I know I'm not leaving at it oh What if you haven't read it, I weight one Gemma New York yo mama, let it with my rolling hey guys. I love my nigga. He did Man, I love you and I did the minute my dad may not have Hold up that's it that's no baby. I didn't mean to do that, not Hang on me, you need Hey everybody, Chris oh, yeah man, let me know yeah man. I know the money yo, whatever money I go Nearly one billion What's going on with you, yeah look on me name Don't worry, I'm gonna do a little bit with you. Yeah I don't go to no time limit no right now. We're not how do you not know what so many horses do you know me. Do the hell. I don't know, but should know available for the calling he took the water and the morning Bell, a fucking y'all know what I don't know me I'm But I load it in my In hotel but I do know, man okay, no technical she mad. She go down So we know you We got Miss Come on come on no mommy, I believe that something about him. I know you want my money. Yeah don't even come in it look at the mirror. You know Girl name it look at who, oh yeah. I did got it be that you're gonna need to buy let's hit up the lego okay My name is chunky that's. what Got me get don't oh you got the day wrong in that you don't Don't love you move down here now with Forget up nigga no, yes, yes got me back bro hey Body will follow my So not matter okay hey nigga you gotta have this over him out. That's gonna pay up no pay up when they got to hook up so I did that happen in your best summer jacket also not yet they are part of what we got also yeah I'm just celebrity. I didn't need to do it. No, I don't move my nigga mom yeah. Thank you know what that's. Why the. I love you mi Don't tell them shit no don't know me look at what I love that help me home. I'll. Let me know you know me when hauling up to 50 com You know I'm Do you know machine right here, sorry that Damn baby got machine No, he got it on Yeah, I did, I wanna hit yeah ask for me. My name is you love him to get out. He was a brother daddy go Bless you one Mango What's up baby, what's the monia bobbitt popularity delivery with no damage. huh Yes, she loves me okay, but I mean hey single got me out of the door. We got O go. he I don't know about you Jay music No Kinda alright hey Bob wishing I'm doing huh I wish you know I like no lame. I don't know, like I love that shit like that might not mean oh, shit yeah she had gone kill me. I don't know what she did know you've got enough. You know and another child shit. They don't know what to do. A little dot com a georgina Oh, shit okay What is he saying. I don't owe us. Shit nigga. I don't know USA to win oh my gosh the guys in palm Oh my God, I don't think it was in my body I know Maybe For Tom dolly, yeah, I did I She let Ball Ow You know, whatever let me hear johnny barlow me okay. I love you. I miss you don't want me no, no matter when she head up moving you know, we won't Let's see what you document, what it go go Limit two oh. Thank you Did you say God See y'all when the job For you so if you wanna see the, she see the mama she alright bye bye love shutdown favorite saying ever since I never know what yeah we got oh, God shopping honesty no, you gotta go. I do not know what to cook. You don't even go. Get me no, what you wish you And now we're so with that, do this help them. It doesn't mean we hope your I'm gonna show you Hello I'm Yeah let's see Amazing that they don't have a business to tell me that y'all okay talk about me, amen to say good day on. I love that new idea. What do you look with amazon holding you because you know your town charm night no, no one Go Don't know how to go, we got it come on miss out hey No, no, no, no, no, I didn't believe in what I am doing here tonight thinking about it don't owe ronda and on my way, do you know what they say that my hair, my amen amen no other No, no, no, oh, yeah, no me on the ball to the vehicles on Hey oh my goodness, hey go, get You know him yeah baby keeping not seven Yeah Back Try to get the You name it we'll be seeing me Made but it's so important Okay When I come in your way over okay come on man beat up come on man machine, yummy and you know Mia what are you my name is gina okay. I don't know man, God, I don't remember that you're talking about men to me. you Okay, what I know you got me looking new, let's go, go What's good tonight be there don't worry about me. I didn't know what they say. Okay Google information open up pulls me that this is what it feels like when there Okay, this is my make up, like this, I don't know we need Me not on my that sounds a lil like two 30 like, is that laziness, but also let me know she Only I can go up hurry up No, I'm not saying don't do you want your way come on. you No doubt this, I see that so cool what do you think we need. Nobody know you go And I'm a junior don't tell me johnny, you know you might see me. I will get in the gym that got dog you. Gotta check it out here. Get out here. I love them. I don't know. Oh great idea, not doing their dot be knock a shit out of you yo. What up yall okay do single me out Does it in my family that allowed him go you know where you gonna go up for you In and I'll let you know being out there you know what I do. You tell me what to Hey let me move that you, which are with You say hello Change the G. Ain't no No Good job shoot for everybody don't be the idea. Nigga I'm out in yorba me and you know I know some dammit You know don't you touch it I'll be live. You know, do it dot in gym job while the average attendance you wanna damn don't do that. Oh, honey. I don't know what I'm gonna talk about. The year it's all you know Yeah Okay, this switch belly and told me to my oh that Gotta get out of here my men, shit manageable Yeah not enough big enough to go, get what God Now you know Oh, we Minet only number come on my milk. Oh hello. You can win to view many Come over to the let me know shoutout to move from one nana. you Oh my God, no made up Fuck up to me Love it I got that bitch no come at me in the zoo with me Yeah um you know that what's, easy nineties with the ultimate nightmare You Let me show you who Don't you mean there, but you know Didn't hit The things you let me know what She decided You left your hand like Hey where we need them out. You know it love Not going to the chin up on Nominate come on baby number a hope that What I want you to know Jim out of Jack Anybody tell you You September, where you like, about you, don't do that What Show me show me the yummy oh, but doesn't show the johnny the Jim Lee. I am so anyone out there with the younger La Jimmy. I don't know come on down go machine. It on me oh, five come on I'm on a deal. He was everybody that you know No You do that. Oh yeah yeah yeah ha okay. I got it. I lose a grandmother that you know John Adams, yeah go love that notice I don't know That some of it oh yeah hey. I know What you win yeah mommy I'm on no. Oh, God, what is good when your granny they going to okay well no, you go I'm already losing you know anytime 20 oh. It said that she's ending it oh no Maybe a little bit Money come on in and I turn the month I'm gonna get you know okay I'll. Do it okay. I know yeah okay. What everybody I'll believe it when I look at my mini and I know that when you and we create jazz, see my name is julia and you know I love to be calling no. I don't mean what you need baby. I got it my God The company is here to know he know you got the hotel to me tell me tell me something. Yeah. My buddy, who send me your Tv to hello. What job marsha josh with the You see how good to know more. Yeah say so say I'm happy to do it with me They don't did your invaluable while driving you know little bit of reality to know. I love your body you're, not signed up. I owe you money. You need a champion. You might do yoga stretch. You come on my account. Don't nobody hey maddy Yeah, I know that I didn't see with the mama didn't recording the medina as you as you do. It's how you you know what it is that you live. I do appreciate that boost in your holy name. I wasn't gonna leave my mama the wet pointing out the details he sees people know I mean not me at the okay. we You've given us happy No man get on me. I know de way to beat it made my dad when you knocked me out That And you get to choose out yeah okay. I do choose. I get it oh Good morning again, everything that you know and obviously the studio doing what you do. my Who's honey and I don't think we also did a lie. I never go somebody know what you see when you miss your way. You know to go Thank you, everybody About to you continue to Yeah No, we go alright God made you get what you wanna But okay did you say that you got it and I got it to deploy the damn. You know somebody. You know everybody No don't, let somebody go ahead didn't stop body. They can be this go round the making him as a God, they got to say hey look at it. I don't ever touch and go maybe even gentlemen You blew them along with each other. We got 20 minutes okay I'm at a loss and what you want. My daughter, who It's open No crazy I'm the dot com boom that you don't matter man go. You achieve financial freedom and God come in and check in here. I'm gonna win no more need on the head when I deal with baby mama look again yo. I didn't know she was gonna be better than what Joshua that baby don't let me go there. You go make it that way. That you want everybody look at their you notice. It got it Have you used to be not at all oh georgetown sorry about I'm able to survive only now, okay here we go May I have you to know tonight or coming hold it son, a cowboy without Sunday, that didn't move it up okay yeah. I don't think you do something. I don't know what will be at Hallelujah somebody that you know that shit That was you don't have my number one. No. Yes, I needed some peace of mind no, let me say that I have to be the reality Saturday about pussy Saturday together. No more burger, not get it out. the Centuries and celebrate me down, but they probably me Damn Damn You Save two for me and party Stop what some say I'm a King All you 77 see y'all need to clearly show sometimes Enough to go My son, we Take your savings, sale now Shame and Stop You want me to Kick a new Lake Charlie imma miss me I'll be there. Michael Jackson movie go the saying I need you, you know you just said no Bank, no, she impulsively love it's too late, night activities. You know what I think you With no baby now he seem I didn't know I'm gonna meet. You see you got you know me and so many on your movement, more than I do. Maybe maybe I believe that I didn't do nothing honey, boy, what's your name is jumping behind the net to book a cake every man kill laika catch a mandy Yeah I know James You are self It's madea mary Open me You Go yeah you know I've been better mama number with me at New York dot com. Your leader look at you. I said it which I'm working on the number that your own mouth feel No, yeah good luck on it go so I know you got my son. What did you got. It that's already doesn't have that person right. Y'all. There. Oh big daddy. You said that that's all the ball in the back of a dozen auto care. Our don't only up by starting right now get the solution today show Okay, everybody That's it that's my job. I'm out here looking on your face time, you suspect you who knew my name don't oh man. They've got my daughter. Why. I'm with you happy about it read me. five 90 The loss of our baby to me to me part salon phenomena Oh, the out don't do this around here. I will just close my mouth girl. Let that shit to Yo what up the mic know how you do that boy do that man. I don't know so when the man come on come on let's go down to gemma come on. You got me walking a little give me whatever I do when I go to work out of you yeah. He took now what oh yeah yeah no oh look at that. Oh yeah alright go Come out to the University, what's that same kind of here my local gym Oh, I need to I didn't think hey go exactly what you had him solely. My nigga and they learned no there's, no, no okay. I don't my dad okay yeah. Let's go. Yeah okay. I'm not letting you go. I don't look a little bit that's okay. I don't think is out okay oh look a pop up gym I don't know if I'm coming up so that's it back turn. Yeah coming up on mine either. No that's. Why we feel it could be laid out I'm out of there no matter you are my beloved nail everything I love them. I love doing things that you're going to be okay now you know what I did. I highly okay oh my God oh, he did not believe what we really what I feel about me oh Yeah, I know that I didn't have to limit that you yeah never mind nigga tell me that you're not gonna have a new need. It gone no later than I could get them out. Asap day, but I Football, special about it Mommy what is that mean. I know what it means. Yeah yeah can you push a year. Biggy oh yeah man, yeah man, yeah man, yeah man, yeah man. I got me and my dad without damaging my that they let my love shit okay okay. Let's go, get that hey nigga. I thank my God is about to bless you with studio. My dad no ain't that what you all that I don't know why do you want it and I mean he knows exactly what you need up here, but I do it going up that big ol rock that moment jesus oh, the Middle community know that she didn't, like I don't oh okay it's the day manager at the no man come on yes, amen together so that should all hit up to him. We make it easy to lose a pet. You okay, let's go by. I don't wanna answer. All no Don't do that app Mickey one and baby okay we're, not gonna do that lol okay, whatever you say, that what I'm making him look at the monitor. I know that do the chili when you have a Bring the Nice and I don't You, gonna And then, when she and I'm a woman jesus okay It's tonight right up movement, jesus, separate kitchen d up yeah well, it's not about the movies. I Anytime a boogie hell no, I'm not going to movie who's in the mood Go in the toyota women who man or the over no animal I love what I do and I know that you I know you know what's going on and where ever meal as I can About me, my work, which is what No Come on come on you know, come on oh no, that doesn't mean by the look Yummy No, hey big and I look like to know them, but you also win the chance to be their feet up. Another side of Yeah okay that's you know him at let's go down come on down here at the gym. What would you ask. I mean that it's not a good money but that's what she did. Yeah and about tonight. Yep got will make it you'll know that I said yeah okay pulling my name oh okay. No, no, what you got going to come here. No, no joke. I never knew second, look who's that Uh, I can't wait to get what she didn't miss something that that's not a lot. You know and so when I thought about the women that you know, I don't know cuz. I know somebody that The unit Oh I'm not let me know, moving my blanket from my direct wake up with Jimmy, but I really don't get it I'm. A I'm on a Tell me about your shiny new camera that's what everybody come on alright. We got people that come on nigga laugh with her puppy What happened oh La La La baby good to chill out Oh what you got the yellow building So that I can still donate it will the puppy Don't you love me now I'm not talking about it. Good no want anymore idea. What I figured, that I'd only that you know that you could go to wet. I don't think that I don't hate her coming up yeah come here. She come up thanks honey. I know You go say oh yeah got nothing on your mama put that say that get come out. I got. I do not like no dot in the lobby. Lemme go down here. C'mon out of this shit no, what we got what what yeah yeah that more go to mccall to know what it was a pretty down baby pick me Did I go fuck. It up no matter what yeah I've got not to get up. Oh my goodness, you know what you know. What you gonna get it oh my God know that Get out, get out Yeah honey and here we go left oh yeah back what you do ready Get out you know what johnny no Go down here I'm all that we have and didn't know why don't know why I know I'm gonna go. What is the way out. Yeah gonna tell you about my knee and I'm laid out yeah okay. I'm looking at this shit that's. How it go yeah look a no Sandy, what do you Yeah I'd love to be up for God doth know that moving on, we got on my side I'm a really bad. That's. it Damn you, dude, I usually do I go back to what I really mean when they don't follow me up um and we'll check on him Now they cannot be absolutely similar deal. No. my Good girl oh my, God, no, no, no, he's gonna be my little surrounded a fucking tail suck a fuck ice. What you got hey My name is amber. Grandma shooting starts Friday, everybody that moment as I put it on top it up, come on Tulsa over there I download ito sa two shows on going everybody Go now I don't make shows happy birthday, Mrs Go out my My baby home Overnight Hi John hope you have a wonderful What do you got Save me about the damn baby open up open. It up jen Jones Dan. You, marlene Wednesday that God got me up y'all hey y'all come out to my thinking and I know he will also right now who said that you know no matter what I do the minute no, yes, I don't know yet what did you look good mama. I told the What does it mean when they do down hey You know mama she will take it to Come on, I know Round one like hey Don't like what is that the muscle up you never know. On the door Come on okay now playing their show, like come on don't let me and my gym isn't. It yeah dude. You know. I sent you come on do you. What yeah they walk a little hope you You don't decide Shake you She She got Hey didn't turn down below dollar global one I'll go. Do that. What about performance than ever to shoot a bow. Oh yeah imagine, my aim of your man. What I do shout out to settle. Never again call home. I'm gonna hit you know what I mean yeah man I didn't session. I remember when I told you earlier together it's a bing and I'll be playing nigga what you gonna go Let the baby know can I say I'm not good to be in it so yeah what yeah yeah we've got that nigga that nigga got myself. Yeah yo say a little message and enjoy the sangria samples of talking about good come back with dot com with your down time, I left you with me and I don't know who come here to check on me now look at me now okay Look at that that's available digitally on my daughter teach you on go, go go baby go look at what didn't happen about leukemia gentlemen, the famous I get me outside the House second House. I built when my son, you should oh yes, won't be in it hello yeah No, yeah yeah nigga got puppy that they have already said everybody at me, like oh, my God, I only get up yo what's up boy them go what might they go. No nothing Hey what's up everybody, hey, we got it comes a holy life. Doesn't matter. What you do is you. Gotta be you know what I love and what that no don't get up. You know, like when you believe man, like this, do nothing down ready. You don't need to see this shit let's see what we got going on know that God Damn you deposit go okay and then she doesn't come on. He has available that could be Go got it and thank you, daddy me and call me bitch. You, gotta Man, good job man, yeah Green and gold and pink gotta go yeah we're moving it that somebody shut up and let him know that man Whenever you ready, one minute look who you get out, what you don't have a way out No man he got nominated God don't get it I'm doing it go yeah I'll, be there. Damn when no go go oh sorry, nigga you going to do with it. Yeah nigga didn't know someone like that okay that's what yeah I gotta. Let go. what There's, you morning on look at that House at 800 huh that's. What you know to be the P nigga oh yeah no, I gotta go go that's, a big oh buck. He gonna do a double no yeah man. I don't know we I don't know about that. No, I do what I want when I know my boy go go nigga somebody part of my boy champion yummy wind up baby oh, you will do it. Yeah I'm going up. oh Okay, damn oh well, I got you beat belly with me. Ben when I got that way to drop set I hate donates or yeah what is it with the baby. I be up And then, beyond that don't know me I'm gonna play with it up, but you're not gonna Yeah it got Hello with the weight limit, I kinda move so let's see what I can do. what I did it. I didn't know about the other. What did you know that an activity she said hello be Ready to do this, okay I'm glad there but go to women, wait go it's a baby. I think that I think this is the. What we are all about. Steamy Syria Got a baby boy. I'm gonna go. What attention that we all that yeah yeah oh yeah yeah and we tell you that we do take off may look. You don't know what I'm not gonna be. Whatever God come on come on don't worry about it, because they have no don't make it funny and open up Alright, I'll be look at me oh what a little but that's not Tony up come on yeah. Let me hear it I know I got it know The yellow shit don't know that you know you voted for me and my nigga. I know got a little bit then oh man. We got it all so that Dada and look at my doctor said that go back for that. No matter how good it go. Bella yeah that somebody had jingle me. I don't know what that man yo. What's up yeah is it got. It got it coming up You never know what they have done. It all I believe he has a long and well maybe I will be having a healthy baby meaning, no come here. Lol I feel it come on show me what you love doing it go man. Let me know what you Yeah somebody me out go, get them out Baby step me up yeah right there no coming about I'm gonna. Let you think about no, no jokes lil black come on that come on know. What's going man hey. Do you love it come on man. Nobody that come here. What are you guys come on God mommy who matter that you hold that moment No, okay and I feel a look at my nigga. I hit up, get your head to clos Mommy man I do way gone you can love where you are. You have a What is that what you know it's not like yeah yeah tell me no come on go No, we tell you our new idea. I kill me. I wouldn't believe, come out that don't know him. I fuck What right now, you got the, who have had nigga nobody No, no I don't wanna know you car collaborative. You like him who got Oh Good job you can look good Only I Getting on my double my 19 oh Come on up and Oh man piccolo, where that we I know you do is that no Go digital baby got me happy baby Sorry He's the best day ever done Come on show dot com d pump the way somebody see me. I look You, gotta do it and they block you excited Coming Fuck yeah, let's see if we can get Yeah damn Go I will let you need all my moo, no really got pain and go all the way and I saw him my soda oh look at that. You got a little bit so you can see that okay Oh, yeah I will Man that Bob about it huh that's what's up. Everybody coming go out that that do you. What do you like To know me is to get them out. The people are the money you guys know what everybody say. Yeah you know Hey everybody look at that somebody needed five, so we're gonna go mama can I put it up. Look at him. Like that whenever you do what you know you get up go. Get it know what if you don't know, what I see no hey you why, like man baby, but I did not agree Henry fatalities get it come on oh my God, oh, boy nigga, whatever nigga like. Hmm. What you doing to my fellow lady jodie C event. They took a company good. You anyway I'll, tell you is that something you might know. Business out for the regulator cookies Shall it go say now, yes, I got mood. I had a heart and that you know. I am a full-time well managing my name is it They know that I'm not going to happen over 27 20 percent does he love you. You, wanna go you Doing me down let him okay. You know you know. I got God made man yeah. I do. I take on it. You, gotta work hard. Everyone you got a nigga. What that they need. It will make another You might look a good what are you. Nobody me My new website and even if you don't have to do a community, got down you have with many of you know me you know my new album me that whoever believes in him and what he's gonna be. This yeah buddy boy you know. Keep going keep going. Oh, I don't know what I'm doing up from the gym. You know that I'm not even for sale and oh yeah go ahead. Do you know what it up tomorrow. Yeah but I live your oh yeah, everybody Okay sit up yeah don't but what you do them. Oh, let's go. I think that Fabulous baby Every Joey G is Yeah She could be Let me know what you wanna know where you got no don't bring me up place. It down in the room, together. I want him to know, come on he's ready to You know hey my As you know, 7 PM sign me up send yeah Cash on a Sunday when I'm not Sunday San toddlers yeah yeah yeahs right there with you go what is it about. It. That I didn't know were not join us on that. We know you're fucking with me fucking what's up side down yeah when I did that dad to said that no, this time yeah. I met my dating him buy you your I got let me answered it again. Hey hey alright okay say I'm enemy No go know what you got to know. Someone that said, the things I did in the Dream to know playlist you can hear my name that hey John what do you say. Yeah I don't know man, but I feel the need what She said down go up but when they do goddamn, I stand up yeah. We got me out of my sleep. Apnea no, no, not looking at me. What I told you don't miss anything. Oh, yeah San Diego no, he didn't number boo man machine the collection of little The ultimate cheat sheet demo day no idea okay man. I never do what you have pushed my goodness a little bit okay. Now. I'm a gentle me you know. I think I am but nobody and I remind her don't even at the end of the day, to day management when I'm not moving down the House yeah yeah, you have to be Sunday after the game and go cannot hold on when you book a What made you okay no, I can't see myself going through what we did. Yeah. What the fuck he doesn't know. My name. I you know anything. I don't want you to look at you. Nigga opposite down yeah no, no, no At the end of the sounds of the puppies out, yeah yeah, yeah no okay did you know think that her body blended collecting and bathroom, where you can ask him men room, is your name and what I noticed is coming to school because I think that say that I'm a mom and seeing your baby to head home Hey tina tina amanda I owe my name out of y'all that don't know look at that. No, I don't, like to go looking at it come on To many more Go know anybody got a way to come out and see the way man here come on me. I'm in the mood that you hear me now who do you want to know what do not hesitate. No way on hell. Oh he get it up. Oh look, a baby. You don't oh okay Me see The champion What is that. We absolutely were able to get it up, get them while we have a members only are here Same value damage we love you say that you know what to say about me. I'm sorry. Hello hello. What USA no that's right here. I think you Look you see it that no nobody do that. What do I doing what he did. He was appointed to come out that what do the mama I don't ever wanna be tonight go nyla queen go got my ticket gone say, man. You know what I'm gonna share with you. Boy say, no question see my lil care doing it It's up for me I damn With my champion Go Don't worry, buddy would do it I got the area meeting this look at all that today, only my tie me, God believe it too little go. Get the really don't want you to come out about it. Go come and look at what gonna be inside you. That go well with the room Picture me I kept it down with my chicken yeah and I just got to make it to your name Up back what they go, yeah nobody out the gently, macon doing the rest with your daddy some good yeah. I know hey you know to target you know, what's up what everyone know anybody mommy yo. You got how do you like it That my nigga, fuck, a When I said my Jack, you might need I dropped my Dream home to look at me in the background to have met you and I know you know what else do. Yeah do not. My collecting on it. The other doctor myself. So no. Nigga much you know daddy and I know what it okay get no. What's up y'all. I don't know y'all go. What come on by there by the morning. I Alright imagine opining brother Picture that depicts your my champion and I tried to pressure to mention your name. I can picture the touch of a girl Nice I didn't know what to do. It that's it down check my God Jeff Jeff plan, what your neighbor Ready nigga won't be a big oh, my God, what do you like well, okay. Thank you. guys Go she can really do yourself a puppy aleutian. My head, no charge me. I don't know. Maybe, some debt hey Using No Sundown mama Sound up man up My natural He don't need to Now Shut down Sunday The latest on Awesome Send them an Yo this is on Tell me something funny Thanks to Thank you Thank you for Been in Montana edit them and that it is my name my life. oh What I made my night is I'm with my challenge me in the gym that nigga he don't know yeah. What yeah you know. Hey I don't know how I ever want to know I'd only one that took a No don't you do that and I'm gonna show you now. I remember sitting around no. I'm not saying it up and then mom mandy that being as I go up here, that we brought to the same child, yes, we miss anything. Nothing. No material that was going to necessary thing you're, not doing it simple. I love my name. Thank you We promise you when I mention morning we go okay that's annoying me. What you did to me go on and on the go that's what a lot of people man Hey Chicago, what do you know about what that nobody don't oh yeah. It doesn't hurt to think. He's had no, no the rain to know obviously. I can only grow bill. C'mon machine they know the situation. I know nothing about what I was gonna give me no get it only when the baby, let me pick it up, come out the man that I love it The party and when I go out drinking oh look at that look at that look at that little bit oh man mirror somewhat of it man oh, nothing. I got my bet on my machine and I would yeah I know I got it. I wish your back and do that okay. I mean yeah that shit that nobody absolutely awesome yeah we're Yeah but if it's your man, my sit up, look a that tell me now me. Nothing here oh no, no it's just. It down. You know nothing else. You could do you need to go you know how many other people doing nothing. foo Rag know my nigga yeah sorry, no idea lonely up again. I don't seem to me to get on my back yeah oh Come on down at the bottom of the Oh, I got that joined. You come on. I know no. Dude on the right on I'm out the matter. What oh no hey bother me. I'm able to do, that the movement of the year Sunday you'll be they got my knees and now nice and ah me in San Diego. This email okay let me know them a little look at that You okay no guys, no one Mobile okay. I'm gonna me know what they need, but I don't know man. I put him in yeah. I know I'll be me like me, okay time you do it. You told us here at 27 dollar body suck a nigga belly of the moment. I was able to have nice. What did you tell me no, no, no. Let me tell Does it doesn't need y'all to know my mommy okay oh give me exactly like oh my God I wake up, I don't know that yeah lol okay I got it. I got you miss our limited, come on no, you gotta live in there are not email oh no, I like everything Everybody know me, thank you, but no, you know what yeah I know that you know she will not be bound don't know everybody knows he will be, but I don't know what that means. You got it right here. Okay. I don't know my buddy ain't. No man, no meeting other side and this is why we go Yeah What it know yeah free that you do, you know I'm resting cinema kids. I don't have to do you do this guy don't you dad teacher tonight when the silica happening. What you sure okay that's right. The media to know yeah you know what do what to know who I can ever need Log in and let's go now get it. Everybody dead I'm gonna be we're saying I'm back no matter what they puppy might be. The greatest Let me see that More we've got it No, my name is Jason Way you doing Say You See Yeah Got it on my brain, I did it Hey What are you doing cutting They were saying Take And you See Okay, something You turn out wrong way Looking has That something was So See You You have a You ready See Is that my students and you really about driving seen To the money and I really want to see the other people you know how to do that. You know you know you know the must see the world not under the imo route. One time I see

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