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Yes, but here's the thing...

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Posted 1 year ago in Health & Medical

Adesh Odyssey 1 year ago

Lots of exercise good food most importantly laughter, ohhh yeah 2 shots of rum, and or herbs

Christian Chavez 1 year ago

Hmm so for the first ten years we are all part of the large scale trial period. I don’t think I wanna get my butt cheeks ready for this. Gotcha

Cane Spaseski 1 year ago

Your body is the vaccine - eat good food, exercise and keep occupied !

Ali Sibtain 1 year ago

Yes, but here's the thing..
You just said wait for back up.
So the vaccine is just a backup?!
All this brouhaha was for what 😷

Jean Brown 1 year ago

This video is a joke for real, where is Bill Gates and his wife 😂😂😂

Paula Lucas 1 year ago

Aaron Peeters 1 year ago

Fuck vaccines

Raslan Juhayna 1 year ago


Laxman Laxman 1 year ago

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