Woman Refuses To Wear Mask 😷

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Woman Refuses To Wear Mask 😷

Her boyfriend says “the cops are gonna come. You don’t want that sh*t again.”

Posted 1 year ago

Wanda Clayton 1 year ago

Stop being stupid, no one sent to get this stuff from you because you refuse to wear a mask.

Djams Lopes 1 year ago

You can’t fix stupid 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️💩

Rita Pankonien-Yarosz 1 year ago

you're being a total a**, go home and leave everyone alone..

Lisa Campbell 1 year ago

Something's wrong with this woman just wear the mask!!!!

Fabie Damis 1 year ago

Snfh! What is wrong wirh people? Is it that hard to wear a mask

Eddie Jones 1 year ago

She is so fuck up

Valerie Maxwell-sofiyea 1 year ago

Wear a damn mask! WTF

Laura Lee 1 year ago

Kick her to the curb

Cibyl Hinds 5 months ago

When she decided to go into a person’s place of business, and the person at the door asked her to wear a mask, she should just put the mask on, or wait for her boyfriend outside. She is such an idiot. There’s no need to argue about it. She rather stay there and make herself look like a damn fool. I would imagine she don’t know that.

Monica Artice 1 year ago

Now this is Just A Stupid Karen.... Shit she gets the Reward... Dumb ass Video Herself..