Will Trump's Supreme Court Nominee be Confirmed by the Senate?

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BIG NEWS: Sen. Mitt Romney said that he supports giving President Trump’s next Supreme Court nominee a floor vote, giving Senate Majority Leader Mitch...

Posted 1 year ago in Politics

Jeanne Camp 1 year ago

if it was a democrat president and a democrat-controlled senate this close to an election, no one would even be wondering if they would do it because *of course* they would. if the situation was reversed, *of course* they would get a nominee confirmed before the election and it would be the most liberal "judge" they could get confirmed. i don't see why it's so debated when it's a republican president and a republican-controlled senate. when you have the majority, you take advantage of it, that's simple and reasonable and the democrats would have done exactly the same thing if they had the chance. 2016 had a democrat president and a republican-controlled senate, and that literally makes all the difference.

Jacqueline Madden Fields 1 year ago

Pay close attention to what Mitt actually says; He said ''he'd support a floor vote'', he didn't say, ''I'll vote for her''. Slippery Mitt, can't be trusted.

Tabatha Morgan 1 year ago

Supporting a floor vote and voting to confirm, two totally different things. Me thinks Mitt just wants to sit on his thumbs for a while.

Troy Trellman 1 year ago

After getting attacked by Feinstein, Lisa Murkowski has also said she will.

Les Diana Renfro 1 year ago

Let's just pray he follows through with his word...it seems to be a serious problem recently.... "Doing what you say"

John Ruz 1 year ago

Fill the Seat, FK Chuck !!!!

Shannon Fullmer Quan 1 year ago

He said he would vote - he didn't say he would vote "YES". Big, big difference. He's such a waste.

Corey Lloyd 1 year ago

I bet you ha pulls a McCain and votes NO.

Peter Crawford 1 year ago

Why does he not just admit he his a democrat already.

Justin Stinson 1 year ago