Drive-thru employee gets coned

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Growing up is an option these women refuse to take 😂😁 via ViralHog

Posted 1 year ago

Webb Dean 1 year ago

Sorry Karen it's not funny when you do it

Ada Bruno Duarte 1 year ago

😱 omg that’s so awesome funny 😁 love Yesss girl we needed that laugh 😂🙃🤭🤭😂😂😂😂

Pat Morrison 1 year ago

A-- holes! Bullies that attack someone who can do nothing!

Jonathan Smith 1 year ago

Which part of this was funny? Embarrassing...

Alicia Rollo DeBoer 1 year ago

Kenny Braxton this is me at 50, 60, 70, and 80 if I’m still kicking 😂

Maria Gratto 1 year ago

Alexia L'Hérault jvois ta mere faire sa😂

Roger Tichbon 1 year ago


Jessie Greene 1 year ago

Put on your seat belt

Mahesh Herath 1 year ago

Thank god for the subtitles
I couldn’t understand single word Scotland guy said

Abby Thomas 1 year ago

Talei Coetzee this be us one day hahahaha