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Your body is conserving a lot of processes when you’re fasting. When you suddenly break your fast, your body switches gears quickly and sometimes it...

Posted 1 year ago

Rachel Nicole Will 1 year ago

Kirstin Rutkoski follow him

Kathy Sobieski 1 year ago

Kathy Sobieski 1 year ago

Doe it help constipation????? i been suffering with it for 3 years now. No doctors help me severe cramping bloating and gasritis do you have a book that show you what to eat and what foods to avoid constipation??? And shows you how to cook the right foods that will get you regular bowl movements ???? please help me or if you even got any ideas that might help me thanks

Julie Stewart 1 year ago

Makes sense...really good information TD

Danny Marco 1 year ago

Patryck Edwards this guy has got a lot videos that could help out with certain things you're unsure about.

Lisa Marie 1 year ago

I agree.... I wish he would break down stuff to help us understand better. ♥️

Jennifer Bell 1 year ago

What examples of digestive enzymes do you consume when you break your fast?

Natasha Pittman 1 year ago

Yup I need it all laid out .. brand and link of aid