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mightily in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen. in Jesus name. In Jesus name. In the mighty name of Jesus. Eternal king of glory. Father Lord, we bless your holy name, oh lord, We adore you lord. We thank you lord for this is the lord. This is the day that you lord god has made and we shall rejoice and be glad in it. in the mighty name of Jesus. Eternal oh lord. Father, we call you forth into our midst in the name of Jesus Christ. Father Lord we pray you will visit us mightily with your power in Jesus name. Father Lord, we commit every everyone oh lord. Every soul that it shall be. Ministry on this so long that we will see you through the lord in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Like no one shall minister in flesh in Jesus name. Holy spirit, oh lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, you will take dominion. You will take preeminence in today's service oh lord. in Jesus name. Father lord we commit everyone that should be coming on your tabernacle Lord that you will visit us mightily oh lord and meet each and everyone of us at the point of our need. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed. Amen. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. If you're a living soul in the house, shout hallelujah to Jesus. Let's begin to bless the name of the lord for this afternoon. You Lord. we bless you Lord. We give you all the glory. Lord. we thank you and you're the king of kings, the lord of lords. the lion of the tribe of Judah, The only one of his We bless you. We give you all the glory. Be the exalted in Jesus mighty name we pray. Hello, যে যখন হিন্দ. you. That's you. Let's go. all over. ঊনত্রিশে পেছন to me. Oh my god. Happy New Year. জিও you. Oh my god. You are worthy to be open up your mouth and give him all the glory. you. you. we give you glory. Lord. I see you. Hallelujah. Praise the lord. Hello, Hello, Are you hearing me? We can't hear you. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. We can't hear you. Hallelujah. to everyone on this day. So, this is a nice. The announcement is as follow. our ministry, the Facebook and YouTube. We are live on Facebook and YouTube. The church is live on Facebook page. are so waiting for Christ and YouTube channel as prophet Moses Oo throughout the week. Please tune in, share, and participate. Okay. I'm so sorry. Let me start all over again. I don't know if I was muted. I'm so sorry. The announcement is that I don't know why it keeps muting me. I don't know. It's I think it's from the other end. It's not on my end. We can't hear you. This is me. keep calling me. I'm muted. We can hear you. I can hear you. Thank you. Okay. The church is live on Facebook page and so for Christ, our YouTube channel, prophet Moses Olurin throughout the week, please tune in, share, and participate in the programs program is accessible all over the world via the internet, Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. 1 AM, early morning prayers, 2 PM for the prophetic prayers and our night which is Friday, 6 PM our social media pages. Facebook page. So, for Christ, YouTube Moses, Instagram pages, Prophet Moses, Olurin, and Rock of Love Ministries, Twitter and and Prophets the church. contact and bank details. for offering Thanksgiving or to support the church by paying into the church bank. onto the church bank account. Feel free to contact the church secretary on 832-452-4153 and they will send you the bank details as you give freely The oven will open your on your lives and phones in the mighty name of Jesus. The heavens will open upon your lives and homes in the name Jesus. I think this month, the month of June as in declare as our month of the December that Who has that? Can you hear me? As a month of what? the month of July. I know if there's any further announcements that will be taken by the prophet himself of the church secretary May the lord help us and bless us in the name of Jesus. That's the end of the announcement. Praise the lord. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. for today's love US and Canada chapter is taken from the book of Luke chapter seven verse eleven to seventeen. chapter 711 to seventeen. I read and and it came to and it came to pass the day after that, he went into a city new and many of his disciples went with him and most people now when he came to the gates of the city, behold, there was a dead man carried out. The only son of his mother and she was a widow and much of the city was with her and when the lord saw her, he had compassion on her and said unto her, weep not and he came and touched the bee and the bear stood still and he said, young man, I say unto thee, arise, verse fifteen and he that was dead sat up and began to speak and he delivered into his mother and there came a fear on all and they glorify god saying that a great prophet is risen up among us and that god has visited his people verses seventeen, the last verse and this of him went forth throughout all Judea and throughout all the region. roundabouts. The end of the lesson. May the lord bless him and hearing of his word Hallelujah. Good afternoon, everyone. It's testimony time and testimony. Time is an overcomer time. The Bible tells us that we overcame him. The devil by the blood of the lamb and by the words of our testimonies. So, we're going to be taking testimony If there's a way god has moved through this ministry in your life, your family, and uh you want to share that with the people of god. It's time for uh signify then unmute yourself and share your testimony. Don't forget our victory is complete. when we share and we also uh help other people's faith to be strengthened So, Let's go ahead. Praise god. Hallelujah. Yeah. Thank you very much. What is happen to me it's ov and I am also this med with prayer. I'll call him. but he calls me back. my time. You're always call me. Get your water. Let's pray together and give you the covenant and I have a situation I'm sorry about that. You know, what's the problem? So, um October last year, I was just a way to my citizenship for my swearing and I have an encounter with the police. Wow. They got an arrest. So, one arrested me and then it. Now, listen to me. I have to I have to go to court to clear that arrest. So, when this thing happened, I contacted. I contacted the man of god who explained to him. He told me, so, I started playing with me and he told me if I have, if I have, if I believe in god, everything's going to be okay. So, I put my mind to god because I knew that I am. I knew that this is not me and what has happened is not me and I know what has happened will definitely go over. So you pray with me and then it gives me confidence about believing in god which is a good mindset for me and to be positive I have a lawyer that was backing me on this case. I realize is that the government here keep prolonging this case. I don't see case but they keep prolonging it and II was worried what is really going on. Why are they telling me today? Tomorrow, come tomorrow. Come next tomorrow. It's a call. They are doing their investigation. and because you Okay. And as human being because as a professional, I don't want anything on my record, you know? Yes. So, a more consign and I just want to engage my lawyer. What is going on? I'm like, I'll run back to the Loraine. This is what I'm seeing. No. The albums are, you know, things like that but me as an African who is an immigrant to this country, I'm like, I want to know the situation of my with my kids and let this just go up because by now, I can get back with me but you know, it's not the lasting, You know, they keep a journey, a journey, a journey, a journey, that we keep praying. We keep praying just this last My dad told me that but he has been going to because I don't know. So, this Thursday, he went there and the outcome was positive. He just called him hallelujah. Hallelujah. He just called me and said, call him I'm in court. I'll get back to you if I need you. No problem. So, after I like 1 hour, he called me that good news. Everything is tough. You're just and pay the fee and go reapply for your citizenship money. Wow. Glory to god. But what's really amaze me what really amazed me was that the government or don't itemize against the judge himself It was just for them or what they were saying that they want to go against me because they saw as a black guy who's doing good in America. So, I think that's really good to them. So, they they just said, why are they coming off? mean, there's no nothing to say about me. The man was like fight for what you can't I pay 500. She can't get my citizenship reapply. That's it. So, that was a big miracle for me and I thank god and I thank our father. So the Glory to god. That's my testimony. Congratulations, sir. Thank you very much. Uh uh uh testimonies Praise the lord. Praise the living Jesus. Hallelujah. me. another end of another week. every time. Praise the lord. Hallelujah. We take one more testimony. one more testimony. One more. and testify. Praise the lord. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Praise and lord Jesus. Hallelujah. Very good afternoon church. Last week, I was really disturbed. I was so disturbed like and all that. I was really disturbed and pray for me to my support, The Thursday or Friday. So, to the glory of the lord. look at the login. and more she was just divine grace. So, Thank you lord for everything you've done for me. Praise the lord. We just thank god I quickly want to mention this program. Uh prophecy is trying to get some some money but you should not stress that god will sort it miraculously. God did it for him. It's not here. I'm expecting it to join online but I'm giving the testimony on his behalf. Secondly, the there was one time uh uh don't don't join ministry of course So, you got another job and that is to the glory of god and I want to thank god especially for my wife and my family, my children. God has been faithful Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Glory to god. Hallelujah. Thank you. Praise the lord. According to the book of um Luke chapter six verse thirty-eight give and it shall be given unto you. Good measure press down. shaking together, and running over shall men give unto your bosom for with the same measure that you make with all a shall be measured back onto you again. So, our title is a 10% of our income of whatever we earn and offering is um any amount that you are you are trying to you are glorifying the lord. I mean, for like just to support the ministry, I believe the um second would have posted the account number, the account information on the board If not, if you need it, if you cannot see it, you can please reach um the um do you the church secretary and they will give you the information but I believe the um information is on the chat. Please take a look at it. Um choir, could you please give us a song while we go and while we give our tithes and offering, please I will. I will. his name for the lord is I will. I will. Let's go. Praise the lord. Father lord, in the mighty name of Jesus. It's an oh lord. Father lord and we pray lord that you will bless each and everyone of us oh lord that has started today in the mighty name of Jesus. Father Lord, you replenish them oh lord according to your word In the book, in the book of Luke six chapter Thirty-six in the mighty name of Jesus that you will open the window of heaven to Jerusalem in the mighty name of Jesus. You will bless us. You will bless our family. You will bless our abundantly in Jesus name and everybody that has put in their offering, oh lord. Father Lord, you will bless us. You will supply all our needs according to our according to your riches and glory in Christ Jesus and those that are willing to give us are not able to give at this time oh lord. Father Lord next week oh lord Father Lord in the name of Jesus, they'll be able to pray Allah according I'll be able to bless them all and you'll be able to be a partaker of this uh of this in the mighty name of Jesus. of glory. We thank you lord. In Jesus mighty name, we have prayed Amen. Thank you Jesus. Thank you lord. Thank you Holy Spirit. Thank you lord. Lord, we thank god almighty Jesus has given unto you and thank you for the message that we received and the support of the and the for us. I'm the testimonies that we've received the end of the day. bar and it's Forty-four because of our time. You see the greatness of the lord. and it's to make us know that he is god. and Jesus, Jesus Christ. I know there's so many people near we have to you'll be very ashamed to speak you know the name of Jesus. God almighty. I'm dying. I thank you for your miraculous Thank you for your name. your love. We thank you Jesus. in January. do it. like pussy? I'm you know. in the name of Jesus. Jiujitsu. the fire. beloved This is coming out. Oh, the and you don't even see it as anything you want to destroy your skin. Just be suspicious. It's coming out of your body. That's Psalms times it on. Oh my god. Oh It should be more than medication. No, all those things. the name of Jesus. our lord. so that you can cause the child. name of the child right now. you're using, you can put it in front of you. Will you? The apostles we're going to that the child's for 7 days for seven every sphere. That's the a child. in the name of Jesus. Amen. And the beloved that's it. this week. Oh My dad. In the name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus. Amen. I want us to pray. you. You can share the Facebook Live on Facebook. and share some with you as well. Do a Zoom link. and let them enjoy this great but the USA USA Let me In the name of Jesus. It's not true. call. It will let us pray. in the name of Jesus that they might be called the obituary This I don't know why it's because of it. when you're acting the dream Act ever since that time, you not sorrow. Now between now and 5 minutes, 5 minutes, We are 2020. That's my that's my Yeah. In the name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus. You didn't say amen. to that. You put in the name of Jesus. We are going to pray again. you for joining us. in Luke 1510. through the election. I want to I beg in the name of the lord the end of this. but listen to this prayer. Everything that I choose last year it wasn't I didn't get it. I'm chasing this year. Yes, I haven't gotten it. before the end of this week. Give it to me. Anywhere, anywhere. anointing. things are not always Elijah. We did it. and pick it up. Come on. pray with all of your heart you. that I'm chasing. in the name of Jesus. I don't want one thing. only. One in Jesus name. I pray in the name of the lord. Elijah. The name of the lord. That's you. it. you. you get. in the name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus. You'll do it. in the name of Jesus. Amen. Thank you Jesus. Thank you lord. I want you to listen to me. for us. TURNAROUND. TURNAROUND. TURNAROUND. has so much power. You're listening to me. I don't know. It. Where do you want it? you? Do you in name of Jesus. Amen. It will look how you make you some time. Thank you Jesus. Yes, ma'am. Mm hmm. That he went into a city called. Mm hmm. And many of his disciples came. Mm hmm. And most people. Mm hmm. And when he came like the king, Thank you Jesus. with the day. Yes. Yes, ma'am. So, this I came and the and then yes. And he said, young man, I say unto thee, and so I want us to pray. Don't forget at the same time, they met together with Jesus. is a free What was the problem? My only child was there. Only child was there. but um a situation with a problem I want you to pray Oh, So, the battle of your life. The Bible the battle of my life. See, I burned you. And me. all. I congratulate you. Be or what? my god. like this. are you in the name of Jesus. Amen. 45 days Alright. Between now between now and 5 days. 5 days. between now and five picks. Oh my god. I'm Thank you. Yes, sir. We can't hear you, sir. We can't hear you, sir. Hello, sir. We can't hear you, sir. I can't hear you. We can't hear you, sir. Yes. I can't hear you. daddy. You are muted, sir. Thank you, sir. Thank you, ma'am. You know. the covenant of god almighty. the of the lord. She had a husband as well. It's my calling to pray. for in my life. I've never had anything to serve him. in the presence of the man Elijah Elijah, most of you, the house, you have a child this time next year. No. and and a and looking for me. someone that has a vision. that will will and it's not good. to be a part of this. today. You don't say amen between now on August 25. Some of the the Isaac lo. I don't know that she was so happy. You don't be me. no II was giving birth to her. always very brave. put your hands down now. I prophesy. I What do you think inside of your eyes now in the name of Jesus. This is the Doctor Malaysia. Mga sa GPS ako na lang the childre Oh my god. Child in your hand. Elijah. Elijah, Peter. Peter. Paul, Timothy. Oh my god. In the name of Jesus. Amen. And the beloved by the message on Whatsapp. and I have a platform USA automne envoyé. My dad. Psalm 90.1. Psalm one. the program. Whatsapp. be on it. Oh my god. In the name of Jesus. we do What did you do? Next time we're expanding. the Bible. of the of the lord. voter la semaine prochaine FOR TURNAROUND No. This is Batman. Batman. my boy. Boy. boy. boy. boy. with me. I got you. Mora disregarded. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. That I was going to die. The ones. we've been seriously. sing a song, Harry. shouting of shouting. a shout. everything. it. or in my ears. That's what I want. I want you to pray. on the inside of you. You know, you won't see anything there. Be alone. He's the one that sent to me but bye. it in the name of Jesus. Amen. I want us to all be It was like this in the name of Jesus Christ. right. Jesus name. guys. So, that and she was just lost a child. when I was that this child will be I will take care of her and she'll I'll be your husband to her. I'll be a child to us. you. from this child. Oh but 1 Day, the child died I want you to learn tonight. to be a bedroom or three bedroom, three bedroom, two bedroom, and two bedroom. afflicted you. If you don't There's one room to room. You don't don't don't That's why you should be prepared. when you are but she didn't. many of us, we're always suspicious. I think we don't, we don't just be things her husband died. What did you pray? are you ready to tell people that surround me? this thing? We will live so much longer than ever. It everlasting and I said, I don't I don't have to go in a no no. It's here. It's a very good for me. If he dies. it's but for now but for now, he doesn't I want you to pray. My husband will not die on top of me. My wife will not die on top of me. everyone that wants to um that that wants to afflict me make me weep. There's some things that we need to this loneliness. loneliness, It's not to be alone. I want to make me weak. I want to give my husband I'm in the fight. I'm a guy. just finished. I will put an injunction in the things you want to turn around. You I tell you that it is you. back. Don't forget. the lord hasn't spoken. said I can't be not not god. You cannot have a husband. I said, know oh a ahí en mi You're just that. turn it around. in Jesus name. was already there. and as we were going out, of the I saw a child. I know she and it knew that will accommodate you and this child didn't die yet. It's time for this I'm not I'm not. What do you think? I don't who's making this so much? so that pussy and a child woke up AND Comment tu cours? JULY soumis à. Et couche-tôt. Guy. USA হরিবোল. What you 2020 years? I don't give me you are you That is for you Baba. Come on. You know what you one. of you. the holy shit. anything that he has done. do it. but listen to me carefully. My hands are not to to deliver it. my ears are not there and I will not only what you're doing as I've given my face from Psalm Sixty-six, Psalm Sixty-six, Psalms eight verse eighteen. John. First John one eight. First John one eight in the Bible. First John. one eight. in the Bible. verse. Yes. We have we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, he's faithful and just to forgive us we can confess our sins. He's faithful and it's nothing can stop it. and it. It's very, very important so much. I'm a smoke cigarettes. You defraud people. You are in that role. when you're you're killing people. We're going to to die. kill you. be. There is a day that everyone would have everything will stop. Oh my. go back to you. You're not. See, this is very we are called by our name. by name. That's it. today because the spirit doesn't die. and the spirit and he put a you we have some people now departing from the So, what do you tell you my baby. Well, a good Saturday. Are you go. And I want I want you see this? Iya. Mama olo Juallah. Kalsom you. Seven time. She didn't. the time. to get to win. in. 7 days. and you'll never see them again. 1 day. but it might be because it's a covenant. that are attached with them. For me. to take it to the lab. I'm not cold. That's so. let's check it for you. Let's say that. I'm not saying go to your oil. Whatever you want. There's any of your manhood is getting so big. It's not functioning well. The blood of Jesus for 7 days and Psalm Twenty-two Psalm Twenty-two. of god almighty. the power will come back. you begin to drink it for In Psalm Thirty-two, recorded whatever you want to speak to Jesus you you. My name is not making you happy. Are you happy? Oh, yes. come up with a program. to go to. I want The miraculous. Who has to say for me or you a miraculous ways. for my child. I'm cold. I'm saying. going to go back. It's that. it's that you. We'll cancel. Cancel oppression. You don't I mean, Jesus. In Jesus name. Let us pray. in the name of Jesus. and thank you anointing. and enter into all of this water and oil. will be and I've never seen before. when you show in Jesus name, amen. Prophetic for the week before we read our prophetic declaration for the week. the house of the lord. that you should be a part of this as well. Uh I can't we know you can do something as well. to walk in but they can go down the US and every Sunday, every Sunday. 8 PM, UK time. UK time. 3 PM, UK, time, time, US US and time and time. you have so many and I do you see the Zoom Id or likewise at the link on Facebook as well. So, I'll share with you that I'm on YouTube as well. I greet everyone. as well. for you. This one to bless you and you're at a place that we just this is one of us. Everything is good. Oh my god. I love you and all of your family. I grew up in uh the we'll receive a reward we received the name of Jesus. Amen. Um it's the only one Thank you. Thank you. I'm an expansion and um expansion that will be Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Holy Spirit. Uh in the Yoruba. So, I believe in want to go. They're not the lord your god and multiply Moses and you you are this day as the stars of heaven. for the lord god of your father. Make you a thousand and so many more. as you are and bless Moses. That's it. I promise. Moses. Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. In Jesus name. We want it no more. I want to ask you. Now, that's cool. I'm I'm you want to share with me. You're going through I'm sorry. I'll drop my number. so 079-493-7378. 2181868. So, if anything you want to share with you, what's up? the phone number. God bless. Get back. Get back. I'll get back to you with the grace of god. Let us pray. in the name of Jesus name. In Jesus name, God, we thank you so much. from the beginning Thank you. It's you lord. This is my prayer be over you. have gone Psalms to be blessed. ask someone to be. I'm worthy. God bless you. God bless you, sir. Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir. God bless you, sir. Thank you, sir. Thank you, ma'am. Thank you, sir. God bless everyone. Thank you so much. Thank you. It's sir. Thank you, sir. God bless everyone. God bless you, sir. Have a good weekend. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you, sir. Thank you so much sir. God bless you, sir. More anointing, sir. Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir. Yes, we are.

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