Roopa Revathi - Sundari Kannal oru 🙏❤️ sharing a clip from...

Roopa Revathi • 1 year ago   18.8K     198  •  284.2K Views
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Sundari Kannal oru 🙏❤️
sharing a clip from our last music concert . Dear Sir , I was fortunate to share many music concerts with you . You helped me a...

Posted 1 year ago in Music & Audio
Sudhir Kumar
Sudhir Kumar4 months ago

Dedicated to my wife raji my gift from God my wife raji my love my life my destiny

Shirly Milton
Shirly Milton1 year ago

What a beautiful soul who loves to get his co artists appreciated.🙏🙏🙏
Your violin speaks so beautifully Roopa Revathi. Love to listen to it all day. 👍

Usha Suresh
Usha Suresh1 year ago

Love ur violin concerts very much Roopa Revathy, all the best, keep going

Sridharan Janakiraman
Sridharan Janakiraman1 year ago

SPB, a great soul, human, singer, philosopher, musician, Actor, dubbing artist, director, producer, motivator and our brother, who can fill your absence. Miss you sir, sadgati

Anu Janu
Anu Janu1 year ago

What a beautiful voice of spb sir miss you

Brm Patnaik
Brm Patnaik1 year ago

It's really so sad to see the Melody songs being sung by SPB.It's also unbelievable of his demise.He'll be in the hearts of his fans & remembered for his extraordinary talent of singing songs.

கனகராஜ் கனகு
கனகராஜ் கனகு1 year ago

Legends never die... They alive in our hearts...million of people's hear his voice day by day... Excellent share from this time...Thanks mam👍🌹

Mejjo Josseph
Mejjo Josseph4 months ago


Aru Arumugam
Aru Arumugam1 year ago

That a beautiful voice spb sir, violin music beautifully🙏🙏🙏