Insane hair transformation, cutting and highlighting!

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Insane hair transformation, cutting and highlighting!

Posted 5 months ago in Fashion & Style

Beck Jné Irénke 21 days ago

Szép egészséges a haja , hosszàból kár volt ilyen sokat levágni , és tönkre tenni azzal a sok hajfestékkel, ráadásul öregíti is ez a szín. Nekem nem tetszik!

Doris Lenz 4 months ago

Why do they always have to cut that much length??? The color is great, but would have been working with the original length as well

Cheryl Wiley 4 months ago

Beautiful. It looks awesome on her.

Virjunia Argiropoulos 4 months ago

The stylist could use some hair treatment he’s looks too stringy

Debbie Landry Kilpatrick 4 months ago

I don't like it! And why do they always cut so much off! I hate that! Can't leave anyone with their length...

Elīna Cīrule 4 months ago

She had so beautiful hair.... 😔Needed just a little bit of treatment, cutting and maybe some colour renew... Now she look like others..
But if she like it..

Teri Caruso 4 months ago

I liked the original better.

SJ Jak Faq 4 months ago

Orignal was better
Hair color added numbers to age

Orsós Loretta 20 days ago

Nem hogy engem kapna el így egy fodrász🤣🤣🤣de amúgy szuper lett a frizurája 🥰

Iris Ivey Autry 4 months ago

Looks like her roots have been growing out for a long time.