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Baltimore County Police are investigating a reported police-involved shooting in Randallstown Tuesday afternoon.

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Terrifying situation for some shoppers in Baltimore County police say a man armed with several weapons ran into the grocery store and rentals town will trying to get away from officers and ended up being shot by one of those officers we are two news megan Knight is live at the scene this morning with the latest megan give us a rundown of what happened out there A Christian so Baltimore County police say that they were initially called to the liberty court shopping Center here in randalls town over reports of a shoplifter at the dollar store which is right across the way here they say they saw the suspect in the parking lot officers gave chase that suspect running right into all d Oh terrifying scene right there outside all day as you can see a witness captured police firing at the suspect this all happened around four 30 yesterday afternoon so new wallets was grocery shopping at all the at the time when the suspect ran inside she said that he was carrying what she described as a machete in his right arm but it was down it was down and um and then you know we kinda kinda briefly made on contacted I register like oh my God that isn't that's a machete what's he doing in the store the machete Yeah absolutely frightening for her and all the other shoppers here at aldi now that suspect was hit by gunshots and rushed to the hospital at this point this morning we don't know his name or his condition we're also told that an officer had some minor injuries during the confrontation with the suspect but they are expected to be okay we're live in rental sound and megan Knight W a R two news

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