Lunch With God

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If you could have lunch with God what you want to talk about, what would you say? We all long for him to answer us in a way we clearly see and understand...

Posted 1 year ago in Religion & Spirituality

Paula Vallier 1 year ago

I would ask him what we can do to get world peace. ( Not a joke)

Tricia Marshall 1 year ago

I'd simply thank him and enjoy the company, he already has so much on his plate no need for me to go adding more, I'd let him enjoy his lunch

Roger Spearman 1 year ago


Ron Ksr 1 year ago

Forgiveness. There a whole lot of us who need it right now.

Sharon Kisner 12 months ago

Amen!! That is so true

Santoshkumar Shinde 12 months ago

Superb vid.

Sean Lewis 1 year ago

Amen 馃檹

Aurelia Zic 1 year ago

Amen Amen Amen 馃檹

Bobby Czubay 1 year ago


Roberto Castillo 1 year ago