Jacinda Ardern Praised As New Zealand Hits 100 Days Free From Coronavirus

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New Zealand has hit 100 days with no new cases of coronavirus and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been praised once again for her approach to the pandemic

Posted 1 year ago in Social Issues

David Stephens 1 year ago

Amazing woman. Strong, decisive leadership at its very best. She can certainly tech our clowns a thing or fifteen...

Linda Raybould 1 year ago

I am in awe of this woman . I remember her getting elected and the good she has done for NZ . She has authority but empathy at the same time . I am just a tad jealous she is not the UK prime minister.

Brendan Mc Donald 1 year ago

Ireland is an island with roughly the same population and people flying in from all over the world our government seems to think sure it will be grand

Mary Cherrabi 1 year ago

What a woman, what a leader! 馃憦馃憦馃憦and how great are New Zealanders got doing the right thing at this difficult time. Bravo 馃憤

Carole Winter 1 year ago

England is an overpopulated country but poor management by past and present governments have taken the greatness away from England. We need a sensible down to earth government like New Zealand are presenting.

Iain Hughes 1 year ago

This is how leaders and governments should be not worrying about increasing there money every chance they get

Nadine Straney 1 year ago

When she has finished her time leading NZ, can we adopt her as an Australian. We could someone as caring and capable

Jake Bain 1 year ago

She definitely should be an example for other world leaders! If only the rest of the worlds leaders were as selfless and passionate about leading their country to help as she is, we would all be in a better place, well done Jacinta!

June Towlson 1 year ago

Absolutely true. She definitely knows how to Govern not like the UK and the rest of the world

Pat Atkins 1 year ago

We need her here right this minute how lucky are they to have such leadership ours are buffoons in comparison