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Posted 1 year ago in Crime & Tragedy

Mutinta Mulonda 1 year ago

Its shameful whats happening in Zambia, PF and ECL should go they have destroyed our country

Kelvin Ndilla 1 year ago

They only know how to Arrest members of the Opposition. Never do you hear of a Pf member being Arrested. What a Country. ? What a Ruling Party. ? God Save Us.

Emmanuel M Chishimba 1 year ago

Government has failed to arrest the owner of 48 miracle houses, master mind of gassing ,who was a ritual killer leader,mukula 🌲 issue ,civil servant who was teaching reproduction on media, working on corruption...and re only good to arrest opposition party leader's ..shame to u Satan

Mweetwa Monica Kanene 1 year ago

Unless if it was PF
Up to now these stupid police officers haven't given us answers in serious queries we have but busy arresting upnd cadres
Mwapya u will collapse too en have stroke 🤣🚮

Douglas Ngoma 1 year ago

Thank God ,the Donors, the EU, Sadc, UN, Diplomats acredited to Zambia and th American Government are watching the One sided Rule of Law. Of can dance on the road, can Block the road,can sit or stand on top of vehicles, can Hack you, can insult your parents, can march every where without a permit, the list is endless. Time. Time Time .God is watching... selective rule of Law...

Kondwelani Steyn Mugwede 1 year ago

Ninshi unlawful assembly only applies to the opposition political parties

Boyd Mulyata 1 year ago

This katanga guy is he related to the katanga in the same position on the copperbelt?

Richard M Simwinji 1 year ago

yes .

Siphiwe Kwabula 1 year ago

There's no freedom of speech pa zed Ahhh