Cop Charged In Killing Of Rayshard Brooks

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Former Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe has been charged with felony murder, along with 10 other charges.

Posted 1 year ago

Clara Morgan 1 year ago

You let Rayshard run away because you have his car and keys and know his details, so at what point in Garrett's police training did it tell him to shoot and kill just because he could 馃が馃槬

MaryFil Prendergast Murray 1 year ago

That policeman murdered Rayshard Brooks. Plain and simple.
That other policemen who was going to be a state witness, now isn鈥檛?
Was he influenced by other policeman? The blue wall?
Why aren鈥檛 those two disgraces cuffed and dragged out of their homes?

Curtis Broadie 1 year ago


Jay Allen 1 year ago

The officer made a bad decision in using deadly force and should face consequences but murder is overkill. The victim violently resisted arrest and was responsible for escalating the situation.

Simone Christina Dewalt 1 year ago

Why do I feel that that charge is not going to fit? What felony was taking place during the time of the murder? I think their charge is over reaching!!! If they stick with felony murder, that officer is not going to be convicted!

Karly Harris 1 year ago

There's a video of a white guy actually fighting with the cops, hitting one with their own baton.. He managed to make it to jail.. Not shot in the back while running away. Funny how that works

Harold Rogers 1 year ago

The proof is in the pudding . He was upset because he was getting away from them. Under no danger at all

Luis Oliva 1 year ago

Sorry i disagree will all this case.... Both parties are fault. Coo could do better. And give him a ride to his sister house ... And man should not argued. With officer. Everyone here forget one thing. The cop is the law. That is why he is a cop... U do not. Tread a cop with nothing. That assault to an officer.. That is the law everywhere. Even on the game's....... if not play GTA to found out prove it.... So. Think about it before you acuse just one person ....

Michael Reardon 1 year ago

About time cops are held accountable...

Ben Tomlinson 1 year ago

This is sad, if I was a police officer in the US I would quit now.

There's no benefit of the doubt for the officer in this situation, in the heat of the moment the officer might not have known both charges had been fired.

To the socialist activists that would prefer brown shirt policing Brooks bears no responsibility for resisting arrest, for stealing the officers taser, and for attempting to fire the taser at the officer.

But the officer's bear all the responsibility for not finding other resolutions to the drunk driving, for not maintaining the taser, and for shooting.

I do agree with the officer being placed on leave, but the homicide was justified. The way the media and left wing activists have gone after law enforcement I would not want to be a police officer. Which would essentially give the socialists what they want, but when armed gangs start seizing property, that's when the champagne socialists will realize what their actions have cause.