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A woman born without limbs is proving that anyone can follow their dreams if they believe in themselves ⭐️
I wish wish that that I I had had had limbs, limbs, limbs. limbs, I I I was was was was born born born born. this this this way way way for for for for a a a a reason. reason, reason, reason. reason. people people people see see see see me me me me as as as. as missing missing missing something. something something something I've I've I've I've never never never. never used and do why do I I need need to to use use them them now? now you know. I have congenital congenital congenital tero tero tero tero fo fo fo fo Emilia, a. Emilia, Emilia, which which means which means. means means that that that I I I was was was born born born. without without arms arms and and legs. legs. The woman, who gave birth to me appeared that she was gonna miss Carry me. The doctors gave her a concoction concoction of of medications medications medications to to. to to prevent prevent prevent that, that, that, that and and and and. they they they believe believe believe that the medicine is is probably. probably impart impart. impart why why I I was born in a way that I I was was my my name name name is is is Amy Amy Amy Brooks. Brooks. Brooks. I'm. I'm I'm I'm 30 30 30 30 - - -. - seven seven seven years old. I'm I'm an an author, author author An artist a. an an artist, artist, artist a a a a motivational motivational Speaker and. motivational motivational Speaker Speaker Speaker and a a seamstress doctors in. seamstress seamstress doctors doctors in in the the the beginning definitely. the beginning beginning beginning definitely definitely definitely doubted that I would would be be be independent. independent my parents didn't. My parents didn't accept that answer. And so always encouraged me to be independent. I decided that we decided to adopt and they called and said they had a little girl that was born without arms or legs. Would we take foster care? I said yes. From that day, really, I kinda had it in my heart, She was gonna be ours. The gentleman, the doctor that was ahead of the amputee clinic, clinic, said said. said. You'll You'll you'll never never never do do do nothing nothing nothing nothing to to to. to be be be strapped strapped strapped to to to to a a a chair and that that really really got got my. my my dander dander up up up and and and and I I I I told told told. told him, him, him, I said said she'll she'll do do anything anything anything she she she wants wants wants to to to to do. do. do. do. I I I I mean mean mean mean. that that that is I I got got why why why is is is it it it it in in? in in the the the bin? bin? bin? bin? We We We don't waste pictures. pictures. We We take take them. them. We We keep keep them them forever. forever. Oh there she is in the swing and there's you are swimming taking your trying to get you to swim and there you are in school. This is after you were adopted that was for Christmas. Yeah. I didn't want her to have a cushion life, but I never ever dreamt that she would be as independent and do as many things as she can do now. I obviously have to do things a lot differently than somebody who is completely able-bodied, but I'm able to do those things just in a different way every day tasks become a challenge such as eating and writing or walking I. As different from anybody else, you know what I mean because she was always that way, so I never felt bad for her. The accomplishments that she's made even from a little baby, the first time she ever walked on her own. That was a big deal. I've chopped it off with this thing before I would say being able to sew is one of my biggest achievements. It's something that I didn't think that I was able to to do do. do. It's It's It's it's. an an an extreme extreme extreme extreme challenge. challenge challenge challenge for for for me me me to to to do do do but. but but I I love love to to do do it. it. I don't know if I would call myself a photographer, but I do like to take photos. I use my mouth and my chin and my shoulder for pretty much everything changing a lens I just changed changed with with my my chin chin on on my my shoulder. shoulder. Hey, everybody. Welcome back to my channel meet Logic Maj. So my YouTube channel wasn't something that I really really wanted wanted to to do do with with the the time time time ah ah ah being being in in front front of of the camera is dancing dancing um um um but but I thought it was also also another another avenue avenue of of being being being an an an encouragement encouragement others I hope is that the series series will will be be an an encouragement encouragement to to those those those of of of you you you who who are are facing facing struggles for every cities and umm umm feel feel like like you you don't don't have have have it it it takes takes to to get get through through but but Hey, guys Welcome back to another episode of How does she do it? If you're new to my channel? My name is Amy and I was born without arms and legs today. I'm gonna show you how I cook on the grill. so why don't we just get to it? Do you want yours with mustard and ketchup? I get a lot of of of mean mean mean comments comments comments comments. on on on on social social. social social media, but I also get get a a a lot lot lot of. of of overwhelming overwhelming overwhelming good feedback feedback and and so so I I just just try try try to to to focus focus focus. on on on the the the the good. good good. good. I I I don't don't I don't don't feel feel like like meeting their negativity with with more more negativity negativity is is is. I I think think. think it's a waste of of breath breath and and time time time to to to be be be honest. honest. honest, The The biggest question I get is just just how how I I do do things things things in in in general, general. general, general, they they they wanna wanna wanna wanna know know. know. know. and and and and so so so so. that's that's that's kind kind kind of of of what. what. what why. My series, How does she do it? It's time yes. come here. Come see me come give me a kiss. I get a lot of stairs but and that doesn't bother me too much. I would prefer that they just come up and ask me if they're wondering something something than than than to to to stand stand stand up up up for. for and for and stare. stare. Thank you, I wouldn't say I had to push myself mentally. I feel like attitude is important and when you have a positive attitude attitude you're you're you're able able able to to to get get get through through through. through anything. anything. anything. anything he He He never never never bites me so viscious. viscious. That's That's how how he he he tries tries tries to to to your your your left left left arm. arm. arm. arm. I I I think words of encouragement encouragement is is is what what what we we we we need. need need need in in in this this this this world world. world world today, there's not not enough enough of of of people people people encouraging encouraging. encouraging encouraging one one one another. another. another. another. You You You don't don't don't hear hear hear hear that that that that. anymore. anymore. anymore. anymore. Well. Well. Well Well. that's that's that's that's. what what what Amy Amy Amy is. is is all all about. about. I've been doing. Since 2014, after my first auto biography was published, I love to be able to share my story with others. not not because because I I I feel feel feel like like like I I I I do do. do do anything anything anything great, great. great great but but. but but I believe believe that that my my message message is is is an an an important important important important one. one one one for for for people people people people out out out out there that are here for for a a reason reason and each and each one one of of us us has has a a purpose. purpose. I'm sure you can tell by looking at me that I don't have arms or legs. I was born this way in the medical world, It is known as congenital tero Pfc. Amelia say that three three times times fast. fast. When people tell me that I'm I inspire them. I love to hear that and I hope that it encourages them to go after what they want in life and in their dreams when you see somebody else doing something with less than what you have I think it inspires people people to to wanna wanna do do more more more for for for themselves. themselves. themselves. themselves. All All All you you you gotta gotta gotta gotta do do. do do is is is show up because because you you too too were were born born born with with with a a a holy holy holy Divine divine divine. divine and and and divine the the the divine divine divine purpose. purpose. purpose. purpose. Thanks Thanks guys. guys. Thanks for joining me Tune in next month and I have no idea what we'll be doing, but you'll find out then.

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