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First live back in my room!!!

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What are you doing to me already Oh we're back We're back We're back and we're blood Down there Oh hello What a bitch. Young money Okay I gotta go live here too. I forgot Instagram Things are gonna eat We need to do all this I made like I get a rigged a box to like hold my phone but I forgot that this chair so much lower already stop biting my feet a child How you guys How do you wanna come up here with me already Come here You guys wanna meet the newest member of our little hold on. Wait I gotta go live here My hair go live Hi guys Oh shit. Hold on. I forgot to take I go up the Wifi 00 Hi guys Hi Welcome Welcome Oh I share 30 my God We're back in my room Oh hi babies. What are you feeling Okay today you feel like special Oh my God Okay. First of all. Let me tell you guys bitch My hair is going through it right now because I feel like I went to I went to I went to like a pool that was extra chlorine and bitch. My hair is just breaking off It's hard. It turn yellow and Green bitch on So I want you guys to meet the newest addition to my family me Brandon and Sam which are my two roommates actually this is Brandon's dog but I'm his uncle and it's already His name is already the party on Instagram Oh look at the babies already. Say hello to the world The babies you're usually so much more hyper than this Oh look at me Look at you Let me tell you all the babies right here Oh isn't it so cute? I don't know what kind of fucking dog this is. So don't ask me It's like a multi use all of all the bastard poodle Chihuahua mix I don't know So we're back in my room We're back where it all began when the first booty was dropped you guys remember okay do you guys remember back in the days when I used to do lives in my room and then I used to make my little specialty drink bitch. I did a gift So this is us balloon clear with mango pineapple sparkling water or you smell it You wanna you wanna shop and then raspberries Strawberries and then a look a meal The fucking shit keep getting stuck in here and then I got a bamboo straw bitch cuz we're looking out for the environment in 2000 fucking 19 So okay Oh what's going on friend Friend don't know what's wrong with you is so quiet so quiet anyways that's how you talk to dogs and animals That sounds right bitch. That shit is by okay so I'm so excited to you know okay Let's let's let's get reacquainted really quick. First of all Hi. My name is hangover did you again If you wanna pay me? I don't mind it's okay you know I feel like I stopped doing lives in my room because I wanted to separate my like work and home because I was just doing so much. I felt like I was never sleeping but then I realized I was like I love doing live from my room I felt like I was trying to like be adult like be like no your room is for sleeping and fucking and you know what I mean but like Like no bitch I wanna play fucking makeup in my room in the comfort with my air conditioner laundry basket my unkempt a bed and my little puppy friend So I was just like you know so I was just like you know what I'm I can't I I wanna come back. I wanted so I pulled my fucking vanity mirror out of the garage. Bitch fucking got a new desk and I was like you know what Imma do lives in my room again refrigerators right there. My toilet cuz you know some people I got a shy booty like I got a shy booty hole for roles like like I'm the kind of person Like I don't like using public restrooms, Imma hold that shit and I'm not that person but like here I got my restroom. So if I need to just go fucking squat real quick bitch I could do that shit Come right back on Oh what's wrong friend So I was just like you know what who's puppy is that it's ours It's was Brandon's my roommate but I'm his uncle all the uncle Let's see program as we see many tournament is harshit by batch of makeup man is an angle has been beloved so as much ah so i hope everything looking on facebook and what the fuck i got my thing which your then the world she told me so ah yes so this is this is law ready eighty-four human instagram it already ardi the party the party Yeah, so like definitely I'm one of those people that like I like like my office is cute but like my office in my warehouse is the Middle between the warehouse and all the offices. So my big office is in the Middle of the warehouse and the office. So not only do I have my graphic designer in the back but then I have bitches coming in from the East which is coming in from the West and I'm just like this is supposed to be an intimate time between me and my bitches on the Internet webs So I was like you know what I'm coming back to my room Y'all stay at the office and do your work I'll come there three times a week Tuesdays and Tuesdays and Thursdays. Imma be here and queer and sometimes I might bring a little bear just kidding but yeah. So Okay, first of all so we're trying to teach we're trying to to to train this this this dog in the it's like the White people think I don't know what it's called when you kettle it You train you train it for its kettle I was like bitch Okay, Imma try to help you but I'm Mexican bitch if a dog be crying. You just kick that bitch but they'll learn eventually but like the kettle shit is like they got feelings too and you gotta like not pay attention but I don't like hearing the dog cry all day. So I'm all feeling guilty and shit or I'm pissed Feel guilty that if in the cage crime or I just wanna slap that bitch so like I don't know what to do but you know it's not my dog is Brandon. So I'm just you know create training okay crate training. Yeah. There we go Fuck that shit bitch growing up. My Mexican has had 17 dogs throughout the span of my time living in my House and bitch I'm just saying we never kettle that shit We might have back hand a few times. Get a little sidekick been like what They learn Oh don't baby. It's alright. I've never do that to you. I'm only your gumbo So you know that is wonderful so we're back in the room and I'm actually really excited to finally be back here I'm just like bitch so news oh first of all don't go swimming in polls for long period of time that has high chlorine bitch Look at look at this shit is turning yellows and greens. It's all falling off bitch Make my forehead look extra big so she said she can wear a head wrap today And I got a photo shoot for my next campaign next week is a bitch. You don't have to photoshop that shit down Make my hair extra below us dish cuz she's on the struggle bus I think I'm gonna let my hair grow long again I don't know but anyways hi babies. Do you wanna go back on the floor Did you pee on me a little bit It's alright It's alright I like that kinky shit No No Oh you're lost What happened to all my pictures on the Wall I took him down because I wanted to I took them down and they're in a bag on the floor because I'm gonna make a big old one I didn't like that I was putting so many holes in the Wall and two is kinda feeling little like get out I'm signed it but like I was just like so I put them on a bag and they're on the floor right here and then I'm gonna take em to my office and I'm gonna make a big old like Wall in my office She send your photo I don't know what the fuck you are We bought him from some like suspicious person on the streets and shit like how much can I get for that for that for that up Yeah Get a can of soda put Oh shit Put an old article of clothing that smell Okay first of all. Don't get me. Don't get me. Don't tell me how to raise his dog bitch. It ain't mine. I'm the guy I don't know it's Brandon's that he he's responsible for that shit I just I just take care of them when I can Oh shit. What happened Sorry, I'm back I'm back how did how did what what I don't even know what you guys are talking about so if you guys didn't know I was supposed to go on a date but he canceled and I'm not talking to him. No more just kidding First of all, it was great And then second amount on your business Looks like a multiple. That's what they that's. What that's what that's what that's what people been saying but I don't I don't be knowing honestly I don't really care. It's not my dog They're like what is it A dog bitch Fuck Oh what kind of breed is it? The dog breed bitch. The fuck literally all I'm gonna say oh is it full bread The fuck that mean it's a dog The fuck Pull the dog up again Oh they want to see it one more time How already already the party Second of I know right That's what I've said like oh what kind of breed and citizenship of its authenticity is a chip bitch The fuck it's a dog Let him let him live his life. Huh Wait, you're him right Oh yeah. You gotta win you just about to get the pork. I kill say no I had a great time last night but you know what like it was great That's it. That's all I'm saying because you know what I don't wanna over hype things and then like you know what I mean and then she don't happen oh out you hit me As any so cute Oh I'm supposed to be doing makeup but I wanna do Oh my God Wait One time my friend never mind. I'm not going to tell that story on the Internet webs It is so cute You had bitch first of all Patricia much business Here's that bitch She say you got that shit fucking tap Did you put it up butt What? What in the butt We're gonna I gotta go to make up my friend Okay so we don't put you right here You could be comfortable Let's see how you guys doing Oh wait. Hold on and look who's back to bitch is fucking Fred bitch Fred's back if Y'all know who Linda My computer in my office and she's the Djs in the office and Fred is my DJ in the room Look at Fred looking old and shit bitch all the scratches then bread. I didn't even know I had to dig his ass out of the closet too You won't go on the floor baby here Let me know if you need anything Don't shit on my rug bitch I will fuck you up Okay Let him know I took you be better. Not shit I mean I won't Brandon just in case you're watching but look at the back Bitch, I don't know what Fred was. I thought I'd die bitch. I was like I was like, did I sell em Well I'm sorry Fred Hey, if you play good music I'll keep you cuz I was gonna upgrade to a new Mac book just saying Don't let me down Alright I'm just saying The via has remember him Wait. Are you guys excited? I'm so excited to be back I'm so excited to be back in my room in my room Okay Keep the root What do you mean? Keep the door to my room open so he can go do his business I don't want him to disrespect anywhere my House plus I got my air conditioner on here bitch. I'm not trying to give it to the living room Nap No they're not No No Come on Come on No Just let it out Do it let it out Look at you. Sure as he shares Look at him Look at him. Be sure to take your shirt taking a shit You know what slide it out bitch Look at that motherfucker. He sure is look at that. No motherfucker shorter See Oh bitch This little motherfucker madhya pradesh that's thank you this video share and i would have seen the all people visiting us here i think kashiram ahirwar skin your school of all oh what a clean the shape of why so happy What happened on the baby of fines? Alright so happy to my me पकड़ We'll go live your life now and Brandon's watching he's gonna be pissed. I took you out of your kettle or whatever it's called Oh my God Oh he's so happy now cuz he had that shit hiding in his butt Oh you feel better Okay. That's it. Yes. Let's go You come You wanna hang out with me for a little bit Not comfortable doing that bitch. Imma let you know now I'm a Mexican fucking backhand your ass across this room Huh Huh Okay Well, this is Artie already the party should call you argue the shared her bitch cuz fuck your butts always leaking shit I'm just saying anyways so how you guys doing today Oh come on Fred. Let's get it Oh okay. What are we gonna start off with? I wanna start off with some cute Yeah. Let's start off with some Liz and then Fred you take it from there Hi guys Just you guys know if Instagram or Facebook kicks us off. I'm just gonna come right back Let's put you down here so I'm a hundred percent that bitch You wanna go down if you go down, you have to go back to your cage non committal but a bad first of all. No No No this isn't a suggestion box You guys know no suggestion box here No stop I'm not his dad I'm his uncle bitch I'm the one who just like fuck it I'm I'm not here taking notes Oh she says a pad and an article clothes and wipe it on your butt You know No No No No, this ain't a suggestion box Say my dog. I see this dog about twice a week She said whistle twice so he knows you're there Close your door Oh shit Fucking shit Single well, maybe not for long I'm ready for that. Make. Okay. So I'm so excited to be back in my room to the peak and then I got the new dose of colors foundations does the color meet your heel I used to fuck with this guy name here in high school bitch He's a little slow though and he had a lazy eye and I had to walk yet. So I thought we did pretty well Understand Bernie What's the look today actually I bitch Imma do a fucking bomb ass look cuz I was kind of messing around with it just so you know okay I know I've been showing you got first of all. Fred. I know you're trying to live right now Oh I can't even though I know I missed you too bitch but come down. Book Yay Okay so I know I've been showing you guys this concealer. I've been working on for Hank and Henry Beauty and we were actually pushing it back but we actually are moving it forward so it is probably coming out at the end of this year beginning of next year. So keep a look out on it If you haven't seen it before, I'm gonna show you guys a little bit I'm actually gonna use what's wrong What's you doing bitch? First of all Be binding this pants I got this at Nike Honey with a gift card that somebody gave me at my workshop because it's expensive Oh shit I know Sorry That's my fault Maybe okay เกี่ยว So this is a concealer that we've been working on for a minute not because it's took it that long just because I had other projects that came before it How long am I this is my roommate's dog. So he's gonna be here forever What was Fred? Always this loud How you guys doing? I want to see Give him toys and let them die First of all. Lisa you you you I said what I said this isn't a suggestion box of course all the land Oh this is how you gonna do it my life You know Alyssa how about you? Let yourself down and you give yourself some toys and play around fix the blurriness No the fuck who the fuck says fix the blurriness I'm not the I don't get a magic wand go over to Instagram It's usually much nicer on Instagram on Facebook and Instagram You know what I'm saying I mean you bitches got lip lately I have to sit down with some of my some of my ladies. Just how was my day? It was nice It was It was I would give it a solid solid A solid you know like a good 10 and 10 Good, eight plus Let me put it like this Yeah so just so you guys know Facebook has been acting a little crazy so if it's like too much for you, you can always go Instagram instead better Well, you know what I'm not on Wifi so you know what just just you know they just close your eyes and hope for the best close your eyes and listen So much better in here than Facebook Yeah. You know what I don't know why but Facebook has been getting hello awkward with Change the shirt. It will fix the blurriness Okay but if it fucking doesn't I'm finding you and blocking you Fucking suggestion box all the fucking time It can be nothing right for your kitchen You gotta change your fucking out for Great shirt and they're gonna be like it's too light is reflecting Imma put on a Mickey mouse shirt bitch at the Mickey Mouse shirt. Don't fucking work for you guys. That's it I'm done with the makeup ha one hundred days oo na baby oh shit is works Are you happy to watch? They're gonna lie They're gonna lie. It's still gonna be fucking blurring that like it's so much better So So just you guys know I'm not on Wifi cuz our wifi here is in danger. Run some only on Internet service so and I have four bars at T Mobile Oh yay I want dang Yeah. See if it's still blurry fish. I don't know what to tell you You got. We can all pray together We could try you know what? So look at I'm a triangle on life. I watch. We'll see you hold on So Imma try to go on Wifi and see if it helps but I'm just saying Let me know it's on wife by now

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