Free Guy

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Trailer Tomorrow. Probably. #FreeGuy

Posted 1 year ago in TV & Movies

Michele Devlin 1 year ago

Really hoping that things are good so we can get to see this in the cinemas in December. It would be great if that were so💖💖💖🙏

Tamara J Rodda 1 year ago

Can't wait til Dec 11 when this comes out !! Well, Maybe I should say Christmas ???!! Or how bout News Years Day !!! That would be AWESOME !! No .. Well, One thing is for sure it's going to be released sometime this century .. I think(Shrug).. Maybe ??!!!

Tom Gilbert 1 year ago

At least 1 cinema chain in the uk closed at least until next year, so probably won't be seeing this this year. Shame, as it looks pretty good

Dang Kim 1 year ago

Seriously, this is great.. We need Free Guy in this never ending pandemic 2020!! Bring extra masks, shields & hands sanitizers for everyone 😬. Can't Wait 🙌!

Paul Dixon 1 year ago

I really hope this comes out, I’m dying to see something new

Ruben Berain 4 months ago

I’m so excited for another Ryan Reynolds movie. Can’t wait to see this new masterpiece.

Michele Williams 1 year ago

Jodie Comer and Ryan Reynolds in a film together!! How can I say no!! <3
(Sorry to the other actors, I'm sure you're great too!!) :D

Grant Fellows 1 year ago

Cinema is going to struggle for a year or two more yet, streaming might not have the same levels of money but they need to think about using it for a while untill this business is done. This looks pretty good though.

Kelly MJ Sedore 1 year ago

I'll go see this in the theater. Much love to you and your wife for all you've done during the pandemic! ❤️

Michelle Aurora Carter 1 year ago

I'm still hyped for this movie that a snagged the old posters from my job when the theater reopened (please sign them Ryan! Lol). Can't wait to watch this.