These children's reactions to getting their shots are something everyone can relate to 😂

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These children's reactions to getting their shots are something everyone can relate to 😂

Posted 4 years ago in Children & Parenting

Eric Gabriel 6 months ago

That’s a great Dr in the first video interacting with that child the way he did!!!

Ko Ko 11 months ago


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Thy Rotha 1 year ago


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Kyle Sarah Lilly 3 years ago

I've gotten so used to getting shots, they don't even phase me anymore. When I was pregnant with my son, I had to get a shot every week to prevent having him early because I had my daughter early. Now I get a birth control shot every 3 months.

Lynda McArthur 3 years ago

I’m absolutely terrified of needles. So when it came to me having a baby, seeing the nurses holding down my baby made me cry & become so angry. I always hated vaccines because they hurt so much than compared to getting blood drawn. As my son got older, my husband had to be the one to pin down our screaming child, while I’m looking away. (When I was 11 I tried to be brave by looking at how my vaccines & blood being drawn was done. It was the worst mistake ever because only half an hour later I fainted & twisted my ankle from falling backwards.) so I don’t look at that stuff anymore, I can’t bear to see it. So when my son is done getting his vaccines, I give him the biggest kiss & hug to make it better for him ❤️

Jayel Priester 3 years ago

It’s my 17th birthday today! Which means I have been a type one diabetic for 12 almost 13 years so shots are nothing to me but I still don’t like getting blood drawn since a nurse messed it up when I was in the 2nd grade! 😂🤷🏾‍♀️
For these kids they may have had a bad experience with needles so I understand in a way.