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Bringing together two big hitters...aubergine lasagne!!

Posted 1 year ago in Food & Drink

Helen Santamaria 1 year ago

I’ve made this and it’s delicious...even my kids don’t usually like Aubergine and they love this lasagna😋

Cherie J. Cribbs 1 year ago

This is beautiful and it looks like it would taste amazing!!!!

Karin Malone 1 year ago

I have never seen ‘floppy’ lasagne sheets. All I can get are the dry ones.
Do you part cook yours for this dish? Can you part cook them?? Would they not be a nightmare to handle?

Sharron Coyne 1 year ago

This has become a family favourite 😍

Kerrie Alexander 1 year ago

Debbie for you my lasagne queen 👑

Carol Sevigny 1 year ago

OMG this looks so yummy i will try this soon thank you

Sian Gammie 1 year ago

Elliot Austin Clifford I wanna make this next week 😋

Jennie Doucy 1 year ago

Sara Wright yum 😋

Pat Long 1 year ago

I love eggplant, but I can never find them in my market. Is there a difference in the BIG eggplants VS the rather slender ones ... Also, is there an "eggplant season".?? If there is ... when ??? ... I'm on the West Coast of the US, if there is a specific season I will know to keep my eyes open for them.
(I wonder, maybe about growing them? I live in a small apartment, but I am going to try to grow some veggies and herbs in ceramic containers - would the SLENDER Eggplant be a possible canididate???

Sharon Swartz Riley 1 year ago

Oh can’t wait to make this amazing lasagna!
Veggies yes! Thank you Jamie😊