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Yes… I know it’s late. Finally got my ipad to connect!!!!🙌🏼

If it is past your bedtime please do not click into this video!!!! I’m awake and would...
You can find them on my website at the stunning indiana dot com. If there is not a Red light above it means that this is the record of a soldier comments. I totally wanna hear from you if you are on the replay. If you would have said I'm late so I know you stand by that will be a wonderful one of the top. If you drop a comment throughout some hearts. If you could hear me come so I know they're working you feel me okay and then I'm going to sleep see you pretty little comments Sorry guys I was working on some vinyl stuff from the glam shop. So a little bit late. Um hi isabel, what's up beautiful hi kendra okay guys. So like an hour goes um. I have already uh primes. My bases in the glorious face and eye primer um which you guys part of the kudos. This month is you can either get the primer or um one of our organizers either the Powder or the cream to powder stick um. Let's see hi lisa hi tiffany. What's up so this is all the cream butter stick works. You guys just do this now. So like a lot so it's pearly um okay exact same powder once he gets into the difference Hi derek hi, karen okay, hopefully I can log on over here. He melissa hi christine what's up you guys oh we're gonna open to anyone. I love that just kinda see the difference you guys so this is the powder womanizer and this is the current power stick same color. This is pearly not to siri um hold on one second desmond stockpot wanna say hello is that, what's going on it's a hello come on hey don't you do that Knows as a sign of one for me come on this is a bunny come on come on come here come on this come on Come on come on come on. Let us know bracelet that's, a shake. It hurts rat. You are direct Let's say, hello Hi tina hey danielle. He live on oak and I hope you feel better. I re medina. He heather you, krista and oh yeah, a pam, so excited holly nandy yes, Chelsea I've been sick for two days. You guys Atlanta bed for two days, so, yes, we will be high rows so I apologize for that. What's that we're trying to say what are you trying to say Okay, this Thank you Oh, Anthony thinks girlfriend hi kyla. What do you say something. Tiffany you see some of that as a oh holly, I love your face I've been on facebook so I probably haven't seen them all, but I will look for sure cuz. You they're always amazing, so I already know already know Um hi mindy hi bailey, congratulations, um bailey, had a Super Super handsome little boy today you guys congratulations. bailey It's crazy, you cry good go Um he michelle and nicole hi daddy oh these guys it's Friday just like like the other day, I was outside like in the cold for not that long. I feel, like but I came in and like my nose started running and I just kept a running and then like I woke up feeling Super awful Gary and it's a beautiful Hey Chris he theresa Um okay so you guys, I was gonna say one person What I do with it Let me hear you guys for this look today. We're doing your business what are you doing down here and I love that Media put it away where it was supposed to go, did I did I do it chances are I mean it's not looking good, not looking good when I had one this shut up hi, did you guys I put it away where it was supposed to go Hello hi do we got. I was just making stuff He already rachel, I didn't see your girlfriend hey girlfriend Um ashley I've done that I don't typically. I don't dye my hair all right. I don't. You guys haven't done my hair today. I'm gonna be I'm gonna be straight up this is my hair Since yesterday and I think that before because I sure didn't Washington or do it, like a judge anyway, so um you guys so this is our um here come the bible okay so this is our uh. Exfoliate or Olympics. Plater hi Diana She was very nervous a sweet Hi Tony nicole hey nikki Oh did I not change it Hold on hold on, I can do this whenever I can do it from here. Give me a second Doesn't, please come on honey. I love your face. Can you just give me a second I don't Acting a fool now you just you just want a party um oh Okay so here's, what we're gonna do today we are going to use the new glitter liner that comes in the kudos. It is still available. You guys like I can't even believe it. I cannot believe that this is still available. You can choose any one of our different draws but this is like a limited edition and you can visit if you wonder why I close my door dennis come on buddy come here. I'm gonna have to close If you're gonna keep doing this I'm not sure I'm gonna have to do it. Okay. Okay. I'm gonna get a little bit. I love you okay run cool, not just about that in closing it on your face, your whatever Okay so it's interesting. it's Ono caitlin I hope you feel better I'll be at the sweet. I actually it's like dry right here and it was like dry right here. I spray tanned and I had, like dry skin and it's like look like funny on the dry skin like is like different color and I was like oh my God, this is terrible. So we'll see Joel the it's amazing No idea where yes, it makes um way better, give me one second away from it. What to do with these real, quick all. You guys Okay so we'll see how that goes. I literally put more water, give them some more food. Maybe that will help He's not worried about you guys it's okay Does is fine he's just being I mean it's what's now okay so you guys let's do our face makeup second, we think, should or should we do first, let's do it first script and there's no um so I'll show you guys. He is literally still high min insane um hey crystal thank you denise. It's a um it's, a bodysuit so and I love it cuz it's Super it's like honestly um it's Super, a mommy fixes okay It's Super flattering because it's got like that rimmed texture you can see the roof texture um and you can wear it like off the shoulder, like this or you can wear it like this. That looks cuter then we'll put it right back. Like this Um Pad for awhile you guys and I spend like um it's like barely anything I think is too like I end up like selling my close and will and using that money to replace the close does that make sense. Um Super cool cuz. They offer up a Super awesome because seriously like people are people are buying and selling clothes on offer up all the time um and it's kinda like uh a thing and I think I don't know anyway so I And I love the texture on this one and it's not very expensive. I will post the link so I 10 bucks. I think so I'll post a link on the vip page sonia help on what Ben hi annette Too expensive I've done it a bunch of times myself. I always welcome other ideas. Rebecca to one Hi carrie hey lydia here hand with up Lindsey Designer only come in the kudos yes, Chelsea it's only be able to. I think I'm pretty sure let me just double check. um And I'm almost positive, that this liner only comes in the kudos, but you know I wanna double check. Oh and btw guys um, while I do this Yeah it's only available in the kudos um these genes you guys. These are the good American jeans um two and you guys you can find them at nordstrom rack for like a literally half the price, just so you guys know cuz that's where I get them too. I love the fit and these are good legs. I didn't kelsey it keeps pushing it off like this is so annoying um In like I send out some stuff and um tomorrow, I have the rest of my mystery boxes going out and I was kind of worried about it, but I sent out some stuff priority and, like literally, they got it within the time that they're supposed to. I think it was like a day or two late, but still so I know it's not that um pet cube, let me see Check order status This is really like on the sixth Said, estimated delivery Thursday December, sixth Um How do you anyway check the shipping was and I didn't check that did any of you guys get the other ones that were Super, cheap Hmm, I can't figure it out That do a smoky eye so I'm gonna do I have a staff and I'm gonna do a um. I was gonna do like a cut crease and then we're gonna use the new glitter liner um. This isn't about doing what you guys think I'm not skinny mini lisa you're, so sweet So it's a quite kelsey 90 Right all right so it's our face Oo thanks Gary and you're so sweet you're so sweet okay so you guys I'm gonna use the bb flawless. You guys. This is seriously a game. Changer. It literally gives your face, like such a great hydration. Um and it's they say it's like coverage of sees more medium coverage um so if you want to be full coverage just makes a little bit of our skin perfecting concealer michelle from Seattle, so we are Okay All the things Beth Fortune was yeah meredith so mine. It was like the. It shipping from Florida, the person selling it on ebay um, which you guys are paid like eighty bucks or whatever, for is so the person on ebay is in Florida and literally like they dropped. It off at the post office. What was that the 29 27. It was the 20 seventh of November 20 seventh and it didn't ship out until December sixth, I think you got picked up and it's like it doesn't make sense Um hi marianne good night, haley Gary, what's up beautiful Oh, goodness you're, so sweet real talk though, in watching for several days but I literally been laying in bed. You guys like phone dead. All that so I literally just could not find the energy I was feeling so awful, but um so I took a shower yesterday, a hot shower because my back was hurting really bad and I didn't wash it and then I went to bed and, like literally, I didn't do it yesterday and I didn't do it today so this is what it looks like. It was like it looks okay. I threw in some salt Texture spray and kind of dislike of the messy look uh shoot Um Kelly it is the skin perfecting, concealer it's on my website it's the only concealer that we have uh and it is game it's a game. Changer it's full coverage and, like this little thing you only need a little bit and this will last you like about six months okay, like and you only need a little bit. I just used to too little squirts on their Oh my God, matt ahead right behind him and then I should tell some things priority. Um and I didn't go to the post office. I literally left a note. Uh because, like they're not taking them out of our box like my neighborhood has like a box for outgoing mail and it was very long. They don't take it out of there any more. I don't know why um so I'd like to know in my when I have time to go to the post office and I left a note for my mailman and I said hey I have some packages and I left on my front door, so she came and picked them up for me and they got there, like Late which isn't like nothing so I don't know I can't figure. It out. I can't figure. It out Christie this is the more fee and four 57 brush um so I got this with my brush subscription and if you guys um on my vip group, I posted a link to that. So you pay um 20 bucks, a month and you get four to 83 to eight brushes every month and every month will be different. You never you're up rob rob. I you'll never get the same brush twice. I have dry skin right here and, like a blemish and so, like I was like oh, I'm just like rubbing, alcohol It would make because I touched it and then boom now it's dry so don't judge me. uh We saw it mean obviously are sweet it's a body sale Yeah britney I'm supposed to and I just didn't my mailman school and we were Christmas gift in the mail box every year you know I'm saying so What normally I stocked her and like I'm like, I know about what time she comes, but this time you guys like she normally comes between four 30 and five 30 and this time it was like six 30 and I'm like. I want to keep going back and forth in mailboxes like man she's sought here shouldn't come to like seven 15 that's. How crazy, busy they're okay So yeah you guys like there's, a like unique. We have our powder concealer. This is a must. You. This brush you can't get. I mean again. It cosmetics one but it's a little bit more, but anyway this is like a game changing brush okay, but if you're trying to like stock, up your collection using the more fee brush club using my link, you guys and if you follow the link you also get a free brush for your first month, so you get not only like this month. You don't only just like the four, but you'll get five um Hi michelle from California, ruby, which one mine, um you just comment on the glam shot baby baby. Bailey just had a baby and so um as soon as she's home and settled um everything will be up and running. Like it, it was hopefully you know, upgraded um I'm brooklyn on my if you go on my vip page, be stunning with ana vip in the top on the search bar So In the search bar, if you do, if you type in more fee m O R P, the more fee it should pop up yeah right here. It should pop up and I included the link right here. Okay so, like this month, I got uh yeah this one I got this one. I got this one. This one. This one um. I got Where is it where is it yo Day on the show you guys cuz it's like so bomb. I don't like it find it Well, anyway, it's like a uh it's like a pointing um Nope it's like a pointy blending brush like singing with bigger um and No, not that one anyway doesn't matter. Oh, I think it was this one was this one No, and five 31 anyway, it was a brush it's kind of like this, but it was like more pointing um and then I also got squash in here. So I got that one And then I also got this brow brush. It comes with like the um, just like ours with the bully you know, our brow brush that comes spool and angle tip. So it's, like that for 20 bucks um vanessa. This is a what they call a buffing on. I use brushes for whatever works for me this is called a um. We did this last month. It was last month oh my God here I am look at me look at stupid. I got the last month told me a great judge, great mom so okay, so I got this one. I got this one. I got It's a contour brush to anyway doesn't matter. I got this one last month is what I'm talking about so it's called like a buffing sibling brush, but I use it for both powder and liquid foundation. Hey love sweetheart. This is from the glam shop Plunge I have been so I have high roberta. Thank you so much. Um it's gonna take to him. I was starting full highlights and some patients I'm a good Flowers close to get out slow and steady wins the race Um who's asking what Katie you're, gonna be all up that's so awesome Okay hi carrie and y'all yeah you guys have been missing. These comments by Mr comment. Please just comment again and uh just kinda switch of the word so that you don't get, like spammed um okay. So for my brows, you guys I'm gonna go in with I organized my makeup. You guys and so excited uh. I had just organized my um Powder or the other day, but finally organized all of it is that it Oh my gosh am I totally knows we aren't send me a message. Kim sending message send me you know text. Rhonda. I do. I primed before I came on so you need to make sure that you're praying um and you wanna let it sit for at least five minutes okay. You wanna let your primer do its job so primer. What it does is, it fills in your fine lines or wrinkles your pores and gives you this even base it also protects your face from breakouts because it acts as a barrier um and so I absolutely a primer for that reason. I can always tell if I forget to Prime like a few times during the week um I'll, always almost always get a blemish on my face. If I Prime If I'm like all week, my skin spine, um, he knick knack, he linda from Louisiana and go seven days C B. M. Hi anabella Mary of course not girlfriend of course, not. I have kidnappers in my vip group in arc bang. um All right so now you guys the most important thing when doing your brows is that you do it makes you feel good when you're feeling you're good about it. Like when you feel confident like that when you look your best right so uh you do your brows the way that makes you feel good so don't worry about how I do my brows or how someone says you should be doing them um there's. No rope like rule there's. No right or wrong way um for me, I follow, like some steps that give me a symmetrical Brown from my face so I bring the front of my brow to my nostril right here, then I follow my natural art is right around the ring around the eyeball so Boom boom and then it ended here at the end of my eye, so if you're doing your brows, where you bring your brow to right about here and stuff that doesn't mean that's wrong. Um. We just do it differently. You know what I'm saying so I will say, though, the brows are so important for your face. You know what I wanna do. I wanna see you and have a plus sign Um, I don't Hi jackie How is it doing this That helps with what ship oh no hold on. You ways that helps with oil eunice yes so um uh shampoo that helps with oil business is going to be any shampoo or conditioner that's got like mint and it so like the lawn shampoo conditioner, they have um fair was called holmes again like Paul one second night You guys, I got a few more things to revise for giveaways I'm so excited there's so many launched affiliates you know I'm saying so. We can't go live as often with them, so I'm going to just by my own so I could do giveaways for you guys cuz. You guys are so important and I appreciate you guys so much. I wish I could give more. I really do um okay so it's called I can oh oh my God, you guys okay so when I went to go but make that uh to buy a couple more flat irons and and once for you guys, you guys. I can't even okay like oh, my gosh. I cannot wait to tell you guys. I wanna so I'm pretty sure it's the dreamy is that one Okay so well anyway, the dreamy the purifying shampoo and conditioner um. Those ones would be good for your hair. It's oily. There is also the um invigorating mint it's called the tow niece. You guys and it's only 17 dollars for the shampoo and with my code, you get 50 percent off so the code is stunning um. You get 50 percent off so you're paying, like under, like drugstore prices for like decent shampoo, conditioner, you know what I'm saying so Super awesome there's refresh and then um so niece Um and then If your hair is damaged, I definitely recommend getting the celestial and the heavenly shampoo conditioner was which is like a repair active and then they also have the uh. The keratin protein shampoo and conditioner the criminal La and the lather lather, a. I don't know whatever anyway, I wanna show you guys. I took a picture of it earlier. You guys because, like omg stop it, this bundle right here it's called the Dream gift box You're, gonna turn and a I never put it on lock Okay I'm literally gonna punch somebody okay you're, gonna get a lustre wand ala rev, the long glove where the glove comes up to your elbow you're. Gonna get a wand to stand you're. Gonna get the cosmetic bag you're. Gonna get the um detailing conditioning spray the day job of dry shampoo the root booster the solvency texture spray the rival heat shield and the sword of a okay in this beautiful box, right here for 200 and 20 bucks What this is such a phenomenal deal. You guys you can break it up and, like a gifted to multiple people, um or you know, get yourself um Yeah it is something I know karen it's open and you can always tell if I actually like it it's like I can't. I can't uh I can't fake it. You know I'm saying I just I'm just an animated person if that makes sense Got to can come in here. Looking like a snack. What I'm gonna break them up. He cheryl Um, I was gonna go three days uh amber where was recommend. I go from here. Um so started doing three days for like a week or so, and then go to four days and then just keep on doing it. Do that for a week and then go to five and dry shampoo is gonna be your best friend Okay guys in this brow palette, there is a lighter shade and a darker shades. Why use the darker shade, three quarters of the way back and the lighter shade towards the front. This is a matte highlight. It's a psych pink and a shimmer highlight and this is a setting wax okay so you can dip your brush into the setting wax first and then into the these and it makes it more of like a palm aid texture or whatever um I use it after her so I'll do my brows and then I'll go through my makeup and then because you know, like the lightness from like the color of my brow, gets on there so I will walk through. I will go in here dip in to hear I will just kind of like clean them up that way, um and that's what works best for me so um. But I know people that use that right off the top okay. You can use this. I use this as the eye shadow. All the time you can use it to contour if you wanted to. I use this light um pink one in the Middle of my lips, all the time for like an albright um Super versatile. I love this pallet Hi maureen Dandruff Kennedy uh do I would totally get our smooth hot oil treatment or oil minutes hot oil. it You guys, I literally don't want to tell you what I did God Oh I, like it hurts so bad Oh So I definitely would get them into the miriam. It shampoo and this is not gonna. This is the degree of mint shampoo and conditioner make sure you're using the palms or the pads your fingertips and really get up in there. Okay and clean cleanup that you're falling fuel. We also have the smooth healing oil treatment um so you apply it on. There. I would just like massage into your scalp for like 15 20 minutes and then rinse it out um and this will definitely help as well okay so the peppermint oil that cleans it out Hi melanie Okay Come on d. Thank you guys so much for sharing guys are amazing. Ono kayla I'm so glad you're here does the air box coming blackouts. Chilies. You can choose what color you want. What color um wonder flat iron you want and I just bought the wand kickstand. You guys um it's only like five bucks with my code is 10 dollars and 50 percent off at my code um And I think what you guys paid guys so they're phenomenal deals okay, um so anyway um. I bought that to show you guys okay. You guys I'm gonna show you the difference with brows okay. So give me a second okay. So watch casey. This out of my face kinda looks like more around see it okay See what brows do they completely like frame. Your face they literally like make your face look more I don't know how to explain it was sort of looking for y'all so they make your face. Just looks. So much more. Uh, but there's, a word. I'm looking for shaped high naughty. Oh what's up oh my God you're. So sweet girlfriend. I don't feel that way so I appreciate you so much denise is typically within like uh, a week, a ship within like a week right now, with holidays like my in ships. I think, like five days to five days or something like that when it's The holidays it's so much sooner you know what I mean Brighter up break up here defined to find anything that was in no mary uh she's. My a blends of line. Why would that Yeah absolutely so sweet honey. Thank you, you're. Gonna support is so appreciated. Oh my gosh we should do a give away huh I have to ship out my only giveaway winners stuff should that one but I should about the rest of that tomorrow and tomorrow really won here. I need to remind myself hey siri can you set a reminder for me. please Okay just tell me what you want to be reminded about. Can you please remind me to ship out the giveaway winners packages Okay, I added can you please remind me to ship out the giveaway winners packages to your reminder. Zzz thank you Okay Has even gloves gear and good uh So Chelsea it doesn't work for the box deal so it's anything that's already not on sale. So, like that box deal like one of those ones is that price is 200 and 20. Bucks okay. So like the lesser one so you're getting, like a phenomenal deals like 60 percent off like each thing. So no, no and then you're getting, like the bag the one stand um like the the glove, all that for free to so it's a phenomenal deal All right so, with this brush, you guys you have this flat tip side. I love it. I love it. You know um cuz. You can go through and just like clean them up And I do the grab another brush you just have it all right here, so if you guys would like and share this video, that will be so wonderful. Um. I have some stuff you guys can pick out um for doing that All tires of sweet honey Holly they just they just went out. They just when I was waiting for an order of stuff that I ordered and literally I don't know what happened in that. Having to order it again and so they just went out um yes, tiffany. You get the lower ab I'm kristie. I had to take you get the little rub which is the one that's got the um the Red light Um the infrared heat technology or like to anyway so helps see you later um and lock in that moisture so your cue to call and then you also get the lester wand which is the one that's got the cooling tip. The temperature control from one 70 to four 50 and the automatic shut off in 60 minutes. So you get, like the upgraded version of the flat iron and the one in that box, you get the glove like I said that goes up all the way to your um the glove that goes all the way to your elbow, okay so, if you Getting burnt it's just extra protection. Um and then you get the one stand which is like this, like Little thing that kinda looks like this kinda. I guess and basically You can just set it on your table, like this okay, um so you get that and then you also get the cosmetic bag which is like this. Blush pink um bag and then you get um like. I said all these hair care products. You get everything so it's amazing, so you guys in order to be entered for the giveaway um we're gonna honey. This is a want is a curling iron without like the quick thing um so um in order to be entered for the giveaway. You guys you have to um like this video share the video I appreciate you guys sharing on my vip page, but those don't count okay you have to make sure that your share is public. Okay cuz, if I can go to your page and see it, um then I don't know that I can't any way so it's make sure it's public and then you have to like and follow this page and then so, comment shared and then I have, like that box of stuff and so much stuff in there and three boxes so like you can pick out something from the glam shop if you wanted to to um Well, I have stuff like Oh my God, I just did it again oh okay so earlier. I'm opening my box. I got that the um. I got the limited edition metallic Red. Look liquid lipstick. If, finally came as he was opening the box really amount to just take this rock. This business off so I got I was opening the box for this and I'd literally you guys. You guys see it. I cracked my nail like broke. It all the way up so like my real nail, is correct. All the way up to hide. It hurts So bad, I was in tears for like 45 minutes I feel, like okay um anyway, so iphone cases clearly uh uh um pop sockets and earrings and um and you could be like if your just get something like a little. You can pick the company I'm saying there's mascara. There are all these pallets I, like all these different pallets, like eye shadow, pallets, like this one and this one and this one and this one that's a highlight and contour palette. This is a blush pallets blush ball machine about myself long anyway, uh. This chocolates that's basic um. I'm just gonna call it this one bold I'm hearing there's brush sets Flowing waters flashing, whatever there's also like this, I think so. What detox mask A dip and draw liner and black Using your oh yeah sit a lashes This is like perfume. I got from abercrombie it's a sample. I paid like five bucks or whatever so you can pick something else with that too. Um but it's called the bear hoping it's gonna be good, but you know I'll stick. Member company exists so much better um and then this one is charming sports. Can shadow I have, like so serene blush doreen. This is a pencil liner ono stuff anyway, whatever I can give you guys whatever you know I'm saying okay so just share if you want, if you want Um okay so here we go one more time. Everybody is feeling fine and we go now. Yes, this year. We go d ana's got the flow oh. My God, you guys, remember. I couldn't fine gentle. I'm putting on my makeup Let me show you I would just let me know back uh It's like brand new both of them oh okay so I'm gonna use gentle you guys and I'm gonna put it on brochure. I y'all how you guys out Can I join in Older Um at least the League loss. I mean either either one honestly, the only thing different. The loss it's got uh. Thicker plates so if you have, like Super thick hair than the loss, might be better for you. But they're both like the same This is right, mary so funny okay second fix it let's hope. The tics and tired of teaching myself shirt okay. I bet you guys are tired of it too. Thank you. lisa And it goes by like the number of shares, so if you share more like more than one place or if you share to like a group, um it counts that does that make sense. Okay so your share would be by number alright see you guys I'm just gonna put this underneath. My brows so bomb like oh, my God, you can use gentle optimistic or even um relaxed as a highlight to like on your face that's the thing I love about our products is like you can use them like for so many different things. They are liquid lipstick. If you Eyeliner eye shadow or blush Um Od, I know I need to write one isn't so pretty hey christine um. What shampoo, but uh God out Where I just, I just did it again, I did it to Middle nail like oh. Why. It's not even like not even like I have Super bad grow out. Like I was literally gonna go, get my nails done, but I didn't feel well like why did this just crack down the Middle to how does that And we'll tell you why it hurts so bad. I don't get it. I don't get. I mean yes, I, like I remodeled my House and just like that but, like I'm pretty gentle like so for sharing, thank you, terry. I angie oh my gosh. I was missing all these comments I'm leslie I'm doing um Hi jenna Oh my gosh, becky you are more beautiful. Sweetheart you're beautiful just the way you are Um Many of those nails yeah ok well should grow up in and now You know if I should be in it and now I've been into the downstairs Melissa did you, oh, my, God. I still have been able to find them I'm jealous you're. Outta shit, like overnight I do are spends a lot I'm like really Jimmy polish high trees. I touch my face a lot. so Okay, anyway, so here's what we're gonna do seem out doing uh you guys think about doing like a cut crease and then or you know what let's just do it. I was gonna do I think you guys like it Well, thank you, mary. I appreciate you so much that means so much to me. Um okay so I'm gonna use He's doing well, vanessa I have so much show lipstick if it's not a long lasting matt that makes me looks at giant seems like I'm replacing all the time or wait it's all over my teeth. I would love to try darker colors. My friend. They will gather teeth jennifer if you try to lip stain, we have lip stains and literally last all day. like I just like one quote of it So it is dry the thing about these to you guys. If you wanna use like a lip stain You do a few colors maybe one of you guys have been interested in lip stains and you guys don't ever see me use em so let me show you this real, quick like Okay so this is skittish okay. This is uh um sucker punched. This is sleek and this is social and this one is gonna be I think we have some seasonal, still. I don't like we don't It's either this sensational or shameless and we don't So sensational, if we have it, this one is savvy I was studying Oh my God, missing all these comments going lisa Um this one is simple as one of our new colors It's definitely more of like a simple color So savvy simple To me to ok did some missing one where did you go where did you go where did you go. Did you go down um and then we have sunshine. We have that one still softly I'm so excited. Oh my goodness do you guys know that little girl on instagram her names La La stop it stop I'm obsessed I'm obsessing the, several was so I just have a little girls. I can stop being obsessed with all the other people's little girls. They probably think it's like really weird. I swear I'm not aware that okay they're just so stinking cute, like one of my girlfriend's little girls, you guys like everett. She, like Really melts my heart, like every video I see her like every like picture. I'm just like just so. Freaking cute um. This one is sacrifice. I love this color it's like a bunched Tracy eventually doesn't you're, just you're just like like comfortable, you know, I bet you, everyone else, thinks is Super pretty I'm michelle, yeah they're, both available at the glam shop well, actually all three of these actually are for so these rings right here. These actually say best, friend on the on the band on the inside it says best, friend um anyways so, then they have, like a hearts on them and then this is a big double finger wing ring it's also available in gold but mine is my bathroom. Clearly this is my ring, that I made it's called the Kim k ring. I summer wearing one similar and I was like my make one like that so this ring right here and this ring Um is also available in gold as well as a smaller one and then I have another feather ring or bring It looks like this is also available in silver this is the wing with my heart, went around my heart. I think, is what I called it. The way around. My heart ring, but it has a heart in the Middle so it's similar. But just not the same. That was that all those like. I said as soon as we release uh back in the hospital which she has Super good delivery for pushes so she'll be home soon. I'm sure um so um things will be up and running, like they were okay Um this right here this one is a shy just like pink as you could do like another layer. Let it dry in between layers you guys with your um. Lip stains okay and then I'll do one more just to show you, oh, do you guys say that you guys know we're Marissa doesn't yeah christi Yeah plenty of wiggle room you know I'm saying cuz it's like right up at the top so you guys this is the aussie okay guys. I'm gonna do some free advertising for this little girl okay. She doesn't need it's got plenty of people, but You guys she's so stinking cute. I can't even okay and literally I literally cannot, with her okay Her thing is that girl La La yo u guys. I you guys have to see how she starts out all her videos. Okay, not all of them lots of them Here's her face whoops oh Al freak out with Okay loser over okay, I can't write I can't right now. I can't what do you see this Thanks to money, Monday We're gonna wake up quick I was doing I was going to say and to see something real. What was awesome Christmas and you can live the very words you look I'm going to just look forward. You believe, none of the data show is that I heard my name. I Everyday I'm on my Nothing please not that we'll never see the leaves now But she Nobody to be found, but he's got a bunch of things Let me get but she thought that some of the banks to buy vehicles don't this was all I felt like no because it's just hey y'all she's thirsty money money hey Like no because it's just because of the rapid I'm a tell you about the topic you, bugs to chop in Yeah you just don't get a puppy. You have to get out so you could either dads like the height man in the back like fully apart from the first day, but you can check my work, I don't like that Tv reading just like the leading Go get Not insult oh yes, watching thousand, which almost comes down So anyway, they keeps going to get more, but, like you guys like every single one, that she starts like this one on she's like every time she starts to video Mr Let's compare the sauce Yeah their dad's, a rapper too, yeah This out saying She's so cute So our names at that, like t ha t girl, gi rl lately La y La why she's on um instagram and he is so stinking cute right Yeah killarney is she so cute either way, like Got a little busy families Like owning, a she's so cute she's so cute I can't even she's 11 she's 11 uh La y La y was a lip color. Before sassy othe. This one was shy. This is shy hi, Chris It G, so stinking cute. I just can't even I'm obsessed I'm just it's just like a good every video. She survey, like hey guys, it's your girl La La La. You know, oh shoot I'm just like obsessed oh my gosh oh us all here with their hair down. Oh my God, this one is so cute she's like she's like dad I love it. I know that we get to choose to do what you said. I'm upset. I still ate me. Ellen yet she said that is not met. Ellen yet That no money in this I still like that yet, but I got it Oh, yeah, I mean I felt And then Like your So cute Success yeah I know it's to diana's to that will want to happens is I've been live Um Oh did you, melanie is so awesome and so awesome and like literally, should blue I like that so crazy she's so stinking cute so stinking cute. She had this note here down to When your own should start over because it was cute and then I'm done then I'm done I'm done shorter off I'm writing like anything to hurt. so Your you know what it is That's That's a fresh jump like this Yeah so this has a beautiful open. She turned up to That label is recess. They mad. I want to be, and I will end up being that I don't It is cute you rub so stuff like that. um I didn't remember I did. I did learn it I'm michelle knows only Super well known Um jennifer just I can help you pick one um if you tell me like what colors you use and everything you guys. If you guys are. Gonna. Do a lip stain. I definitely recommend getting the Olympics later so we talked about this earlier in the year distracted, but it comes you just twist. It up like this and apply it and it shape butter butter and sugar and if you're using, like liquid lipsticks to and this is important, doesn't, my door okay so use a plate like that sometimes I'll take just like a tooth brush and, like This way, you don't have to you can just use your finger I know in every video stephanie right it Diane what's annoying me Illinois Um I'm gel right, she's so cute I'm gonna tease she's um emanates re her any uh. It is that girl lately Jennifer, I would do either may go see if this one is still available. Um cuz. I took some of them form us. I would do either shy Or shameless, if we have it on Okay and I'll say no alright here's, the uh, where is it Oh, yeah we do a speechless um speeches is good and shy Um That is speechless And the last all day you guys oh I want to talk to you guys about uh. I don't wanna tell you that reminder, because you guys can't get it all. You guys are obsessed with the product right now. Like I'm talking like I'm obsessed Okay, I'm gonna grab this, let's call it regular are gonna be good now will give her money, come on come on ut. I mean this is you come here, come here one Okay so this is uh shameless lose speechless sorry, speechless is shy so two Super light, colors. This one is more of like a uh kind of like a curly nude and this is more like a light pink balls are like really bomb hey betty We're used to it, yeah you get it Mary the shine wipes yes Uh you guys and it's edible so you could like Look at that if you want to do Are you just Because your lips are so soft and moisturized and just plump there's amazing, this is amazing Jamie did you, yes, cheryl jamie. I use um our looks lawyer so you can get on my website under uh Lips shopping and lips just maybe come here come here come here come here. It is look at these okay fun, alright, let's do this. Alright guys, so I'm gonna use the shade for bench right here and I'm actually gonna go on with my um My Chris brush Okay and these precious metals you guys, they have so much pigment like The primer infused in them about time, boo their primer, infused so um a little bit goes a long way. They don't crease or nothing. So I'm just gonna use it in my crease. I'm gonna cut this crazy, so I'm not really too worried about what it looks like on the bottom This brush cleaner is everything by the way Oh no, I'm gonna go open a new one So the grasslands only 19 bucks you guys, but you only need three squirts per brush and, as soon as you do, it, it's like you can use that brush right away because seriously it's dry. I literally just kind of like a boom in the bottom of it. It's dry it's clean. You guys do so dark that was before this brush. Cleaner is everything I'm obsessed. I don't have time to watch. My personal time, but I've been using that so and I love it uh anyway. I'm Something on it before Tracy little limits, William like 20 bucks, I think and the last for like a while ago, use the same one for like a long while Uh it's better Desk or limit down Oh, denise thank you, babe Your friends, more rose what do you mean. Ben Might just be the lighting, but, like I said I think my brushes dirty when I first applied it that's. Why I cleaned it. Cuz it look like it was too Like dark It was a question Can you cut in between the close of session and using, like that or do you need to buy them separately. Laura they come with what are you talking about. So that you don't have so many of them are long. They come with some that are one We've got They come with some that have one piece. They come like this and then you can get some that have like this one for example, has two so 12. They have How my finger, y'all sing girl goodness 34. This is for the ones of three. There was a five so they come with all different sizes. So um you could and then you could go to like sally's and like so your own clip on it. But you really don't need to, because it comes with all the different sizes Kennedy, which one the brush cleaner That brush cleaner is life. I. I literally. I just started getting hip to it. I had in my drawer for so long and then I'm like. I was like man. I need to clean my brushes, but I don't have time and so I started using it. I was like, oh my gosh, which is another thing you guys come end of January or beginning of February. I'm not exactly positive, which one um we have a new skin care line it's called the theology line. I know I've talked about it um and if you got the black Friday, special, which was the uh liquid makeup remover, you are You know so it's like this and now it's gonna look like I have a lot going on I've been using this for everything. I just feel like trying it out. I used this to clean on my makeup. I use this to clean my vanity. I literally. I this stuff is so bomb. I want to see how quickly I can clean my makeup like you know, like I make against dirty or I'm always doing costume makeup so it's on my hands. I get it on my brushes and all that kind of stuff okay so basically, it was like this right. You shake it up And so it's all like that, purple color so you see it settle this product is amazing. I am literally so obsessed. I can't, even it is so bomb and this brought you guys What do you mean anna we're talking about Hi stacy yeah Such a little sweetheart yes, I mean I'm gonna give me a second okay. I can't do this any longer. stewardess Okay problem solved just took it off script. I get him. I got time for that carry the brightening mask is so bomb. So bomb okay Alright so I'm gonna blend it out Um really it's called the uh eulogy uh make liquid makeup remover, but we don't. It doesn't come out until next month. The end of next month or the beginning of February. The first of February. I'm not positive, which day Okay So I just blends out plum line and make sure you guys are liking and sharing the video. You guys to be entered for the giveaway so you have to like and share this video and then um like and follow both like and follow. This page um and comment shared Mary, what glam shop order Now actually so, uh this is our new, just a new line and what's corolla G. I know pure ideology with theology Do they say that's, for me, you guys I'm actually gonna go back in um it's just our new skincare line. So it's gonna be huge. We just continue to royalty line because of eulogy so Courtney, there from the glam shop hi Sharon from Connecticut, with a beautiful fall Just through an all know where tina would you say Ot rs, a sweet honey Lydia they we only go better so we got rid of the the loose mineral pigments and got the press shadows. These are better. We got rid of um every time we get rid of the product. It comes back better so you guys. I didn't think I could say that there's something better than shine wipes But there is okay that's product right here on my life on my life, I feel, like I want I do my makeup so that I can use this seriously. It's so bomb and you know how, like it separates it has that stuff that, like makes your skin feel good after the shine wipes in here um it's amazing. I'm just obsessed hygiene, a Oh, thanks karen hello, kev e Um mary did you already paid for it. Jody ordering Oh lord, I'm so sorry honey Hearts for you, babe trust me believe me, I know okay so this is shade gifted. I'm gonna use gifted right on top Okay, mary so bailey will get to you bed it's just uh we're waiting so we had to face time and go through everything and it was just it was a mess ok. So I had to go. I have to get all my inventory. I get all my inventory done and stuff and then bailey had her baby today, so she's home within the next day or two um, everything will be back to normal. She will send out the invoices and uh everything will be shipped in the good news is you just down the Street, so I can. Ship it to you and get your fast I'll, be doing all the shipping so I actually have to go pick up a couple of tables. I found an offer up for like nothing um And so I can lay everything out in my garage so We're rising eight discredit All the exterior sweet hey on, I was with it was our new um Can you see, sorry, sorry guys. You see, sorry, see the neighbor isn't the neighbor Oh, yeah it's the neighbors is the neighbors. Does it's okay honey you're, just going inside Thanks kari and The car above gifted What do you mean. This is gifted. I mean this one right here, hesitant Okay so this is just actually I'm just doing a few different colors. So this is perfect mix of hesitant I'm not sure what I'm doing So you guys can see it better button Oh, goodness only a two gold ones left. They all uh and I'm waiting for the rest to arrive There's, such cute stuff for the glam shot you guys do I hadn't seen so got a lot of stuff for you guys I think we'll be lowering my prices too, so Right, try, think color I wanted to do hi buddy hi baby. What's up what I found No, I love you. I love you, sweetheart. I love him so much. I'm going to number three and I'm gonna use tickled right here American get the dose right now Other do still available. I do. I don't like using stuff on here, I use them personally when I do my makeup, but I don't use them when you guys can't get it because it makes me feel bad. But if you guys can get them that I'm gonna use sweet sounding right now cuz like um are so mom so um there's so pretty and they're like, the perfect look like you don't have to worry about you know what color should I wear with it already picked it out for you Sharon is a group on facebook, it's be stunning with deanna glam shop Okay, that's pretty I know it looks funky right now We don't track you guys trust, trust the process ok what am I doing. You guys. I totally forgot are you guys kidding me right now All right when we got we have conspicuous ostentatious, we have hello you guys. I know you're gonna be like you just put so many colors on your trip and much put ostentatious on here too, and then that's it. I swear. I swear after I use that word it's. It. I love this color. Why did I forget we have this color that's exactly the color I've been looking for. I was trying to like make it with fervent and stuff like what's wrong with me I think courtney helping as a you are so sweet. I just love you guys so much because I have no idea you guys mean so much to me Hmm okay so you know the shadow gets right up here. You know where you guys this is gonna just trust just trust your girls. okay Okay so it's hard to get it like a regular brush like this right. That's. Why the powder concealer brush is so amazing. I cannot get up in here and clean this all up. It was like amazing You guys oh my gosh. I have to show you, oh billy is gonna show them the video then you sent me cuz. He looks so cute in the video but I don't know your cleavage is in it Oh, there's, your cleavage is everywhere you know what I'm sayings kind. Are not to be um hi judy Merging with the makeup, remover, which make up from over so let's shine light Singer And when you have your size daily can't really hide it mean so No, cute this little boy is you guys He's so cute little hair We know what that is, please still cute Hi aaron Of corny oh all You can fix them using like a rose water rubbing, alcohol to have you tried that I know all I hear right Alright so I'm gonna use relaxed, which is this color right here man. This finger hurts so bad. You guys. It was there so bad Do you also remove or okay I'm gonna try that yet How are you guys. Might there's uh shine light So there's, a shining light Out Okay Make sure you guys like and share you guys christina. I didn't. It like crack down the Middle she's. Gonna go like this. You guys oh my God is so bomb you guys I'm obsessed Now, mind you, these colors I'm trying to get our way darker than the ones I just got off. The show moms let's try to get the Sun up here off So china's are really hard to get off in the first place. You guys. I don't know if you guys know uh they last forever For days I feel like that's the reason I don't wear lip stains. I'm so indecisive Um Dan is on two fingers now Jon out why am I awake um cuz. I am, I don't know why are you awake that's your later where you're at and what time is it here. One of the morning cheese man, known but you've been on people at the bar while be everyone not asked people at the bar because maybe we'll tell start like my life and I get on the live description on be like just got home from the bar, you know ok so Oh help us step anything like that I know it isn't just the stick will be different so I'll be able to like Yeah the stakes not gonna get you I'm like uh lip stains off like that. It will get waterproof mascara off, but it just you have to keep using the stick over and over No, Chris Hillary base okay so here we go so I got this on um I'm excited to try just took place well quick like I'm gonna use a splurge cream shadow you guys in the shade victorious. It is like Super pretty nude And then I'm gonna use our eyeliner brush which is this like this, like Super bomb Brush So I was like yeah right Uh Oh, yeah crazy now the lip stains. There. They're on their own for days in ice washed up on the bottom of my hand. I don't watch it up here because of that they're that good so oh, my God, my fingers, like thriving it's okay though Ow ow ow hurt so bad Oh there isn't, like And I just uh Scott, my face okay so nice victorious you guys imma cut this crease Okay and so you can use concealer to do this. I, like using victorious um it's a cream shadow and it doesn't transfer up okay so, like when I opened my eyes, it doesn't like get a little messy out there Seeking uses aren't their eyes to get rid of bags, you could use it to Center out of ala White. Could do it on a cut crease you could do it to clean up your eyebrows. Um victorious just Everyone needs it how about it or one needs. It. Everybody on the live getting victoria's didn't right now, which reminds me To my finger, you guys um. I was opening the package to get my um Red liquid lipstick the metallic Red that will came in that one bundle Anyway, um and I bet my finger back and leg bent like Middle of my nails or they're all my gosh and hurt so bad and then while I was on the live tonight this one too and then I even like going out, like that much else so it's not like. I was like so I was like feeling myself. I was like you know I'm gonna. Do the nails left. I was going to get my nails done and, like I have no broken nails like look I'm responsible. I look using. I was so excited and I'm like I'm gonna show up and we have two broken again uh I'm like I go in there and I'm like. I swear to God like I'm not out there, like playing gangster or something like I don't know why they break so much What are you sending what Well, I'm gonna be asking what's going on Okay Pam for your money of course than skittish this is actually my first. This is my second lip stain that I bought the first. I was shy and then I bought skittish Crazy shows right here um it's so beautiful Weaver to dry and the cool thing is they're liquid but they won't come out Holly but then I have people on here my nails are brittle. We mean killarney Yeah you have to remove them Oh my God, Tracy right she's. I know right so it's gonna shh So pretty Just like this beautiful light bright pink Well, I got there, like afternoon crayons and don't know how it always is doing that. How they're always breaking like that Okay so anyway alright so now that I've got that creative studios and like the cool thing is like look, I was able to open my eyes. It didn't go up there, like it typically does um and so I'm gonna go in with Um so we're doing like a matte color, I think we still have bittersweet So eyes splurge cream shadow where you win We have jubilant doesn't the color. I want Really it's going to Let's do Let's try this I'm gonna go in to uh hesitant right here. It's right here And I was gonna put on my lid I don't know I just really want the glitter liner to like show up and I don't know if I want to be like that light. Okay lie love that what's the color after showing what do you mean bed And to show you where What you mean boo I know meredith I know the picture, above my vanity This one Audrey the picture Do the model I jennifer. I thinks girlfriend If you wanna add a little bit of bittersweet, I don't know Um and oh Um Night vanessa I got it out um Ob in a hearse me um yeah the websites, plays backwards that you can see it um So this is my marilyn monroe look and so what I friends made it. Um blew. It up for me. I put it on the canvas So I love this look. We should do it again. Oh yeah oh my gosh. You guys. I got my um my sally from the nightmare before Christmas. I got that uh costume was it yesterday. It is your. I know I got Jack. I had sally. I got my Jack costume yesterday came in. finally Okay so Hmm try to think about I'm gonna do I'm gonna go in and out with it's just not doing it for me I'm gonna go in with this more fee. This is a more pe 37 brush okay my one of my brush subscription whatever's graphic I'm gonna go in with Let's go in with fervent just go right here. You want, I might have to put a different color. Let me see, I was the one that Disney. I love you. I love you. My little sweetheart. I look so much dirty your beautiful love. you And not that one I might pop into this palette you guys there's, a palette it's like literally the perfect fall palette Oh, you know what I'm gonna go into my blood sugar. Pallet so I'm gonna go to the jefferies or blood sugar palette and I'm going to use the Something that finger So I'm gonna go into the shade um fresh meat does this color right here Out Which, when we in a thanks, mary Thanks michelle alright so I'm gonna go out here and I'm gonna use is gonna put it right here in my crease some dark in that home. I had use the darker one Huh we'll see wow that color That's a really pretty um this is the blood sugar about you guys and um I got this pallet for the um glucose color and the prick. I gotta for picking glucose so precarious just read and then glucose is this White and so I got the whole pallet for And I love it So this Hmm Um so you could take like the biotin or something like they have vitamins for hair and nails Prenatal vitamins work to But these are my real nails that are breaking in the acrylics that are breaking Beverly bad nutrition so I know I mean that I mean my nails aren't that great than it had been as y do acrylics Okay, I'm gonna spray this with rose water Or setting spray, whatever comes first out those waters, the winner okay so I'm gonna get my brush and I'm gonna go back into that fresh meat. Color under the wartime So I have, like a dramatic line and I'm saying, like You can always go back in and fix right here Okay Linda what are you talking about. Oh michelle, bailey y'all missed billy goat to see babe do you have to be on your ipad button Victorious is so amazing for like fixing anything like that. Oh, it I was gonna put little lay on because I can listen to it and that we can't get in trouble because you know, like copyrighted She does she doesn't sound too with you know my favorite. I know it sounds crazy, but, like bad babies, like one of my favorite like musicians. I guess right now don't judging don't touch me. I have been listening to her before she got popular before she was like even like actually, like signed you know, I'm saying um. I guess you signed, but you know before she was whatever, but she's on that beat. I like it too Already you're, so sweet. Thank you Hi destiny, thanks girlfriend Okay so I'm loving this fresh meat, color Okay now I'm gonna go back in with this is doing color So pretty I know killer right. I know I yesterday absolutely sweetheart Um okay so it's I am getting my tree this weekend. You guys we're gonna. Do it this week, together. I need to get it up before it's too late I mean, as you guys did you see the course he's on a commercial for mitsubishi let's watch this My daughter joins us not at all let's up the sound system sure Jacob Jackson When you got Fish so cute your ambition, um what's up the sound system sure. I'm still hi rachel My golly I share and I did last year uh for a long time. I just kind of myself as your mommy died. So but I'm a family I realized or We'll see this year my aunts coming over tomorrow morning to go to your car into the shop um in my city and so um I'm gonna talk to you about it tomorrow, having them over Hi again I know they don't do a real tree and you know I never thought about it, but, like thank goodness, I don't do a real tricks. I thought about it. This year, so maybe I'll get a real one, but then I was like What about bugs and spiders, we all do about those like nope newt will be able to put that thing up ok so now I have, like a flocked one that's like Super pretty. I got lucky was like the last one just last year the year before that I thought it was last year. I'm like obsessed with my tree, okay so and I have one for ed here to um last year. I got a bunch of like ornament sent to me so I train here so I'm gonna um I'm gonna put that one up to Okay Believe that your coming here what are you talking about. You, gotta come here. You have to come here this is where we're gonna get, like sonoma for Christmas. Like hello, okay, so you guys so now that I have that on you guys I'm going to actually do my liner um and see you guys this is the liner that comes in the kudos Training I'm gonna do this You have been so high drain thanks girlfriend alright see you guys this is glitter liner and okay so I'm gonna show you some see so you can use it like subtle, like he's just like one Layer Okay so I'm gonna show you Okay So I'm gonna do the side while waiting for that Look how pretty this is you guys for the holidays you guys are you guys seeing this stop. It is so beautiful like you guys and it's only available in the kudos uh guys. I'm obsessed. Well on me and playing my face in the fan to dry, quicker on Look how pretty that is just one quote. You guys The new season and I'll show you which one is which ones down Australia Lena running gold, yes, girlfriend okay so You can put this over our eyeliner like our black or any color. You can wear it alone. Like this so pretty guys. So pretty oh, my gosh I may owe sunny it looks oh bomb I've done it already. I did on my zoom chat with my team Okay so I'm actually gonna come up like I always do I'm gonna get down somehow somehow you're going to get it off right here Okay, I'll show you guys what it looks like over liner okay, just give me a second it's. So bomb like are you guys seeing this Y'all like oh, my goodness Hmm Can you choose when you see it Okay, I was getting the fan before I go ahead Almost done okay So pretty okay so you guys and I'm also I might do like line that line I'm just not sure I'm gonna do black liner to Okay so Well, where's up shut up you're lying right now are you serious roberta where are you at there is not a bad Roberta can you send me the link girl, come on girl where you at roberta Revert on your girl up were you a girl seen seven a shot. Y'all stop don't don't even tell me don't tell me right now don't do you know. I mean you know tease and then tease tammy fein don't tease me like hello are you serious stop. Stop income. Like we get freaky back check was freaky Good morning rules leave Yeah it's a limited edition in the kudos okay, like hello Nearly and a okay So look at this on top of black This is by itself I'm sorry, this is myself with two quotes That's one quote Let's do three cuz, like okay Okay, two to three coats one coat. It on top of black Stuff is so bomb like y'all like y'all need this, I know you're playing like so pretty good night. billy Okay, you guys actually here uh. I have it on one Season seven confirmed Season seven may be released in June Cheers and There's, a season seven ad Now, there's, just seven Yeah Yeah this is so pretty okay, so I got up here so just don't trip don't trip over this. I'm a hot mess over here like hello When Um so I'm distracted now yeah there's no seven years, so don't be alarmed not missing. It who said that I think you're actually calling episode, like season six Oh my God, mary right And they'll see um I'm gonna go here. She wants she's on youtube saying, like the whole song That girl, a she, on youtube Yeah me too so it's uh. It will be on next, in June Okay so anyway I think I'm gonna do right here Millions are part of the. I think, on line So I love your dad yeah Happy Hi kimberly lisa. This is um Um this is a few it's Austin tenacious the light pink that's like on my lid, is hesitant And then um heidi's I love him so much Sherry and done it Oh, I know we're in it right What is the saying that started this is just so. cute Kay was treacherous I literally changed my jewelry from gold to silver just to use this stuff today. Okay so I'm gonna use the fan. I don't like about this Let me know right very and If you go on Come on dry Okay Of room so sorry honey Okay so here's, the deal all You see And trying to decide if I'm gonna take it off as my eyeliner and just I'm gonna, do black but I'm trying to see if I shed on And just use it in the Middle And I do that And I get it off Thank amy wow Wow you guys Wow that's a long lasting holy crap Wow do you see how hard that was to come off and I just put it on Okay So a girl, a you guys, it was like literally. I guess, like that. She's the youngest female rapper to be uh to be signed and that Super cool hi susan what's up beautiful You Okay So we are the same don't 11 year olds. This is we're doing uh amy is that girl La La La y La why that girl lilly This song's about boys Our music is so cute it's like talks about a recess just Super cute stuff Okay That's better okay so I'm gonna do a glitter hi sandra. He theresa Okay so standing Sometimes Oh Okay so I'm gonna use a fan Okay, okay so I'm just gonna be here thanks to net This is so beautiful you guys it's only available in the kudos. So the kudos you get the liquid foundation You get the primer or you can get one of our high lighters in the creative better stick or the powder in one of the five shades and then you can get um a different draw eyeliner so you can get this one or you can get one of the other looking at the black one Um and then You get a lipstick pursuing nine bucks and really see your basic get. This for free and the lipstick Telling you go again So you wanna make sure that you let it dry before you open your eyes and stuff cuz you only get that stuff like all over your eye. So it's been my face and the fan just to make it quick Way better Okay, snap missing his perfect Okay so nice perfect on my water, like my um line Teresa and my God you're gonna love. It seriously get the kudos is such a good deal on a wide that okay Really did you see that was did it. What is that Oh my God, we're There might have been a piece of litter hangovers Okay so here actually not, I use this I'm gonna use my uh fully on my liner. My brow liner Okay so listen Because I was fully our brow liner so I hope you get the dip and draw for this Baseball By Monday Boom Okay There we go I'm so glitter still on It's kinda weird to get the right angle so it's not that Okay Missing a I should have done that. Glitter line after but that's ok look how easy this is no joke very easy that was This is why I suggest the dip and draw eyeliner over any liquid liner period. It literally is amazing. Like I'm not even plan okay so I'm gonna use this line as my guideline, I probably should read the single social do let's do that. Let's. Do that first It's dry skin on my nose, dripping ups okay, so there's, the perfect Um what's the question, what's the question okay so I'm gonna do this And connect it That's what I'm Because if they were here Are you guys all done with Christmas shopping was done. Christmas shopping I have not even started likely at all, like a lot to shop for her Like some people will be finishing in like November It's annoying gabby okay well turn off there. You go you can just ask if I can take it off. You know I'm saying I could turn it down so I couldn't always do Okay There we go share inmate or let me see this in the fan Night hurry it it three Okay so I put that in the event you guys this man. I'm gonna buy another. Kudos so I can get another one of these, because, like no joke, this is amazing. I'm literally obsessed with it and I've had uh glitter liners before and uh we're like that, like this glitter is like and not like this, like chunky glitter it's like really freaking pretty glitter again describe it, but it's so pretty Okay Whatever Almost finished okay And so pretty I'm so so so we put this lab doesn't. It there love you, buddy Okay I'm so obsessed with that you guys this little liner is everything holy crap so I was so excited and you can only get in the cruiser was bummer like. Why wouldn't they have that probably like all the time So pretty okay I'm done I'm done I'm sorry over All the Europe better music or my outgoing lives, okay alright so I'm gonna go in with my duet stick Um Highlight and contour stick cases, the sheet light it's got a highlight on one side and a Really, I got glue on this okay. Well, here on this one highlight, I want side okay and then it's got a contour on the other. This one is deep so the darkest when we have this is like and so you wanna, put it into a like a subset of the triangle I'm gonna do a mascara at everything. after Okay so, then I'm gonna go in The girls Tracy so the kudos you get um so it's a monthly deal where uh we have a discounted products for our customers. Um unique bundles, like a bunch of products, so, like this month, you get a liquid foundation. You get a highlight like aluminum are like one of our powder or bring about artistic womanizer zzz or you can get the glorious face and eye primer and then you get uh um, a opulence lipstick and then one of our liquid liner 79 bucks okay so the highlighter and the foundation or more than that alone, okay so it's a phenomenal deal add an epic mascara. If you wanna get free shipping oh my gosh you guys. Let me go on broken nails man. I'm soap set ting. it Okay so I'm gonna get this beauty. Blender. What was some rules around That's why others wait. I don't want. I want you, I don't wanna make her upset. You know I don't. I don't know what to do He's lived in music here I'll turn it down Here we go, listen to a different song and with that here here she is this sounds good in You have my pringles Brady's That's Okay, I love you Daisy is that girl lay she's 11 yes, that's her dad her hype man Just go and check the cheese Survive That's really just five, you guys So we got no food cuz. We broken As you yeah hi, rachel Man she has this Lou make sure it is right Kim She's so cute Yeah julie Wright, she says the acute I know veronica, I was so excited. She's so sweet she deserves it. There's, not that many people where I can like be like man. There is so genuine and so She makes me emotional just just such a wonderful person. I don't even know what I like, that you know what I mean, but she's just such a good person and it just she deserves it. so Right for being so young, yes, I know I just hear I know it's hard Okay It's on youtube come in thinking boy honey you're, good you're good. I understand I, like Okay so this is satin pressed powder. You guys Tweety Bird bugs bunny, like she's so cute I can't even I don't know job money He's so many useable or I know carrie Ann Wright where she's like uh I was like Hey go Thank you, my Wake up quick so working on my real, quick and look like I'm gonna get you out of the show my name is Doesn't look like and the gate was oh my God The trees that was Never see the least amount of ever seen sleeves now, but you can bet he's not don't want to seem strong but he's got a much re thousands. I don't wanna eat. I don't want to see that most of the iphone which thought that some of the banks don't just shop dinette. If I was on I'm not lazy and don't think just because you never Bugs are definitely Just don't get on So you can see around him like in a really handsome looks like I'm against those but I want both and I'm against all of our older person. First, even if you can't work on, I don't want to go on your phone or reading or just like being on the Go get it go, get the chicken oh yeah, he doesn't come out And she's so cute You guys you guys why are we all just like seriously Let's all just get along please please please all right, so this is just a boring guys. I'm just uh setting it you have to make sure you say your concealer or else it all. Uh crease and I want to be increasing our of your eyes so you can see setting powder or you can use water I know rightly, I know she's hosting a q. I can't, even I can't even she's Is that weird that I'm successful. I wanna love you girl Alright, alright so I'm gonna use uh chanel pressed powder for my contour and this is the murphy and while six brush like love, it enjoy your contrary, those are gonna go from the top of your ear to badger people and basically they were just like making like a chiseled cheek bone, then I'm saying just making your cheekbone look, whatever more defined Uh that girl, a penny owed tanya I'm hurrying hurry hurry in Or that your message I'm gonna email us, uh robin at lunch and I'll um, let her know If you feel like you have the application or whatever uh, if you send it to me, I can send it to her direct to Okay Okay now I'm gonna use uh my brow artist brush for that. Boo. I was Many know it's uh it's not um it's not what's it called scarlet is lighter than toy andrea Reach out to our collaborate how can I collaborate with her she's so stinking cute okay so um these are our special I'm just gonna go back into my brow. Palette and I'm totally with that girl is so cute. I do boxing yeah stacey yes. I'm gonna open. It tomorrow, with you guys. I know I keep saying and I'll I'm that's now is like literally on my 28 19 vision board. I'm like literally nothing's gonna get in my way, I will just not let life deter me from doing what I say I'm gonna do number one, but what I wanna do that's. What ends up happening always something like It's like the other day, like my neighbors drunken, like comes on my door, like literally, I thought isn't kick my door down trying to get and move my truck. You guys and then I was like I was dealing with that drama for hours it's like never it's never Just nothing ever goes the way it's supposed to, but anyway yes, I do give oxygen Okay, I'm gonna say they're here Thanks rachel it's so dry All right Don't go running out gone your blemishes. You guys, no more in your face ever. I don't know why I always make the mistake. I do it every time like so I'll be touching. My face and I don't want to get like whatever and then like. I always just dries out within like that same day, so bad I know better, I know better like it's what A teen pulled this helmet is here it's so cold here so cold I dreaded going anywhere I'm Okay Hi jody, I love it like does he ever sleep Does he ever sleep. I mean seriously Okay Is why I don't like doing power of second There we go Thanks deanna it's a um it's, a bodysuit, so so the genes are good. American jeans and this is just a body suit and I can post a link to it on the um the vip page and the jeans they're good American jeans. These are the good leg style the good leg stallions and just like Instagram but it I don't know. I can't do. it I have a picture too. Oh my gosh me too. Kimberly that's happened like I tried popping. It and I was like okay I'm gonna put some minute was rubbing. Alcohol and I don't look at it touch. It and touch my face a lot and I was on with some rubbing alcohol in it and then I'm like that was awesome dry the next day What's new okay Oh no, just don't Park someone just close the doors like perfect Saying it Yes, they're just outside oh my God Okay, um now I'm gonna go in with You know it's just my blush, let's punch my brush and I'm gonna come back okay so I'm gonna go in with my blush in the shade spirited and serene I'm gonna mix. some So serene as like this, like beautiful, like a light pink it's got shimmer in it and then spirited is more of like a darker. Color. It's also got little. Highlighter in it Dad does Come on baby Does some of it So I have the lighter wanted to rein in the dark. I want to spirited both are Super Super pretty so I'm gonna use, both monde ese, come on buddy I'm gonna use my brush brush my unique lush stoppage really Oh my God, you guys so here it's like Auburn Washington, whether So when you do you're blessed you're, gonna go at the apples of your cheeks and overlap No, not overlap It's 33 degrees right now, which seems seems whatever Um and a no but I will, for you, I will, for you, girlfriend So apple's up I wanna do is I'm gonna just use that blush or powder brush and I'm just gonna step up just kinda blended in Okay and then I'm gonna put some rain on top Over the tigers Okay But This summer on my God, I know, rain Alright so this is the shade pearlie you guys. We have five different shades, a little nicer You see that so pretty oh my God, I'm, a Uh thanks to d Okay so you, wanna put your highlighter um on top of your cheek bone on your nose, avoid areas. We have acne acne scarring Kimberly that is so pretty I have hannah but I will do another one when my dry skin is gone and so later this week. Hopefully by Wednesday Wednesday should be better Just like I can't put a mask on and all the excitement with a mask on it, property that is okay so like I said um, if you have a longer nose you guys only focus a little bit on the tip and you can do a little bit of pure gives the illusion of being smaller But on areas are here Here's, your top of your body are What is I was like are you not here so we did this. It was halo you say hello hello. My finger oh my goodness oh, if you wanna say hello Hi guys sorry be allowed Screaming loud I love you, I love him so much You know what I mean I'm gonna do lashes were about joining the second. I do it is, after all my powders are done because I feel like powders like, like fall on them and stuff and make him not look, you know fresh so okay, so know it's contoured now I have my dry skin right here on my nose It's not and it's looks like the worst make up, but anyway um so I will show you how I do it, though so upset I'm so upset me and feel myself or some piece of my Dream and I do a little bit huh okay alright. So I'm gonna use this as a more fee 25 brush okay um and so I'm just gonna take the Sun so when you counter your nose We've gone to your nose, your nose starts at your eyebrows starts up here right so you, wanna come down here And shape it ok so, depending on what you're trying to do, trying to make your nose look wider. If you can't make it look, skinnier depends on like where you're going to like, put your contour and highlight shades So black master of is betting on your skin. No between I know it's not. It's not like dry skin. I have, like it's it's it's worse than dry skin. I don't know how to explain it. Um, but if you have dry skin, I definitely recommend the exfoliating mask Okay Okay Um so the gray shirt so funny I know I can't wait for my grinch costume to here. okay Hi Kim Focus my cam it's blurry is it O La A better way to blend a Everyone Okay, anyway, so that's how you contract knows now at the top of her or the end of your nose is like to like uh longer two point eight. You can also apply your contour shade right here, which makes it less pointing um. If you wanna like a button nose right, like this, you can like put like a line right here, so I'll, just depends on like what shape you're looking for um and you could totally like, do that with contrary so also, if you want your bottom lip to appear petty or take your contour shape sort of my nails Okay and right here Okay right here doing this. Chad oh this look like your bottom up is how dear so make sure looks like bigger What color besides, hesitant on my eyes, um I have ostentatious and then um I have a little bit of uh A color from the blood sugar, pallet jefferson blood sugar, pallet um that you can see now I also had a gifted and fervent but I don't think you're really seeing those okay so now I'm gonna go in with my liner in the shade of perfect black Um yeah I forgot to add ostentatious and I was a close looking for in the first place, so I tried making that color with gifted and fervent Just so, weird um so you guys our pencil liner is smudge proof water proof it's seriously so creamy. It goes on amazing. I'm obsessed with it So I told up I'm getting underneath that lash line So likely, my I, like this so I just feel like you know, and then just Okay now I'm going to my mascara and my epic mascara what's for transformation Thursday, uh you know what I mean. They're gonna do Jack or sally from the nightmare before Christmas I got to start doing transformation like costume days, a lots I still have to do. I do an elf, a nutcracker the grinch cindy, lou, who Gingerbread man Jack and sally oh uh Jack frost and the Jack frost Who else should I do See you guys this so I'm not gonna have enough Thursday, as you know, I'm saying before Christmas, so I need to um do the multiple days a week. Um okay, so you guys The epic mascara is you length and volume and curls your lashes it's a little amusing Who are school lunches or bomb. Yes tell me they are So this one That one I also have the comic figure now Um the other Bush won with the hearts and little back The wing of the art Or really kill a home Yeah, I got some on my show you Okay so, with this mascara, you guys you can um also do multiple layers it's bill. De bl so, like it doesn't, like get, like dry oh snap dry and flaky. It literally like my mascara one goes in your lashes. Like butter, like it's just so soft and this is my old epic too. I can tell It's amazing, okay so unless you know something, this is a So I got my Jack costume yesterday right okay Of course, sally right Today, it's my birthday was stuck in his closet wait Now it's been mailed back, even worse. Um I'm gonna punch myself And does does a little costume is so cute alright guys. My finger I'm about ready to cry and I know a lot. I love your wife. It is so bad Later a man Oh You sonia uh So it's Alright whenever Go to bed when I want, when I go to bed Thanks to our new Aww thanks Kim Iran, a, I actually graduated beauty school. I got my cosmetology license but you don't learn makeup and in cosmetology school you you will learn about skin care and, like you, get you learn, like the basics. I guess um as far as cost to make up. I just look at the picture and just kind of just do it. I was learning myself. I just taught myself and I've been doing it for a year since last halloween. I was the first costume okay where did So I'm always trying to improve Belinda, I know I'm gonna be in a gym. I get off here in a hurry and get this done so. I can get off it was like man. It hurts I'm about ready to cry and they're so bad It, like split even more since we've been on here and to see it uh and that one happened since I've been live. This so crazy. I'm not even like grown out, like that. That's so crazy all thanks to C. I appreciate you guys so much Who hang go live in the morning. My aunts coming over around 99 30 so and I've been sleeping for two days. So um I'm gonna hop on here and hopefully in the morning, do my makeup. If I can get it if I don't oversleep We'll see Oh, wow Do you receive us um okay so Kim for now uh comment on what you want or send bailey Morgan uh private message letting her know what you want. Um and I'm finishing designing the website right now because of how many of you guys do it is bailey is gonna update the glam shot group page and then, but orders will be done on the website um that way um but she'll still be sharing stuff all day long and, like tell you guys about like the deals and stuff on the glen szabo page, but It's just gonna make it easier for everyone if I just do the website it's like before I was doing it in a group so I didn't pay the website. All the money cuz every time you pay on a card takes money and, like a percentage and um Anyway, so I want to make it so that families could use the additional income instead of like the website, but it's just gonna be so much more professional and a website So much easier, but if you have questions and stuff you can still ask on the group page. Does not make sense Hi tina Frank, I don't have lipstick on this one natural lip But this color would be like close to well to do I'm like that's so, my lip collection, I know It's upper class was little to do Right here We'll tell you Gabby I'm gonna do is when I get off here uh so I'm gonna do I'm gonna clip. These two This isn't happen again. Cuz I'm about ready to freak out so alright, so here we go I'm gonna go back in So I'm taking my rose water on my thing because I'm using a drive epic because I grabbed the wrong one and I'm too lazy apparently. So and basically it makes it like brand new. I'm gonna explain it it's crazy. You can use settings spray rose water You heard people using like contact solution My lashes are like dry and flaky it's like they're like Soft Hi kimberly hi britney um, when I was opening a unique boxer, took a oath taking um her scissors and, like putting the thing down. The Middle like. I literally bent this figured out back and then this one I don't know since I've been live, but just like I don't even know I don't remember now it's crazy and I was so excited I was like I'm gonna, do my nails in this week and I was like I'm finally gonna go and I don't have any broken nails like I wanna go to a different nail tech get her to fix my nails that are broken and then go to my nail salon and get my fill no joke oh To that's all like embarrassing, I, it is that they're always breaking So you don't even need false, easy ways like this is just the epic mascara okay. This is cara is only 24 dollars a last for anywhere from. I mean depends on how much you use and how can you use it. My last me about a month and a half at least not doing make up twice a day and you can see, I do multiple layers. You can use it with our three d fiber lash plus if you want to add some fibers to it, you could use a by itself um Yeah so he's seeing breathing opulence of six, all the time good night, randy Yeah it was opening this Look a lipstick I'm so upset And I really wasn't feeling good when it happens so Go figure Yeah this is the shade well to do Tomorrow you guys we're gonna be doing like some mustard. glam An orange like orange and yellow I'm Super excited for you so pretty Night lisa I gone so many different places can really Can I holly Christie Antonio it's, our uh esteem, lash serum and the mascot of course, the mascara isn't, as good as amazing, even if I like never used you need to get out always just this mascara It's amazing Like a sunset, oh, what do you see. Tomorrow's then. So I don't make up earlier today was, I think, when I recreate this tomorrow it's so pretty it's like an embrace him like orange to light ones to yellow to gold really pretty okay Thanks rachel you're, beautiful too, sweetheart Kim enemy doing the orange and yellow look like I'm not gonna be wearing mustard Avenue mustard, cardigan and waiting to wear padded forever and I'm never won it. so Okay This mascara is everything you guys like for real. Now we have our esteem. Lash room two which is what I use in everyone uses that Has tried it was like literally amazing, so this team last time, if you have, like really short lashes, the esteem, lash serum, um will help make them longer and fuller and um. You guys like the competitors are like over a hundred dollars like. I was only 42 bucks if you save money if you buy it like with the epic mascara too it's called like so if you go eyes like shop, then eyes there's, three fiber lash plus, which is our first mascara right, then goes esteem lash serum and then goes the um the epic mascara and then, if you go down to like the sets there is like the totally pumped duo that whatever and then there's, like them, ultimately So you save money buying like fucking like that Oh, thanks cory Hi donna oh, thanks a lot okay so See any mother's son See how they don't feel like flaky and like, like they don't get like um clumpy I never had a mascara like that. I normally like a bible to work all day and then I come home and I'd change, like my daily look into a night look okay like shadow over my lashes and then they look like rose and then you try to put your mascara over it's all clumpy. It doesn't. Do it with the epic it's seriously it's bill. De bl so so um I love it this mosquito ever seriously hi mascara or for ill, for ruffle Yeah, I mean that's how I am how do you get your weights. I'm so White girl when you penny I don't know there's just times like that and they're not always oh yeah. You guys like and share the video. You guys I'm doing the giveaway to okay Men take uh my dip and draw guys oh wow Man this year, hertz you guys my dying over here. Oh my go oh my goodness It was sex is not one but two fingers are doing this. okay You know dip you know everyone says I don't know yeah right jacqueline Christie with what Yeah and right I've used it feels you know and unique right Kim and ours is so much cheaper. Only 42 bucks. I can leave it A little bit more highlighter. You know I'm saying how later Put Super glue oh, you know what I thought about it Oo thanks becky Okay oh my goodness, you guys my favorite, her so bad oh hi busy doodle hello sweetheart Are you so much buddy So much okay guys hold up wait a minute. Let me put my. I don't know what's in it. I don't know. Oh oh, you guys and I got this guys oh I got uh. This is one of those bundles you know I'm saying That's how pretty this is Cuz that your distant Hi leslie At kay Okay Let's do gentle real, quick like And so so bad Okay, alright so from I love you guys, I think I do um so I'm gonna do uh I'm gonna do upper class and I'm gonna do pouty look liner Okay so I'm ducati um jennifer I will do it how it is I'll. Do a lip stain tomorrow is that okay Coke ran a little layers are And you guys these are smudge proof water proof just like our um. Eyeliner so if you wanna fill your whole lip in this, you can totally could Really damn okay Thanks mandy it's actually a uh um body suit What are you talking about. judy What are you talking about. jenny As I business to talk about that on your the, I know You know just that that that doesn't happen unless you did something okay. So here we go so I'm going to specially when you lend money maker okay so I'm gonna um go. Do do we go Oh, shit, I know Thanks colleen Thanks very Let's look, let's not name names on your guys I do candy I do I do hey jennifer okay Oh, I got a truth. That's 38 bucks, a spin alright, let's see who's. this Look matt in um Yeah because it is so pretty Okay, um I'm gonna go in with my brow brush quick leg Thanks guys e thank sharing Yet rage it jenny rate Uh to do uh you know that kind of stuff just doesn't the whole thing. It just didn't make sense. It didn't make sense. It just doesn't happen It's a little more of the story, um so I'm gonna be uh. There was people setting them free stuff and, like some of the money and all kinds of stuff that I know you know idea alright. So I'm gonna, like this Um we're up katie girlfriend do not ever do not ever apologize for asking a question on this. Uh be starting with deanna page things michelle. Thanks John over um christy. This is pulling is beautiful. You guys and look how long this shirt and it look. How, like amazing Wow That person went live for like a half hour talking crap about me look how crazy and how, like creamy, that is anna last, all day um like how our drunk talk about me like I don't do that kind of stuff. I don't know why I have such a bad look, but it is started out life Okay Morning love yolanda Just what what no I'm not I'm not I'm. What I don't want to donate many names. I'm. What are you talking about. I don't know what it's my live talking about me for half hour drunk and she did it. Everyone did. I was thought. Thank you, anna reported huge make those look smaller um and will unique foundation yes, it sound right yes and make sure using primer and make sure you waiting at least like five minutes Oh, I don't, I don't talk about people the person that was taught doesn't matter. If he saw a bunch of people saw a bunch of people message me about it. Okay so here we go um I'm gonna put gentle pressure. Shadow in the Center, good morning jena Which is the per shadow you do, that where we do well to do So just how would you send me a message I'll, give you all you need is a public record I'm not speaking about it, what are you talking about that wasn't he must have misunderstood. I said so and else was Okay, that was the goal to do in the Center of it Yeah all I was doing this bill, senator stuff Actually that one off is, I just saw it or Someone else brought it up. I wasn't talking about it Okay so now this is uh gentle for shadow and I thought well to do on top of just like so pretty it's a card. It's like literally pretty in Middle of any of our colors, like it's just like a really pretty nude mice broken don't judge me Yeah, I don't know Stephen dude. I gotta meanwhile talk about. I wonder what it Okay, um I'm gonna use my Thanks christine okay so I'm gonna use the blond brow palette I'm gonna fix my browser click. Uh Kim send me a message. I don't know. I don't know. I might and I, if I don't might be able to find one I wish I wouldn't use that I would send that one Okay, then, I was gonna use Are certain spray As not a shimmer shoot shoot, um Things falling, how do I stop anyone else. Putting this on It's like a mad or Not a mad but like it's just like a And then, if you want to make it mat so it's well to do if you want to make it a matte Way to send a message as soon as I get off here, alright so I'm gonna take some setting potter And you can turn any opulence lipstick matt See now it's a math Um Oh oh, my God kill it so funny, so funny Um sleeping All I said was there's more to the story. I just said there's more to the story. You guys like I'm a little bit All the same, a little bit bothered because there are people that make far less money helping people and it hurts my heart. Okay, especially around the holiday time. Okay so I voice, my opinion on that kind of sort of whatever that was. It I'm not talking about any ways, anything it's not my business I got what I need to know just for me to know that I didn't share it with nobody, just kept it to myself. Well, I to people doesn't matter. Nobody knows anybody okay so anyway here we go so um it's gonna be done Oo thanks olivia Hmm I know pamela I you know what she message me today and she message me today and asked me if we could talk. But I literally didn't get it until later rebecca do girl girl okay. So here we go I'm gonna go in with my So you spray and I thought for me girl like, for me only I just remain just are lucy and it where's. My where's. My setting spray It's right on my face Um there isn't any there there isn't This year, a All right so Oh, thanks okay I do America I do if you send me a picture Oh, thanks jackie Okay sounds right so setting spring's gonna blend all your powders together and make them look powdery it's gonna make your pick with more vibrant so I'm gonna do that on And you'll need 46 words really, but, like This is so refreshing so you'll see my payments, like be more vibrant like and just second, like, as it dries Oh, yeah becky hi sandy, what's up beautiful Somebody that you could do uh Michelle I'm going to yes I better their dad aunt okay so you can also take like a beauty blender. You guys in like I'll, be like how do you spray on your settings for islands Let's just give my face like all, like whatever's you could take it out of the blender and just kinda like blood and in Okay, that, for brees, for my face yes, jackie O I thinks dorthy here's the sweet honey looks girlfriend one Here we go Um Maria I do spray tan. I use the ice right in the booth, but actually um. I just started. You guys so um I'm a friend of your local and she actually will spray you and it cost, like just as much as going into a booth and it's like seriously, amazing and you see these results Great so happy birthday to you, rachel happy birthday to you touch it. You happy birthday, dear jennifer happy birthday to you lot want mom okay. I will show you So I do spray tan. You guys and there's, so much um like on It's like a before and after So pretty and she's bronze by brie I'm so bomb look how do you see the difference is so pretty social counsel. Spray you would like it so it looks perfect. It dries flawless And she's, I think it's called like lashes and massage in lakeland Hills and, like the apps, if you guys are familiar with the area Okay guys so here we go So pretty and guys anyway, like this so you guys this new glitter liner is only available in the kudos. Um so becky what you can see obviously, no right. Well, you can see is ostentatious plus there's, a um color from the blood sugar pallet from jeffrey star and then this is gentle appear. This is hesitant, which is the same at pink that we have and then I used perfect eyeliner and this is the Glitter later it's still available. I cannot believe it still available. You guys so you haven't gotten this I'm gonna go ahead and order. Another kudos in the get off here because, like um I'm not I've been nice to run out of this glitter liner Is so bomb so anyway, so I will go ahead and Take some self ease and post them on my instagram so if you guys are already not following me on instagram just be stunning with Diana. It goes and have a huge giveaway. Once they reach 10000 followers which should be soon so um make sure you guys um. Do that follow my instagram um and um Yeah right Yemen, why is what makes you not good I really care I love it No side effects from the spray tan uh Oh, thanks okay okay so I'm gonna hop off here you guys and I will talk to you guys later. Thank you. Stacy um so thank you, guys so much for all your support. I appreciate you guys so much. It does come here Lou So anyways so we appreciate you guys so much see you loves lips yellow lipstick um so thank you, guys so much for all your support. um Anyway don't forget you guys to look in the mirror and tell yourself that you're beautiful, because you are so worth it and I will see you guys tomorrow. Okay so make sure your notifications are turned on cuz. If I can get up in time and try to go to bed right now. Like if I get up in time um to get ready with my aunt cuz I'm gonna do breakfast breakfast and lunch or dinner with my aunt so if I get into upon time I'll get ready with you guys Hunger ready guys so I hope you guys have a wonderful Tuesday and I'll see you guys later okay. I love you guys bye one right tools

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