Cook County officials news conference

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Sen Durbin, Congressman Davis, Cook County officials hold news conference on the impact of USPS’s cuts on medication delivery

Posted 1 year ago in Politics

Josephine Hamilton Perry 1 year ago

Vote Volunteer Donate Advocate , Know the Issues and The US Constitution.

Josephine Hamilton Perry 1 year ago

We can help and make a difference if we Advocate, Volunteer, Donate and Vote.

Isabella Estrada Shugailo 1 year ago

We have bigger issues than the post office

Mike Filipek 1 year ago

A great guy? For what? Trump hasn't done anything - It's all "smoke n mirrors". It's not hating.. It's making him accountable. He didn't deliver. And we're voting him out in 2020.

Kirby J. Birgans 1 year ago

Illinois can do better! We need a generational change in Chicago! Usher in new leaders.

Karen Stutler 1 year ago

He worked contracts with USPS for years

Glenda Holst 1 year ago

We are going back on lockdown Wednesday. All bars and restaurants are to close.

Diane North 1 year ago

Pay attention folks! Support the USPS. Go out to your PO tomorrow and support.

Wendy Patrick 1 year ago

You have to have it mailed because the rioters destroyed the cvs and Walgreens

Jim Roberson 1 year ago

Isn't the postal service fully funded until January 2021?