Dr. Richard Besser weighs in on booster shots

ABC News • 6 months ago   3K     1.8K  •  547.5K Views
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“The biggest thing we can do is encourage everyone who hasn’t been vaccinated at all to get vaccinated.”

Dr. Richard Besser says vaccinations will help...

Posted 6 months ago in Health & Medical
Nick Messier
Nick Messier6 months ago

Why is she not wearing a mask??

Rupert Massop
Rupert Massop6 months ago

Where are the patients 🤔

Darlene Huczek Dempsey
Darlene Huczek Dempsey6 months ago

Does ABC put out any non-vaccine related articles anymore?

Priscilla Preston
Priscilla Preston6 months ago

If you listen to the experts who aren't being paid, they will tell you everything they told us to do was wrong. It doesn't certainly seems to me like what they've told us to do isn't working. I'll just do my own thing and not be vaccinated.

Amy Lynn Flinchum
Amy Lynn Flinchum6 months ago

My dad is a cancer pt. He had the vaccine and now has blood clotting... my mom had her vaccine and had a heart attack. No vaccine for me or my children. I have seen so many people have problems with this vaccine. Those that are getting vaccinated are the one's getting COVID... I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but it looks a little odd to me.... 😳🤷‍♀️