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🚨🚨Minky WINNER!!!🚨🚨

Posted 1 year ago in Fashion & Style

Sabrina Wilde-Pond 1 year ago

That teal flower matched my wedding colors

Elizabeth Rose 1 year ago

Stop saying pick me she already picked

Allison Filosofos 1 year ago

Is there anything in yellow? Sorry just hopping on.

Connie Williams-Ryder 1 year ago

Are these pillow covers?

Bonnie Holmberg 1 year ago


Christy Vela 1 year ago

Do you have any with shag?

Danielle Richard 1 year ago

Boy prints?

Amanda Kahn 1 year ago

My ex would of been like yeah ok good luck see ya when you get off

Melissa Meyer 1 year ago

I have to have hysterectomy.... this would be great for my stay

Mary Lou Rhoades 1 year ago

Have a Blessed Evening