Can your salary be paid into your wife/husband's account? 20.6K Views
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While some men feel comfortable revealing their salaries to their partners, and vice-versa, some others may not be willing to reveal such 'sensitive'...

Posted 4 months ago in Relationships, Friends, & Family

Gideon Daniel Abel 4 months ago

If you have a good wife and one that can manage resources and doesn't put eye on your spendings, I can allow my salary to be paid into her account. That's the highest level of you making her feel comfortable that you can trust her and she on the other hand knows you are being honest to her. Wise women will always appreciate such

Awolumate Adunbarin Al Mubarak 4 months ago

my wife knw my salary nd I can also allow my salary to b paid into her account,based on d way we're running our family

Almira Brayan 4 months ago

For me, there's nothing wrong about my salary been paid in my husband's account. My husband and I are just one person

Balogun Yomi Emmanuel 4 months ago

My wife knw my salary but i can allow my salary to be paid to anybody acct, even wife's acct.

Godwin Uroko 4 months ago

I can only reveal my salary details to my kid daughter instead. I Hate people who doesn't keep secret. But that can not stop me from loving and taking the responsibility as the head of the family

Olaniyi Ibiwumi Olawumi 4 months ago

Yes of course... i knw his salary and can allow my salary to be paid into his account.

Ojefia Juliet 4 months ago

Yes, my salary can be paid into my husband's account bcos he is trust worthy, we are one.

Onyekwere Faith 4 months ago

My husband is the one receiving my salary because I had issue with my bank base on change of name. My salary is been paid into is account and each time he sees alert he will inform that

Rayyanu Idris Danbaiwa 4 months ago

My wife she knows acount she is the one that do every thing about opining my account my salary is her salary so my salary it can be in accout

Onyinyechi Eke 4 months ago

I don't think am interested to know about his and my property is my property