2 ideas for modern wall designs

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2 ideas for modern wall designs
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Posted 4 months ago in Home & Garden

TJ McInnis 4 months ago

Can't stand black walls or cabinets.

Ginga's Garden 4 months ago

Not a fan of either

Daniel Calin 4 months ago

…old stuff for marble fake- missing paint decoration…👍

Crystelle Silverwind 4 months ago

Like the first one, hate the second

Troy Hamilton 4 months ago

Second one literally looked like someone f'd up.

Renato Caritativo 4 months ago

Loved the first one, second one makes me wanna kill myself

Matt Chavez 4 months ago

This reminds me of the wood paneling from the 70s & 80s.

Carlos Djkronqui 4 months ago

Second was trash 🗑️

Jack Sheldon 4 months ago

I agree....thought it was Steve

Brian Perkins 4 months ago

Batons equal dust traps.