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The relationship between these two is beautiful.

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So pull up tight and then straddle Okay, Okay one two. Are you okay? Did that hurt? but hey you see how you never straddle. You didn't go for a straddle right there. Okay okay and that was kinda dangerous. so make sure you go for the right skill. Okay Okay. cuz if I say, pull up and then straddle and you do a pull up and you don't straddle you're gonna fall but daddy will always say I won't let you hit the ground like that. Okay. Okay um but make sure you follow instructions. Okay. Give me a kiss. Are you ready to get it? Are you okay with those tears up? I got you. Let's get a big smile, double up one two. Drop pull up to a straddle kick out now good hands one two lock out. Good one two good stretch lock out your leg double down go toes. Clean Yeah. How did that feel good. That was the best one? Huh? Hey. I'm so proud of you. mama. You did so good, give me a hug. Ready Go Get some ice cream. I know why I didn't want to go home and eat food. Oh, you want some real food that we need to buy some rice crispies at the house. We gotta buy some more um maybe but maybe next time next time. when we're on target from target, you don't want Kroger. Yeah, you want Kroger Kroger's closer let's go. um maybe next time you want to. That's a new one ready. Yup. Yup, one two. Toes over here, one two good and let's go prep triple down tight toes head in one two. Good set 101 You ready tight feet one two. Are you ready drop double up one two? Good stretch to stretch fast one two good job triple down one two. Clean Yeah. How was that you think they're gonna like it? Yeah. That's my girl. come here. Was that easy? What was the hardest part? um nothing nothing? Yeah. That's my girl. It's all good. It's all good. Yeah. you gotta be tighter handstand cuz you're wiggling you gotta get hollow and squeeze. Okay. let's get it why I'm wiggling you're wiggling cuz you're not squeezing your core. you're arching. If you have an arch in your back even the slightest bit. It's gonna start wiggling. I can be like yeah good job. let's go let's get it. Are you ready. I'm like yeah I look like a candle. Yeah and be in and not wiggle. Yeah wiggle. That's my girl. Are you ready? Yup. Oh let's go just straight up to two hands in. okay. ready One two good toes over here and pop good heel. Good lean back triple down ready toes one two. Oh, that wasn't a good one. It's okay, you got it. You're good. Come here. You got a little bit faster, okay and squeeze those toes tighter. It's just I caught you when you didn't complete your spin so your neck flew back. It was like wow. I'm gonna keep that chin down. Okay.

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