Robots help Japan cope with ageing workforce

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Japan has long struggled with an ageing and shrinking workforce. It's turning to robots for answers.

Posted 1 year ago in Science & Tech

Gino Galea 12 months ago

so why doesnt he do oit in the first place

Chris Kangbum Yi 12 months ago

For a minute that looked like imperfect cell

Ryle Abunda 12 months ago

Angel Aguirre grabee 😳

Amelia Lowe 1 year ago

But surely they still have a human doing the job so it’s just making a pointless and expensive middle man, or robot even...?

Yusan Triananda 1 year ago

Work from home, literally

Anthony Posada 1 year ago


Cynthia Chen 1 year ago

Head of Engineering is a McGill University alum

Moan Sit 1 year ago