Katie Wagner on Natalie Wood - Summer Under The Stars

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"Let her entertain you, let her make you smile!" - Katie Wagner, Natalie Wood's stepdaughter, wanted to share a special message about her stepmom....

Posted 1 year ago

Jo Beck 1 year ago

Inside Daisy Clover is my favorite! The Ghost and Mrs. Muir and Miracle on 34th Street finish out my top 3.

Barbara Payne 1 year ago

Lovely tribute ♥️🦋♥️

Cecilia Medrano 1 year ago

Beautiful words. Love the book by Natasha. Beautiful mom❤️

Gloria Fuentes 1 year ago

Thank you for the memories Ms. Natalie Wood! You are so dearly missed.....

Ron Lacombe 1 year ago

I so so loved this.. THANK YOU KATIE!!! And of course TCM!

Nancy K Harris 1 year ago

My favorite is Rebel without a Cause! James Dean is from my hometown!

Robert Carson 1 year ago

I really wish the authorities could find who killed Natalie and bring him to justice, She deserves that much

Mariy Askotsky 1 month ago

Пюразве у Натали не осталась маленькая дочь от Вагнера?

Christy Woods 1 year ago


Vicki Fournier 1 year ago