England's Chester Zoo welcomes baby orangutan

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WELCOME TO THE WORLD: England's Chester Zoo is sharing the first footage of a critically endangered Bornean orangutan born over the summer.

Because mom...

Posted 1 year ago in Animals & Pets

Diane Crouch 1 year ago

So exciting so wonderful so precious let’s do all we can to protect these magnificent animals, please

Teddygirl Teddy 1 year ago

Among all the monkey species i love this sweet orang utans they are so cute

Felix Omondi 1 year ago

She may not be too protective. She just realizes she’s in captivity she doesn’t understand she’s endangered by the same humans who keep her there!

Olga Pavlopoulou 1 year ago

Critically endangered 💔 Humans did that 😔

Helga Knies 1 year ago

Welcome to the world little sweetheart. I hope we will learn how beautiful you are. And stop doing wrong things. 💕

William Thornbury 1 year ago

How cute.......Donald Trump's baby film !!

Karen Certo Ware 1 year ago

Watch all these zoo shows. Love the & learn a lot.

AJ Ruff 1 year ago

Who in Borneo knows what chloride sludge is?

Kathleen Brady 1 year ago

Who wouldn't be protected of that little beauty in ❤❤❤❤

Vern Lindauer 1 year ago

They're better than us