Saving Bee Swarms

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This guy saves bee swarms from being exterminated — sometimes without any protective gear 🤯😮
What did the bees get themselves into this time? This illustrates how hard it is for bees to find a good home, but at least it was a yard waste barrel. Instead of a regular trash. Can I was able to get there within a couple hours of when they started moving in. So this was pretty easy. I just needed to shake them out of the barrel and then put the box in the place where the barrel was. And the bees knew just what to do. I'm a beekeeper and I go rescue bees. I'm taking bees that would have found a home in some place where they would probably get exterminated. They're looking for a home. Some kind of enclosed space could be in inside of a garbage can inside of a hollow wall and then nine times out of ten when they start building a home. They're they're going to get exterminated but when we can. Rescue them before they move in and give them a good home. That's a very good thing. I can take those bees out to the farm where they can pollinate crops like plums and apples and Kiwis. So it's sort of like we're using these rescued bees instead of purchasing bees or raising our own bees. About 12 years ago, my father in law taught me how to keep bees and then I became a full-time beekeeper about 8 years ago. Over the past 8 years, I've rescued probably about 500 Swarms of bees and so you start to get a feel for how bees behave when you get a little bit close to them. Sometimes they give you a warning. A bee will start buzzing your head, so you know that they're probably going to be a little bit more. But in general Swarms themselves are pretty gentle. I still get stung and I try to avoid getting stung, but my body doesn't react like it used to it depends on what kind of activity I'm doing like there's some days where I might get stung ten or fifteen times and other times when I won't get stung at all. Bees are important because they pollinate a lot of the crops of the food that we enjoy almonds. plums Watermelons pumpkins Kiwis blueberries when a cluster of 10 thousand bees lands in someone's tree. The homeowner calls me and I come out and the homeowner is very glad to see me because I can take those bees to some place else. The bees are actually really happy too. Because they found a home 'cuz, a home is very hard for bees to find they would prefer a hollow tree somewhere, but there's not enough of those so as soon as I give them a home, they go in there enthusiastically so the homeowner's happy bees are happy and I'm happy because I got more healthy bees.

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