How glass art is made

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How glass art is made | Facebook

Posted 4 months ago in Visual Arts, Architecture & Crafts

Tami Lynn 4 months ago

I've always loved watching glass being made

Melissa Miller 4 months ago

Such a neat talent! I love watching!

Dottie Berry Warren 4 months ago

Who in their right mind would let someone in there wearing sandals!

Heather Houck 4 months ago

Why in the ruddy hell is she in a shop in strappy sandals and a dress???????

Rebecca Ellis-Stanley 4 months ago

I’d love to learn that trade. It’s so cool!

Shane Greer 4 months ago

Not to date myself but, I remember when Tasty made awesome food tutorial videos.

Pedro L Calderón 4 months ago

Looks so "tasty" 😐😂

Amanda Arnold 4 months ago

Definitely thought he was making Stewie from family guy at first

Marie Rickman 4 months ago

I love it my kitchen decor is a touch of lemons 🍋

John Murray 4 months ago

Some people are beyond talented. If I attempted to do that, I would've ended up burning the place to the ground.