Dame Judi Dench Encouraged Rosamund Pike On Blind Date! | The Graham Norton Show

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If Judi Dench asks you to do something, you do it! Rosamund Pike returns to the show this week.

Posted 8 months ago in TV & Movies

Annie Pope 8 months ago

Love Rosamunde Pike (and the chemistry on the sofa is great) but have to say that Madame de Sade appears in my list of worst plays ever. Judi Dench had the grace to look embarrassed throughout that the audience had paid to sit through such leaden tosh.

Stephanie Schopper Malia 8 months ago

Oh, Graham Norton. You and your team are amazing. Meeting you is on my bucket list. Truly.

Patryk Wlodarczyk 8 months ago

As pretty as she is and as sweet as she seems I still couldn’t imagine dating her after watching ‘Gone Girl’. I know it’s just an act but I’m guessing all I could see would be Amy who lost her mind while looking at her

Brigitte St. Germain 8 months ago

This whole episode was great. Awesome chemistry!

Liz Budd 8 months ago

Saw her in London once queuing to get into a show (in the old days). She didn't look dressed up or much make up and looked striking.

Maria Angela O'donnell 3 months ago

Rosamund has it all looks, charisma and great storytelling. Great actress too

Cathy Clark 8 months ago

This feed of interviews nearly makes me get a tv ,
Always get a laugh,

James Dunne 8 months ago

Rosamund is beautiful and her accent is awesome

Joy Henderson 8 months ago

That particular episode was an absolute crack up. Michael McIntire and his hanky-panky, etc. 😂