300-Pound Sea Turtle Makes Her Rescuers Cry Happy Tears

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This enormous sea turtle is so obviously happy to swim back to the ocean — she makes her rescuers cry happy tears!

Posted 5 months ago in Animals & Pets

The Dodo 5 months ago

You can follow Munchkin's journey by checking out her GPS tracker here: thedo.do/neaq.

Ingrid Lee Rodrigo 5 months ago

What a sight to behold! I cried when Munchkin crawled back to his natural habitat. Thank you to those who helped her regain her health. You are all heroes. Kudos to you!

Eileen Dalbey 5 months ago

Wonderful. Rescuers need to be praised. Isn’t Mother Nature wonderful!

Susan Buvac 5 months ago

Im crying too its simply amazing what you all did to help this turtle recover and watch her go back into the water well done one and all every species saved its gives one step back to kindness ❤

Shawn Mellantine 5 months ago

So happy to see munchkin gets to be free again! I'am wondering how old she/he is,? And how long do they live? This one appeared like an older one! Didn't realize they get that big! They are beautiful!!🐢💖

Karen Austin 5 months ago

God's blessings to all His creatures and all the rescuers.

Debbie Tirpak 5 months ago

So so cool! Sea turtles are my all time favorite animal on earth. Even have a sea turtle tattoo! lol. I just love them.