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Dance4Health Traditional Tutorial for beginners
So, adventrous Bae decided to ward off with her group for a 2-day, epping forest camping ... and then...
But it's your girl. Amazing. How are you doing I'm going by my friends and subscribers request Some of us have requested that I do a start I'm gonna start it before but I thought probably as you start something simple Well, this is done for health African approach to fitness but I know take it as a traditional way of teaching but in that way so I came down this to help our sisters Brothers because this is my job mainly Lady Stones. Okay but guys can do it. Well So what I'm doing is to help to assist some of my sisters that are probably planning or traditional have a gig to attend or have some kind of Africans such of outing to go to So you can have a nice You know go to dance if you get what I mean So what I will do like I promise I'll stretch with This is just simple Okay I call it the stop and what I call it and so if you do one you okay before we go to each and we can do it What did you want like a little child You know Learn how to walk just in case you don't know how to start out Okay First of all Egypt Why you this is it and then you ask your doing it. You're moving your body left to right Come on left Right? Can you do that with me Okay Let's do that Eat your water Start with your right leg Are you ready 12 Okay And then we at the can the first Okay if you do your left or your right leg and your left hand goes I'm doing my right mind This is right So my left hand goes in front and if I do my left leg my right hand goes in front Okay Okay. Let's try left leg right Okay Let's do the legs first I know the handsome I wanna be I wanna do it very quick so that next tutorial we're gonna show you the next one. Okay So this is it Okay So that's it Okay I believe you're getting the hang of it so let's do it faster now Okay não Get up and that's why you can add some sweat to it If you wanna go up you go up You wanna go down Go down Go to the side Go to the side What a blessed to be other side You roll it You don't just trust him You can do that but for you to get you roll from one side Let's try that one That's it You rose See You can trust it like you can't do that but let's not confuse it so Powerful, squatting technique sit Hello Close with this Keep on pounding Keep on left right Come on then you can move forward and backwards so you can do that like 123 Come on Each day you always let me count 123 so that she can take a step forward or step backwards and this is what we call Eugene so You see how doing that Oh Down Try it up Come on Middle God bless you. Buh bye

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