why are you still single? (and other questions you should keep to yourself)

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why are you still single? (and other questions you should keep to yourself)

Posted 6 months ago in Relationships, Friends, & Family

Curtis Hawkins 5 months ago

I feel like this depends a lot on how close your relationships are and maybe even the age and gender of the friend. I have both male and female friends and except for strangely the money question, I did not hear any question that, if applicable, has not been freely asked and discussed about almost every male friend who seem to answer these types of questions without hesitation, and a decent number of female friends, given, us males may be asking our female friends questions they would not like to be asked and we just haven't taken the hint. We should try to be more aware.

Carmen Aquino 6 months ago

This is the kind of thing that makes me not want to talk or socialize. 😂 I get anxiety by not wanting to offend people.

Rob Houk 6 months ago

You are very insightful...why are you single? (Kidding I swear!)

Eva Green 5 months ago

Beauty of having a healthy communication and being aware of conversation is that one person shouldn't be trying harder than the other to have a conversation. If someone wants to talk and be open themselves about something, leave room for them to do that.

Edgar Rodriguez 6 months ago

I drove for Uber, at least about four years, full time. I tended to enjoy the longer rides because, like you, i too had a curiousity and desire to make a connection with whatever random strangers decided to get in my car. The conversations were at times amazing and sometimes non-existent, but learning to read the room and cues were skills i had underappreciated up to that point. Miss those days.

Sharon Tate 6 months ago

My requirements are not high. Problem is men these days set their standard too low.

Farida Bouattoura 6 months ago

Why is that such an important question? And it’s always Ofcourse targeted at women, by women. I think it’s a projection for people feeling insecurities on their own lives.

Lisa Wise 6 months ago

“Are you dating anyone?” <—- curiousity. This question can be answered yes or no and either you can elaborate or change the subject.
“Why are you still single?” <—- way over stepping and you never know when you’ll hit a nerve
“Do you want kids/are you planning to have kids?” <—- reasonable enough. You can say yes or no and let the other person know if you don’t want to discuss this any further
“When are you having kids/another kid?” None of your business!
“Do you mind if I ask your salary?” Might be an appropriate question if you’re discussing career options or money. I don’t think it’s rude to ask someone their income as long as you give them the chance to say, “no that’s very personal and I’d rather not share.”
Some of these other questions are just plain . . . Like people actually ask that? What?

Jason Tan 6 months ago

"Why are you still single?" is actually a very good question. Don't know why you think its bad. It can be implied as a compliment and isn't prying at all since it's quite open ended which gives you options in how detailed you want your reply to be. Additionally you can also make it more specific by asking them what they meant by it.

Troy Townsend 5 months ago

HA! I have literally used that same answer before. When asked: Why are you single? I respond with: Why are you married?