The Amphicar Model 770

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This $33,000 convertible is an amphibious vehicle built in 1967.

The Amphicar Model 770 was developed by German designer Hans Trippel, and marketed in...

Posted 2 months ago in Vehicles & Transportation

Karen Spicer Thorpe 2 months ago

This totally looks like the houseboats in Ellis Harbor in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Is it?

Florian Messerli 2 months ago

My father owned a cream white one. We had the opportunity to drive along the Rhone river once, it was an incredible car. The backseat was made with a simple wood plate covered by plastic and I remember that It was really hot because the engine was in the rear side. We went for vacation in France and, one day, we parked under the Eiffel Tower. They were more people around our car than in the lift departure. A few years later, someone very rich came in a big limo and bought the car. He wanted to drive it and let the limo to his driver. Later we discovered that our amphicar was in a Museum. Great end for an amazing car.

Mark Allen Spears 2 months ago

My father had one of these in the early 70s. He drove it to and in lake Seminole, Seminole Florida.

Charlie Young 2 months ago

They weren't very good boats and they weren't very good cars either.

Erich von Salzen 2 months ago

Saw these cars on a car lot back in the early 60's, was open too long... Hackensack NJ

Bagus Koreanto Putro 2 months ago

Tesla, your move

Frank Douville 2 months ago

Denis Rousseau pareille comme tu a eu 莽a 馃

Jeremy Mueller 2 months ago

Not that anybody asked but fun fact it was called the 770 because it went seven knots in water and 70 mph on land 馃槂

Andrew Katai 2 months ago

A very small and expensive one of these

Ki岷縩 tr煤c nh脿 膽岷筽 2 months ago